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"Free for a Second"

Free for a Second

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This story is still in progress.

Disclaimer: All recognisable characters belong to Marvel. Storyline and plot belong to me me me!
WARNING: Sexual situations in this chapter.
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Free for a Second

Part Ten

Ah've had a sick feelin' in my gut the whole evening. The feeling of dread that just sticks to you like the stink from a skunk.

Lookin' in the mirror, ah look like a million bucks, with my hair all done, and the dress ah picked out earlier hugging to my every feminine curve. Had things been different, ah would've felt as great as ah look.

Some Operatives must be thinkin' me a fuckin' stupid bitch right now. Ah won't say that part of me ain't kickin' myself in the ass for letting Remy LeBeau tag along in that assignment in the first place, but yet another part of me is grateful ta have gotten out of the rut, even if I were free for a second, with a hell of a consequence ta pay for.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the Cajun gazin' at me with appreciative eyes. There's a lump in my throat; if only we were in another place, in another time, and ah was not what ah am ... Lord, Remy, we would've been perfect.


"Ya look tres magnifique, chere." He said softly, and intimately.

My actin' skills kick in, and ah flash him a coy smile and thank him for the compliment in his mother tongue.

"Ah'm all set. Vous?"

He took a long drag on his cigarette and eyed me from head to toe. "We're too early."

Ah realise what that look in his eye is -- lust, desire, whatever ya want ta call it. Ah know it because it's what ah'm feelin' too. How can a man look so damn delicious fully-dressed in an Armani suit?

What's it like ta be with a man that you've grown ta care for; a man that actually gives a shit about ya so much that he's willing ta risk his life just to help ya? Ah don't think it's just plain simple gratitude or lust.

Girl, don't even think about it, ever. No point contemplatin' what you won't live to experience.

Just take what ya can have right now...

The air in the room was charged with sexual tension, and they both knew it...

In a husky voice she asked, "So how much more time do we have?"

Remy LeBeau cocked his head and estimated about an hour and a half.

An hour half. One hour thirty minutes of something more than sex, and she wanted it.

It had been a while since she had held out a shaky, unsure hand to anyone. She'd fucked before. Plenty times in fact, for the sake of the mission, just because it was part of her orders.

But this time, it was of her own free will, and this time, the man standing opposite her meant more to her than just a target. It scared the hell out of her and it made her want to wail in sorrow that there would be no more chance of such a priviledge.

Remy lost no time in discarding his cigarette and moved towards her slowly, taking her hand and kissing it softly, pulling her against his hard body. She pressed her lips against his hungrily, her tongue teasing and stroking his own.

As he kissed her back, her hands unbuttoned his shirt deftly to slide them against his muscled abdomen, then up higher, skimming fleetingly over his flat male nipples, coaxing a hiss of pleasure from him. Skillfully, he unzipped her dress with one hand as the other cupped her right breast, kneading it gently, never breaking the kiss.

Remy LeBeau smiled as the beautiful woman in his arms whimpered when his fingers teased her nipple into full attention then pinched it, sending shocks of pleasure through her body. Sabine reacted by grinding her hips against his; the evidence of his arousal pressing hard against her belly.

As he slid the filmy dress off her shoulders, and his eyes roamed over her scantily-clad figure, his mind couldn't help drifting off to think how unreal this all was. They had been playing cat and mouse for the past few days, and now, suddenly, this? Why, and how...

Mon dieu...

All previous thoughts fled his mind as he felt her hands cupping him through the soft material of his boxers. She had gotten busy divesting him of his suit and was kneeling before him, rubbing him to full erection. He grit his teeth as her fingers touched his hot cock again, guiding it out through the opening of his boxers. Panting, he let her trace the veins of his circumcised member with her soft tongue, but as she took the tip of it into her mouth, his hips bucked involuntarily- he knew they had to go slow or he'd burst like some pre-pubescent teenager.

"Go slow, Sabine, go slow," he begged, and she lifted her head in mercy.

Pushing him back to sit on the edge of the bathtub, Sabine stood before him to unclasp her bra, shrugging the material off to reveal her full pert breasts, each crested with a rosy nipple. Immediately, he filled his hands with them, letting the nipples peek out from between his fingers. He released them only to replace is hands with his mouth, wetting her entire breast and suckling hard on each breasts alternately.

She gasped and felt her eyes roll back at the sudden assault. Her knees buckled, only to have Remy catch her, pulling her to him to straddle his hips. As her sex met his between the thin layer of her silk panties, they both groaned out loud and a shared tremor shot through their bodies.

Licking her dry lips seductively and watching Remy's face intently, Sabine shifted her hips ever so slightly, rubbing her pussy against his straining cock. She was rewarded with a choked sound from her lover, and a similar response from his own hips.

Deciding it was her turn to squirm, Remy cupped her ass and jerked her hard against his pelvis, then slid his thumb down the front of her underwear. Sabine let out a little scream as his thumb found her clit, already slippery wet with her juices, and rubbed in tantalising little circles. His cock throbbed as he watch her go over the edge, her body spasming deliciously, her face contorted in sweet pleasure.

As she came down from her high, she kissed him hard again, reaching down to untie the side-ties of her fancy panties. His hand came in way to take the garment off, caressing her bare buttocks, then sliding further down so that his fingers touched her vulva. He inched them a bit more and his long fingers entered her tight sex.

They both hissed. "Dieu, Sabine. Ya be so amazin'," He whispered in her ear as he thrust two fingers into her pussy, testing her flesh.

"Ah want ya in me," Sabine begged as she tried to tug his boxers off.

Obliglingly, he stood and carried her with him, her legs entwined round his hips, to slip his boxers off. Satisfied that they were both sinfully naked, he took her mouth once more as he guided himself into her.

"Oh Lord..." Sabine could feel him fill her up completely, in more ways than one.

With a slight stiffness, he made his way to the bed with her in his arms, each movement giving them both shocks of pleasure as his cock pumped gently in and out of her wet vagina.

The Cajun lay Sabine gently on the bed, settling in, and began to thrust his hips slowly and deliciously. He latched his mouth onto her breasts again, stimulating her further. In return, she reached low to cup his balls as he fucked her, massaging them gently, causing him to pant harder. His hips worked faster as hers bucked to meet him, working up a sexual rhythm, feeling the pleasure building up between them.

He told her in a ragged voice that he was cumming, and made an effort to withdraw from her, but she gripped him tightly in place.

"It's alright, Remy." she assured him, indicating that she was on protection.

With that piece of mind, he increased his speed, his cock ramming into her noisily. She raked her fingernails over his back as she felt herself closing in.

It hit them both suddenly, the orgasm of the other triggering more nerve endings, rolling them both in wave after wave of intense pleasure.

As things calmed, Remy planted the softest of kisses on her lips, and held her tight as they lay limply, recouperating.


When I woke she was still dere. I was expectin' her to be gone wit'out a trace.

I confess dat I was suspicious when she came t'me earlier, and allowed dis sweet thing t'happen. Allowed herself ta be so vulnerable, knowin' dat it was goin' to be more dan jus' sex.

Here she is, curled against me, soft curves and all. Seein' de remainin' bandages on her, I hope I didn't hurt her during our love-making. I look at de time. Great. We're gonna be late.

I don' wanna get up yet, not with her nappin' in my arms like dis. I stroke her hair and kiss her forehead. But duty calls, and besides, Poppa be real anal about bein' on time; won't do to make dis first impression a bad one.

Ah've never been asleep all this time.

Just pretended to, 'cos it's easier than strugglin' with my emotions wide awake in front of him.

Damn, Sabby. Ya should've left while he was out.

And miss those sweet caresses, and gentle kisses?

Yes, ya damned fool.

Should've left. It was just a good fuck. It has ta be just that.

"Sabine?" He shakes me gently.

Can you rough me up a bit, hit me, or just grunt and grab a beer, Remy LeBeau, instead of bein' so sweet? Make it easier on me, please.

Puttin' my defenses and pretenses back up, ah 'wake'. He's tellin' me ta get dressed, we're gonna be late. Ah watch him get dressed as ah pull together my own clothes and get ready.

He smiles at me, helps zip me up and tilts my head up ta kiss me.

Ah don't want to kiss you, Remy LeBeau, because ah think you are a drug of sorts. Ah can't get hooked on you right now, but ah can't not kiss you either, you'll get suspicious.

Or maybe that's just my excuse.

His tongue is soft and quick, strong yet gentle; his kisses are so artful that they make my toes curl. Ah break the kiss, remindin' him that we're on our way to becoming latecomers to the dinner.

Gathering the little things we need, we step out of the room, where ah'm leavin' all dreams and hopes behind.


Continued in Chapter Eleven.


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