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"Free for a Second"

Free for a Second

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This story is still in progress.

Disclaimer: The characters below are based on the creations of Marvel. I'm not getting paid for this, so put that tho't of suing me away! :D

Free for a Second

Part Eleven

She’s gettin’ along well with de family, despite all the flustered blabberin’ she did on our way here ta Creole Royale. Tough to imagine her as some cold-blooded killer, when she’s here jokin’ with Pere, Mere and de brothers. Dey seem t’like her a lot, which is scary in a way, since dey know dat she ain’t just any other femme.

Tough t’imagine dat she’s still here wit’ me, actually.

I expected her t’be gone when I woke up from our lovemaking, but she was dere. And it meant quite a bit to dis old Cajun here, because no other woman ever made me feel comfortable bein’ around after ‘The Deed’. One night of hot sex and dat’s it. In de mornin’, it best t’be gone.

Our eyes meet for a while, and she smiles at me. She’s so alive, and it gives me hope dat we could actually pull her out from whatever mess she’s in. I don’t know much, but I do know dat de people after her want her dead. She places her hand on mine and squeezes it gently as she stands up t’leave de table.

Her hands run over my shoulders and she bends low to give me a searing kiss on my lips, one so hot that it drew whoops and wolf-whistles from de boys. Her stroking tongue finally let up, and allowed me to recover from de dizzyin’ experience, she smiles again, and I watched in a stupor as she made her way to the restrooms.

As soon as the cubicle door closed, she retched into the toilet, giving in to that gut-wrenching dread that she had been battling since they left the hotel. Her eyes teared up, partly induced by the vomiting, but mostly from her sorrow and regret. That kiss was probably the very last inch of affection, or even love that she would ever be able to give. Sabine could only hope that it didn’t give any of her intentions away; her acting was good, but under these emotional circumstances that she wasn’t too good at handling, she truly doubted her facade abilities.

Which was why she had little time to lose. Remy was a smart man, he would figure out her plan soon and come after her. She willed herself to stand and allowed her trained instincts take over. Making sure that there was no one else around in the restroom, she pulled her gun out of her purse, and reached up towards the small frosted window above the toilet, hammering the pane with the butt of her gun in a quick and forceful stroke, shattering it with minimal noise.

“I see you’ve been enjoying yourself quite a bit,” commented Portman as he gave Sabine the look-over. He leaned over the car door of her convertible, reached out and adjusted the fallen strap of her dress. “You won’t look this ravishing after we’re done with you, you realise?”

“Just get on with it, Portman.” she said cooly, and voluntarily stepped out of her vehicle. “You were never one for bullshit, don’t start now.”

Two Operatives grabbed her roughly and shoved her into a signature black van. Three other pair of eyes locked on her immediately; they belonged to heavily-armed Operatives.

As Portman got into the van with her, she commented, “Thanks for the big turnup at my welcome home party, Portman.”

The latter just smiled coldly and retorted, “Would you like the same for your funeral, Sabine?”

The doors of the van slid closed and they rode back to HQ in deadly silence.

He crashed his fist through the thin wood of the cubicle door, and then cursed in his native tongue. His head snapped up as he heard approaching footsteps; it was two of his guild members.

“Pardon us, our Prince, but she is nowhere t’be found,” reported the shorter of the two. “We have combed every place possible, de hotel room included,”

Remy LeBeau rubbed his sore hand and swore again. He sighed. “Dieu, Sabine. Merci, Pierre ... Jacque. Go back home, mes amis. I’ll handle dis.”

His helpers shuffled nervously and backed away, thankful to be dismissed.

Remy looked at the broken window again and rubbed the back of his neck. He should’ve seen it coming. The kiss was suspicious enough, it was too long, too passionate, as if it were her last.

It would be her bloody last, if he didn’t get to her soon.

This was going to be a long night...


Continued in Chapter Twelve.


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