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"Free for a Second"

Free for a Second

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This story is still in progress.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that you'll like this. I'm not even saying this will be vaguely entertaining. I'm not even gonna say we managed to form complete sentences. For all you know we could have shut our eyes and typed blindly. But if you want to find out, that's a chance you're gonna have to take. It's up to you, you have been adequately cautioned.And if you read this and don't like it, and would like those 3-5 minutes of your life back(I don't know how fast you read), hey, it's not my fault....... what? it's not THAT kind of a disclaimer...
Rogue and Remy are property of Marvel. Batman is property of DC. ha. just kidding. there's no Batman in here.
Vicki snorts: "Like finally, huh?" ;)

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Free for a Second

Part Eight

Rogue awoke early the next morning out of habit. Though the pain in her limbs had subsided to a dull, stiff ache, after a few attempts she found herself unable to return to sleep. Old habits died hard, she noted wryly.

Earlier at 3:00AM that morning she had sat by the door, listening for the slightest disturbances that might have heralded first signs of attack. Hours has passed before exhaustion had coaxed her back to bed.

Now she gently rose from the linens, careful not to rouse Remy. Retrieving a bottled juice from the fridge, she shuffled back to the bedroom.

Her life had been dictated to her for seemingly as long as she could remember, and now faced with unscheduled time, she was at a complete loss at what to do with herself. Until her eyes, which surveyed the darkened room, came to rest on a trace of rose just beginning to slip in through the window.

With the calmest expression, Rogue quietly pulled a chair up to the window and treated herself to a sight she hadn't witnessed in years. The rose intensified and then gave way to a vermilion glow; if she closed her eyes she could almost feel its warmth on her skin. She had forgotten just how magnificent a simple sunrise could be.

Remy stirred lightly and she turned to gaze upon the man to whom she was indebted to for this early morning spectacle and much more. His eyes flickered with dreaming, a smile softly curving his full mouth. He had the face of an angel in sleep.

And the charm of the Devil, she mused silently.

Slowly Remy shifted, his arm unconsciously roaming the space where she had been, seemingly searching for her. She delicately returned to the bed, sliding closer to him, letting his hand come to rest on her forearm. Gently gripping her arm, he slipped quietly back into his dreams.

Satisfied that he was truly asleep, she allowed herself to unabashedly drink in the face she found immeasurably attractive. The long curled lashes that shaded his eyes, the straight aquiline nose. The stubble-clad chiselled jaw. And, of course, his soft inviting lips. She felt an overwhelming desire to kiss him, to feel his velvet mouth against hers once more. To run her hands down his strong neck, over his bronzed well defined chest. She crept closer to him, lowering her face to within inches of Remy's.

His breath tickled her face warmly.

Just one kiss wouldn't hurt would it?

She leaned closer.


Remy's eyes snapped open at the sound of the telephone and he found himself starring directly into twin misty emerald orbs. Equally startled as well, Rogue's cheeks flushed as she quickly drew away from him. However, her retreat was not fast enough to hide her foiled intention. He flashed her an impish grin, knowing full well what she had been about to do.

Sneakin' a kiss, eh? Can't blame de femme for tryin' he thought with his characteristic cockiness. Her attraction to him and her embarrassment both pleased and amused him. He gave her an affectionate wink as he casually picked up the handset.


Rogue gathered her wits and regarded him silently as he listened to the voice on the other end of the line.

"Dat's superb Jonathan. Would you mind bringing de keys and package up to de room, s'il vous plait? Excellent."

"What's that all about?" Rogue asked.

He rolled onto his side to face her purposefully giving her an ideal view of his torso, enticing her. He was hoping he could bait her into that kiss that Jonathan had unknowingly prevented.

Remy gave her the gist of the conversation, explaining that his connections had come through for them and a new car and various necessities had been delivered to the hotel early this morning. As they spoke their old set of wheels was probably being stripped down and destroyed. He noted with enjoyment that all the while he spoke her eyes often strayed from his face.

"You got some connections. Think maybe Ah underestimated you."

"Dat goes without sayin'. Remy got a few tricks up his sleeve yet." he winked.

"Not right now you don't," she responded, eyeing his bare chest.

"Dieu, could it be she actually has a sense of humor?" he asked incredulously, inching a bit closer, pleased she did not flinch away.

"Ah got a few tricks up my sleeves too, ya know."

It was his turn to appraise her. One of the straps of her gown had slipped off her shoulder revealing the curve of one of her breasts. He opened his mouth to repeat her words she leaned in close and held a finger up to his lips.

"No stealin' mah lines, Swamp Rat."

"What den can I steal?"

Before she could answer, he kissed her soundly and she responded by pressing her body up against his. She ran her hands up his well-muscledback and leaned harder into his kiss, revelling in the heat they were creating. His hands firmly roamed her body, enjoying the feel of her beneath the silk. Her gown rode up as they moved against one another, their legs intertwining.

A staccato knock sounded at the door. They broke away from one another, both a bit out of breath. It took a few more moments before they were willing to disengage from one another. He flashed her a melting grin as he rose from the bed, grabbing his sunglasses. She rolled over onto her back and closed her eyes.


Remy took the set of keys and a large suitcase from Jonathan.

"You do wonderful work." Remy told him as he gave him the usual tip and dismissed him.

Curious, Rogue crawled to the end of the bed where Remy set down the luggage. She perched on her knees and, discarding his sunglasses, Remy once again drew in close, slinging one arm around the small of her back. Silently she asked him a question with her eyes. He gave her a long deep kiss before he answered her.

"Much as I like you in dat gown -- and I do, I tell you true -- I t'ought you might need a larger choice of wardrobe. It ain't much, but it'll do til we kin get you some real clothes."

She climbed off the bed and stood behind him, peering over his shoulder as he began to sift through the contents of the suitcase, her arms around him this time. Something caught her attention and she leaned around him and pulled an item from the suitcase. Arching an eyebrow she held up a bra. It too was silk, but reasonably modest, and checking the size she found it to be correct.

"And just how did you know that?" she inquired suspiciously.

"C'est une secret."

"Ah'll bet." She sniffed haughtily.

Amongst the clothes Remy found an envelope. He opened it and read it silently as Sabine sorted through the rest of the suitcase. She found enough clothes for 2 more days, all miraculously the right size.

This just keeps getting better by the minute. she thought sardonically.

Clearing his throat, he folded up the letter and stuffed it back into the envelope. His face now bore a stern expression. He marched to the bathroom and she followed, limping slightly. He produced a lighter and placing the trash can in the tub and holding the envelope over it, set it alight. Rogue regarded him in silence until the paper had completely burned and Remy doused the whole mess under the faucet and flushed the remaining murky water down the toilet.

By the look of his face, it wasn't good news. Her heart began to beat faster as her stomach dropped out, the romantic mood destroyed.

"What did it say?"

"Don't worry." He stood and left the bathroom.

"Don't give me that shit!" she snapped, fast on his heels.

He faced her.

"Dey hit my apartment late last night. Tore de Hell outta it. An' dey sendin' feelers out into de underground, makin' inquiries tryin' to find out 'xactly just who I am. Dey may not be de most discreet people, but dey sure are powerful. But I guess you would know better, hein?"

She clenched her jaw the weight of the situation crashing down upon her once again. She could no longer submerge herself in this nice little escapism, even if Remy made it extremely tempting. And she didn't want to have to rely on him like a child any further.

Seeing the dark expression on her face, he continued, "Dey don't know where we are just yet or where we headed. An I don't 'tink dey gonna learn before we manage to git dere."

He grasped each of her upper arms and gave a light squeeze.

"Relax, dere's noting we can do til I hear back from mes amis. Dey makin sure de way is clear. " He looked her square in the eyes. "Now I done the best dat I could, it's time for you to keep your promise. I hear dey got one heckava pool here. An Lord knows I could use a soak right now. In de meantime you get yourself situated 'cause when I come back I wanna know 'xactly what I gotten m'self into."

"Yoah're goin swimmin'!?" she asked, flabbergasted.

"Oui. Nous sommes tuer de temps*. And I need de break. Dere ain't nothin eider o'us kin do right now 'cept sit tight. I know you don't like it, but we got no choice. No point drivin ourselves crazy wit' worry."

"Like Hell there isn't." Rogue thought hotly.

"Ah guess not." she replied instead, not wanting to start a pointless debate. She flopped down into a chair, and winced having given her injuries a jolt.

He gathered his things and headed for the bathroom.

"Course you welcome to come along an admire de view, if you want."

"Mah, mah. Look who thinks the sun comes up to hear him crow." she rolled her eyes. "Thanks anyway, Cajun."

"Alright, but I don wan come back and find you climbin' de curtains."

She busied herself with getting her body back into shape once he was gone. Stretching her body as much as pain would allow she worked out all the kinks and tension and began to run herself through a set of calethestics.

Portman's out there, doin' his best to track me down, and here ah am, sittin', in a luxury hotel, twiddling my thumbs. There's gotta be something ah could do, but other than boltin'. Ah don't know just what.

She winced a little as her movements struck a sore spot.

Ah'm not used to thinkin' in this way...It's more logical to wait and make sure the road ahead's safe, rather than rush headlong into the unknown and risk bein' caught. But it's hard to distract myself now that ah've regained most of my faculties.

Maybe ah should take a cue from Remy and relax. But then again he doesn't know how dangerous Portman and his men are. What right do ah have to continue involving Remy in this mess? For all his effort it's most likely he's gonna end up with a bullet between his eyes.

Now more loosened yet increasingly mentally focused, she took the pace of her workout up a few notches, determined to break a sweat, whether her body wanted to or not.

If ah left him now, there's a chance that Portman might leave him alone. It would hurt us both, but ah prefer that kind of pain to any other that Portman might inflict. However, Remy had made it quite clear that he chose and wants to stay by and help me, regardless of the consequences. He's saved my life and taken care of me, don't ah owe him the respect to grant him that one request?

A sheen of sweat now coated her skin, running down her face and back.She, however, took no notice of this, continuing on automatically, preoccupied.

You know the answer to that girl. Accept it and move on. It's you and Remy now and as such, you are responsible for each other. So far he's been carryin' all the weight. S'about time you started contributing.


The shrill alarm of her wristwatch intruded upon her thoughts, signalling the end of her timed workout .The readout on its display flashed her vitals and she nodded her head in satisfaction.

She was still in shape. It would only be a matter of time before she was fully functioning.

Praise th'Lord! she exclaimed with mock graciousness. Patience was neverone of her strong suites. She towelled off her brow. Ah'll get myself cleaned up, and go over just what ah'm going to tell Remy. Then again...Maybe just how much ah'm gonna tell him.

Stepping out of the shower, she selected the cream toned stretch lace wrap that was opaque through the bodice and gently slid it on. Though it hid her injuries well enough, its plunging neckline revealed a fair amount of cleavage. She wondered what Remy had told these people about her that would have made them select a garment like this. Though a bit sexy, it complimented the streamlined form-fitting dark brown pants she now wore. Looking in the mirror she allowed herself to smile, but the expression soon faded.

Remembering her resolve, she quickly repacked the suitcase and stiffly sat down in a chair by the window, awaiting Remy's return.

He returned whistling and catching sight of her came to a complete stop just outside the bedroom door. Just as quickly he resumed his saunter into the room, hastily pretending he had not noticed how good she looked. But he had trouble hiding the smile that threatened to ruin his pucker.

"Enjoy yoah swim, sugar?"

"Quite, ma cherie."

"Good. Then you best prepare yoahself. Ah'm ready to keep mah end of the bargain."

Hearing her no nonsense tone, he opted not to change, but instead kicked off his slippers and lay sideways on the bed facing her. Casually he propped himself up on one elbow.

"I'm listening."

"My pa, well let's just say he wasn't the most lovin' man. Not much for family."

I got a feelin' dat characterisation probably an understatement. But she don't go into it and quickly continue on.

She ran away and lived on de street for a time round de age of 15. Took to stealin' when she started to starve. Den one night she got caught. Held at gunpoint by a storeowner. He tried "something funny" on her and next t'ing she knew she was standin' over his corpse, his gun in her hands.

De very hands she stare at now like Lady Macbet' herself.

She won't look up at me, looks anywhere but. I cover dose hands with my own; she give me a weak smile and goes on wit' a li'l more confidence.

Police got her, and seein' as she was breakin' into de store to steal, dey don' pay much attention to her claim dat she killed de grocer in self-defense. Dey charge her wit murder. Just a scrappy, half-starved, kick-a-bout 15 year old girl and she facin' death row.

She was terrified.

Den Portman shows up outta nowhere. Offers her a choice: work for him or go on trial. She knows de score. She go on trial she be found guilty.

Dat might as well have been fact.

But now Portman givin' her a way out. It's up to her. Life or death? Not much of a choice, hein? So she went with him, unknowingly into a world of cruelty an' forced wills.

She work for de black government. She get rid of any political figures dat pose a threat.

She be an assassin.

De girl, she do it 'cos she was afraid o'pullin' away from the Organisation. She knew what happen t'dose who try to leave. Dey never see the next dawn of day 'gain. She didn't disobey Portman none. He treated her like a jewel when she followed orders and did well; almost fatherly to her. Other days when she fuck up, he beat her, but he never let anyone else touch her.

She t'ought o'killin herself countless times everyday, but somet'ing inside her never let her go t'rough wit' it.

I ask her, "Den why did ya defect dis time?"

De question seem to startle her some, like she wasn't quite sure herself. She mulled it over for a piece. She hadn't dare t'attempt anythin' until dat hit on de senator. Dat night she was finally alone, a bit a space b'tween her an de rank breat' o'de Organisation dat always been puffin' down her neck.

Den I showed up, so different from anyone she'd ever known. She ain't seen no one wit a spark a life to 'em before. It intrigued her, she wanted some of dat spark for herself. Against her better judgment, she accepted my offer to team up. Bein' on her own and bein' wit me, it made her almost feel free for a second.

An' she liked dat feelin'. Decided she like de feel o'bein her own person, makin' up her own mind for herself. She knew den she wan t'have a life of her own, however short dat may be. From dat point on she didn't care bout not'in else but salvagin' what was left o'her humanity, consequences be damned.

She be silent now, and takin' deep breaths and removed her hand from mine, sayin' dat she be done wit' her li'l story-tellin'. But dere's still one t'ing I want to know. If we gon even hope t'get out a dis we gon have to trust each other. No hidin' b'hin codenames. No more secrets.

"One las t'ing chere. I'd like t'know de name of de woman I'm riskin' my neck for."

She pales a bit but seems to grasp the depth of what I'm askin'.

"Sabine." De word come outlike it's completely alien to her tongue. "Sabine Andrea Rogers."

I hold out my hand.

"Remy Lebeau. Pleasure t'meet you."

Remy left the room to get himself a beverage, and Sabine used the few moments of privacy to to rub her eyes and temples. Even though Rogue had left out the more personal aspects of the account, she was still glad to be finished. She straightened up as he returned, already polishing off his drink.

"Remy, there is still a chance foah you. If Ah leave now, most likely they won't come after ya..."

In a giagantic gulp, he swallowed the last of the luquid.

"A ca oui*! Don start dat again! Thought I made it clear, girl, where I stood."

"Ya did, but that was before you knew everything. Only fair to give you another chance to get outta this disaster now that you're well-informed."

He opened his mouth to protest but she put a quick finger to his lips.

"Ah knew you wouldn't take it." she said quietly.

"Oh, so you finally started listening to Remy, eh?"

"Don't let it go to yoah head, sugar."

"Pas bien sur!"

He stripped off the robe on his way to the bathroom. Wearing only a pair of black Speedos (a look only he and a handful of other men in this world could pull off) he turned to face her. She caught herself mid-ogle.

Damn that man!

"Will you please order us up some lunch, sometin spicy, while I make m'self presentable?"

"Uh, ....'course." glad to busy herself with the task of locating the room service menu.

Or anything, for that matter, that would keep her eyes from fixating on him. She shook her head as she rummaged through the bedside dresser's drawers, admonishing herself.

Ya'd think Ah'd never saw a man before!

He made one last comment to her as he shut the door.

"You can put your eyes back in der sockets, mignonne. Not like you ain't seen me in de buff before."

She dropped the menu as she turned a bright scarlet. Groaning in embarrassment, she buried her face in her arms.

"Oh mah God....."


Continued in Chapter 9

*Nous sommes tuer de temps-We have time to kill
A ca oui-That's enough!
Pas bien sur!-But of course not!


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