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"Rogue's Gambit"

Rogue's Gambit

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This story is unfinished.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel comics which means the author doesn't intend to make any money off of them. This tends to be a spin off from the animated series with elements from the comics (no, #350 did not occur in this). This is a toned down version of a previous submission.

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Part Ten

Once again pain awoke him from pleasant dreams of holding Rogue near. Chill air made him aware of his continued nakedness and the horrendous parody of his fantasy became apparent as the sole light in the room revealed Arclight kneeling before him. A frightening smile on her lips greeted him as her nails dug into his tender flesh. Despite the grotesque travesty of her actions, his body responded. Remy gritted his teeth in anger and frustration, seeking the shadows for his true tormentor. Red eyes, slitted in satisfaction at his discomfort, glowed in one corner. More than the cold air made Gambit shiver at this point.

"Sinister! Why you doin' dis? Tol' ya I didn' want nothin' more ta do wit' ya," the Cajun protested. He twitched as Arclight's mouth descended on him.

Sinister's deep laugh rumbled through the darkness. "All in good time, my boy. All in good time. For now, just enjoy Arclight's ministrations."

"Never!" Remy yelled, but his body betrayed him. He fought. Lord how he fought against the sensations, but as much as he tried to squirm awaySinister had ensured he couldn't move. He lay spread-eagled on a coldstone slab, arms and legs secured with leather cuffs to prevent any resistance.

"No!" The cry wrenched from him as he felt the inevitable approaching. Then it was too late and he felt Sinister replace Arclight's mouth with a specimen container. Cold unyielding glass trapped his life essence as he struggled against its loss. Remy's chest heaved with the fight to stop, but to no avail. He squeezed his eyes shut against the misery, the powerlessness he always felt in Sinister's presence. Degraded again.

"Wasn't it bad 'nuff ya had da Morlocks killed, that ya follow Jean and Cyke aroun' like a slaverin' dog? Now ya inta kidnappin' so ya kin do perverted things," Remy ground out.

Sinister leaned toward him, holding the tube full of his prize before Remy's face. "I'll ignore those insults for now. Just needed a little token from you. After all, you'll provide me with something else of great value not all that long from now. Still . . ." He grinned, a ghastly thing to behold in his dead-white face. "I find it better to get samples from all available sources just in case something happens."

Rage rose in Gambit. "What do ya mean? Besides, what makes ya think ya kin hold me?" He concentrated on the leather cuffs, trying to channel energy into them. Nothing, then more rage and despair. "What've ya done ta me?"

"Tsk, tsk. You should know. After all you obtained, shall we say, certain items of mine in order to get your own satisfaction." Sinister shook his head. "And you say I'm perverted. What of your obsession with that woman . . .what's her name? Ah yes, Rogue. You didn't think it wrong to steal from me in order to get her under you."

At Remy's howl of outrage, Sinister threw back his head in maniacal laughter. At last he quieted, then looked down at his prisoner with a smirk. "I don't let betrayal go, Monsieur leBeau. Besides, you have provided me with a modicum of entertainment. Let me take care of this precious fluid and then I'll return. I'm not finished with you yet."

The madman nodded to someone in the shadows then left the room. The sound of a heavy door closing seemed to signal the beginning a new torture for Gambit. The entire Marauder team gathered around him, clone or original he didn't know, but every one of them wore feral grins as they reached out for his body. Remy tensed, waiting for them to do their worst and knowing none of them bore him any love. His only comfort was that Rogue was safe from Sinister's machinations.

He turned off his mind as the team took hold of him, each member deriving pleasure from abuse of his body. After inflicting a number of scratches and bites on him, the group began to find other ways of torturing him.

Sick, they were all sick, he thought dispassionately. Perhaps Sinister had made duplicates, deprived of even their originals' twisted true existence. Then, to his detached mind, he realized they were all occupied with themselves, forgetting about him. He scanned the room, trying to find the device preventing him from using his power. There, in the corner was the generator. Well, he might not have his ability to charge things, but that didn't affect some of his other abilities. If he could just get one of them to release him. He looked for a likely subject. Though Arclight appeared the nearest, Sabretooth and she were fully occupied, as were the others.

Despite Remy's disgust at the group's actions a tiny part of his mind recognized a sort of fascination with the acrobatics which distracted him from his plan. Arclight looked over at him with a lascivious smile, then turned to him with a quirked eyebrow. To his horror, the group became aware of him again. Gooseflesh popped up on his already shivering body as they turned their attention back to him, alternately hurting and stimulating him. His eyes burned as he stared at the moldy ceiling. He kept telling himself not to respond, but his body went into sensory overload, all feelings blurring into a consuming fire.

After this latest episode Remy lost consciousness. Frigid air surrounded him again. How much time had passed? The depraved scene had played over and over it seemed until he blacked out. His body, sore and abused, protested even the limited movements he could accomplish. They'd fed him and given him enough water to sustain life, but he could feel the weakness throughout his entire being.

Alone in the room he could still smell the scent of sex and nearly threw up at the memories. Rogue, God how could she ever forgive him for what had happened? How could he ever forgive himself? Violated, yet participating in the madness around him. Lord, how he hated Sinister and that the madman could make him do.

The sensation of being watched grew strong. Who was out there in the dark? He scanned what he could of the dim room, but could find no one in sight. The door flew open, Sinister approaching with a fearsome scowl on his face.

"Blast those idiots. Ruined a perfectly good session with their behavior." None too tenderly he felt Remy's body over completely, from head to toe, sparing him no indignity. Sinister's nose wrinkled. "Ugh. Arclight's been busy I see." He snapped his fingers and a cloaked figure brought a basin forward.

Remy tensed, waiting for some other horrid thing to happen. Instead, Sinister began washing Remy's body with warm, soapy water, then rinsing and drying it, giving an odd, out of place, comforting pleasure. Once he had cleaned Remy, Sinister tended to the scratches and bites his creatures had inflicted. At his victim's puzzled look, the immortal gave a short laugh.

"Wouldn't do to have you get ill, now would it? After all, that's not in the plan. I have great things in store for you, my boy."

"What you mean, Sinister? Don't want none a' you," Gambit managed.

"So you say now, but later . . ." Sinister shrugged. He draped a towel over Remy's body, then stood back for a moment. "Hmm . . .you must be uncomfortable in that position so long. How about a little exercise?" Gambit stared at him. Would he get a chance to escape if he agreed to what Sinister proposed? "What you plannin'?"

Sinister didn't answer, just continued to peruse him thoughtfully. It took all Remy could manage not to squirm under the baleful red eyes. Finally, his tormentor cocked his head and raised an eyebrow.

"Regretfully, I suppose I'm done with you for now. But I'll be in touch later. Don't forget to invite me to your wedding." He smiled at Remy's stone face. "Now don't tell me you thought I didn't know you planned to marry her. After all, you're too honorable to leave a lady with a child and no name. Happened to you and I know you wouldn't do it to her."

He watched the muscles in Remy's face flex and his fists clench impotently. Sinister smirked at the reaction to his choice of words. "Good thing your rage is all that's impotent in your case. Wouldn't be nearly as much fun if I had to work on you like I've had to do with some of my other subjects."

At Remy's snarl, Sinister waggled a finger. "I don't plan on letting you go while I'm around. After all, I know how much you hate me." He shook his head. "Too bad. There's so much I could share with you. Perhaps at a later time."

"Never, you perverted creature. You --" Remy broke off, his voice choked with emotions he feared to let go.

"Never say never, my boy." Sinister gestured to the cloaked figure. "I'll leave your things here and after a suitable amount of time you'll be freed. Don't take it out on my underlings. They're only doing what I've told them to do." At Remy's grimace, Sinister nodded. "Yes, even those disgusting displays earlier weren't entirely their fault. I don't get much satisfaction on my own so I do love to watch others."

The immortal flexed his hips, bringing them into Remy's view. The obvious evidence of Sinister's interest made it clear he had watched everything and was still affected by it. Remy swallowed, praying the creature wouldn't carry it any farther. As if he sensed Gambit's thoughts, Sinister chuckled.

"Hardly, my boy. I have better places to deposit my contributions to the gene pool. I may like watching others do such things, but when it comes to doing something about it, I'll find an appropriate place to spend myself. Can't be wasteful now, can we. After all, Arclight's DNA and yours might make for an interesting combination."

Remy tensed in surprise, then growled. Sinister merely laughed again then waved goodbye as he left.

Truly alone at last, Remy struggled against the bonds, chafing his wrists and ankles bloody. When would Sinister let him go? His frustration built again, but the strong emotions and physical rigors had left him shaking and bleary. He drifted out of consciousness again, to a place where he and Rogue lived together without Sinister's shadow hanging over them.


Continued in Chapter 11


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