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"Rogue's Gambit"

Rogue's Gambit

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This story is unfinished.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel comics which means the author doesn't intend to make any money off of them. This tends to be a spin off from the animated series with elements from the comics (no, #350 did not occur in this). This is a toned down version of a previous submission.

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Part Six

They spent most of the night talking and making love. Both agreed the past should remain the past, but Remy knew it had an ugly habit of rearing its head when least expected.

Despite Rogue's protests, he returned to his room around dawn. What little sleep he got felt better than what he'd had in years. He woke late the next morning, whistling while he showered, then went to Rogue's room. When he knocked, she answered in a bathrobe; her hair tousled and eyes heavy with sleep.

"Mornin', chère. Ready for breakfast?"

She smiled sleepily, waving him in, then closed the door behind him. He waited for her to return, then pulled her into his arms, breathing in the smell of her . . .him . . .them. The scent made him want to pull her back to bed, but the growling of both their stomachs demanded another hunger be satisfied first.

"How 'bout I order us some room service?" he asked.

"Sounds good ta me, sugah, but first . . ." Rogue pulled his head down, pressing her lips against his, then plunging her tongue into his mouth. A few minutes of kissing left them both breathless.

"Guess Ah need ta take a cold shower." She laughed, then sauntered off to the bathroom.

"Hunh! She's not de only one," he muttered, watching her hips sway against the soft material.

To distract himself, Remy called for room service then went over to pack the device away. If he didn't turn the thing off they'd be back in the sack in no time and they needed to return to the mansion as soon as possible. He picked it up, his gut clenching. Both lights were dark.

He pressed ons without a change, then opened the back to check the batteries. No sign of life in the check strips. How long had the thing been on? He looked at the clock. Nearly eleven. He replaced what he suspected were long dead "D" cells and finished putting it back in its box. He couldn't explain why Rogue and he'd been able to kiss this morning. Curious, he took a card from his pocket and charged it. Well, his powers were intact, but what of hers?

The bathroom door swung open with a cloud of steam. So much for a cold shower. Rogue emerged with her hair wrapped in a towel, another, larger towel wound around her body. She smiled, then pouted when she saw he'd put away the device.

"Darn, an' here Ah thought we'd have some time together befo' we left."

He shrugged, cold rippling down his spine, then reached for her. She yelped and batted his hand away with the towel from her head.

"What're ya tryin' ta do? Get yo'self hurt?"

"Let me touch you, chère. Don' think you'll harm me." If he were wrong she'd have to ship him back to the mansion on a gurney.

She snorted. "Yeah, right. Haven't ya learned yo' lesson yet? Last time we touched without somethin' ta help ya ended up in a coma."

"Humor me," he insisted and reached out again.

"It's yo' funeral," she muttered, tears welling in her eyes as his hand connected with her bare skin.

Nothing, but the tingle they'd shared the night before.

"What the heck?" She frowned and pushed him away. He flew back against the bed with more force than the little shove she'd given him warranted.

"Hmmm. Let's see," she said, then closed her eyes and began to rise from the floor. "Now let's try somethin' else."

Rogue landed at the foot of the bed, then crawled up beside him. Cautiously, she stretched out her bare hand to touch his face. Nothing . . .no sudden flow of energy from him to her, just the feel of her soft hand against his face.

He grinned. "Mebbe it jus' took you trustin' me and bein' close for you ta control your powers." She looked unconvinced, so he pulled her down on top of him. "Want ta try another experiment?"

Her face reflected her doubts, but she didn't try to stop him as he removed the towel and started moving his hands over her. Soon she didn't seem to care about the how or why of it as she enjoyed his ministrations. Just when things had proceeded to a point where they didn't want to stop, room service knocked on the door. Remy sighed and Rogue laid her forehead on his chest.

"De got great timin', don' dey?" he asked rhetorically. "Come on. Best get you dressed so nobody else get's ta see what a great body you got."

Rogue stuck her tongue out at him and strolled back to the bathroom to dress, switching her bare backside at him. Mmm, mmm . . .what a woman he'd got himself.

The knocking persisted. "Yeah, yeah, don' get yourself in a knot."

He rose, adjusted himself and opened the door. Breakfast arrived, which they shared in companionable silence. Checkout at twelve meant no time for what they wanted to do before they went back to the mansion, so they left for the airport in a state of simmering tension.

"You didn't!" Jean Grey-Summers protested to Professor Xavier and Henry McCoy that same afternoon. "What in the world made you do such a thing? Don't you think it might scare her off even more?"

Before Xavier could speak, Hank answered her worries. "I don't believe that is the case, Jean. The feelings between Rogue and Gambit have been building for years now. I believe this will bring about a logical conclusion to that tension."

"Then what? It's not like the situation between Scott and me. What do they know about each other? What do we know about them?" she insisted.

Charles Xavier merely smiled enigmatically before he spoke. "Jean, perhaps you should realize that these very differences actually make them better suited for each other. In fact, I would not have sent Gambit with the device if I didn't believe Rogue was nearly ready to gain real control of her powers . . .without it."

That took Jean aback for a moment as she thought of the implications. "But if she was about to do that, why did she need such a thing as that device?"

"Because,' Xavier continued, "she wouldn't believe me if I told her. I had no trouble contacting her, but I believed it in both their best interests if I sent Gambit to her with a means of helping her."

"I don't know . . ." Jean straightened. "Oh, they're back. Wait . . .oh, my! I don't think she'd want me to know that!" She blushed.

"Yes, she's broadcasting rather loudly isn't she?" The Professor couldn't help grinning himself. "We'll have to work on her shields a bit more. Just a moment." He concentrated on Rogue's signal. *Welcome back, my dear. You might want to work on that shielding I taught you before you left. Jean and I can sense just about everything you're feeling right now.* Rogue's wave of acute embarrassment rippled through the two telepaths, then abruptly the sending quit. A gratified smile spread over Xavier's face. "I believe she'll do better now."

The door to Xavier's office burst open as Jubilee bounded in shouting, "They're back!"

"Thank you, Jubilee. Show them in if you will?" Xavier requested.

Jean's eyebrows rose at Rogue's attire. Gone were the gloves and long sleeved outfit, replaced by a short sundress. Behind her the Cajun lounged against the doorframe, seemingly at ease. While Jean had never been able to read him easily, she felt it was only a pretense. Xavier took the matter out of her hands.

"I'd like to speak to Rogue and Gambit alone. If you will excuse us?"

"Certainly, Professor," Hank said as he escorted Jean and Jubilee out. Then he leaned toward Gambit and whispered, "Let me know how the device worked later, will you?"

Gambit nodded, then moved into the office to take a seat beside Rogue.

"I am glad you have come back . . .both of you. I'd rather the members of this team worked their problems out here, among friends, rather than leaving." He held up a hand as Rogue began to protest.

"I understand what motivated you, Rogue. And I want you to know you're not the only one who's left when confronted by such difficulties. Lord knows I've had my share of problems and haven't always dealt with them as I should. However, I should hope in the future such practices would cease. Running away doesn't solve anything. At the risk of sounding cliched, one can't run from oneself."

Both of the people in front of him squirmed uncomfortably. He took pity on them. "Anyway, I would like to discuss the outcome of this . . .venture. I would say it is most likely Rogue has discovered she can control her powers without the device I sent?"

Gambit and Rogue exchanged startled glances, then Rogue spoke up. "That's probably true, Professor. Ah don' know how or if it'll last, but seems like I can touch someone without absorbing them if I concentrate."

"I see. Have you tried it with anyone else besides Gambit?"

Rogue blushed, then shook her head. "Been too afraid ta do that. 'Sides, doubt anybody'd be fool enough to try it."

Gambit laughed. "Yeah, 'cept mebbe dis fool. She was real careful not to touch anybody else on de way back here, but took de chance ta wear somethin' besides her regular gear."

Xavier could see the gleam in the Cajun's eyes as he looked over at Rogue. No, he corrected himself; it was more than that . . .there seemed to be real caring in his expression and a touch of protectiveness.

"Rogue, would you be willing to let me touch you?" Charles asked.

"Ah don' know, Professor. Wouldn' want ta hurt ya . . .the others most definitely wouldn' look kindly on it."

"I'm prepared to take that chance. It is my belief you will not harm me."

She turned to Gambit, then. "Remy, if ya see anythin' like what's happened before, pull me away."

"Okay, chère. Jus' remember . . .you control what you do. Gotta concentrate." He gave her a crooked smile and a thumbs-up.

"Ready when y'all are, Professor." She held her hands out.

Charles moved over to where she sat and placed his hands in hers. He noted how soft they were and cool, almost chill to the touch. Though he knew she must be nervous he felt no jolt of energy, no pull of her psyche to absorb his. Satisfaction settled on his face.

"You see. I told you just before you left that I felt you were close to controlling your powers. Why did you refuse to believe me?"

Rogue hung her head. "Ah didn't want ta believe ya, Professor. It was safer fo' me not ta touch others. Ah didn't have to take chances with relationships . . .ah been hurt too many times."

"And now?"

"Ah know things most likely won't be perfect 'tween Remy and me, but Ah'm willin' to try."

"What of your side of this, Gambit?"

"Pr'fessor, I tol' you b'fore I left I wanted ta help Rogue. Didn't tell you everyt'ing. I've loved her a long time . . .mebbe from de start. You know I can't offer her marriage like Scott did ta Jean, but if I could, I'd ask her to be my wife."

"And children?"

Xavier sighed at their once again startled looks. "You must realize the consequences of shall we say . . . less than cautious actions."

Gambit hit his forehead. "Chère, I'm sorry . . .I didn' t'ink. Mon Dieu, what a fool!" He turned to Xavier. "Pr'fessor, I must contact someone in N'Awlins . . ." He scrambled from the chair and ran out of the room.

"Remy? Now where's he off ta?" Rogue turned back to Xavier, her face turning bright red. "Y'all don't think I might be . . .uh, in the family way, do ya, Professor? Ah mean, it was just one night."

He could see other thoughts running through her head. Gambit had hardly been a monk in his lifetime. Suppose she had to worry about other things?

"Let me reassure you in one way, my dear. He has a clean bill of health. You should know I require all my X-men to have annual physicals, including checks for 'social' diseases." He swallowed a smile at her dismayed expression. "As for the other . . .it's a bit early to tell, don't you think?"

Rogue groaned, rubbing her temples as though her head ached. "Ah jus' don't know what's come ovah me."

"Let's concentrate on one thing at a time. You still need to practice your shielding and the ability to control your powers. I wouldn't push it at this time. Wear what you usually do for the most part. We aren't certain how you'll react when you're awakened from sleep."

Xavier gave her hands a gentle squeeze before releasing her. "Why don't you go upstairs and change into something more appropriate for the Danger Room? A good workout might make things look better."

"You're right, Professor. Ah'm all wound up right now. See ya at dinner." She stood up and turned to leave.

"And Rogue . . ."

"Yes, Professor?"

"Don't blame yourself or Gambit too much for what happened. You're both good people."

She just gave him an odd little smile and muttered under breath, "Yeah, right, sure Ah am."

Charles Xavier contemplated what she had said sadly. No matter what anyone did to reassure her of their trust, she still didn't see herself as having any worth. Even Gambit, the self-blamer of them all, had more self-esteem than she did. He had hoped allowing them to have some time to themselves and letting them discover each other would have boosted her morale. Well, only time would tell . . .that and whatever the wily Cajun had to discover from his contacts in New Orleans.


Continued in Chapter 7


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