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"Rogue's Gambit"

Rogue's Gambit

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This story is unfinished.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel comics which means the author doesn't intend to make any money off of them. This tends to be a spin off from the animated series with elements from the comics (no, #350 did not occur in this). This is a toned down version of a previous submission.

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Part Nine

Two weeks later Rogue fought like a possessed woman, forcing her thoughts away from her current troubles. Beside her, Storm and Wolverine also battled the huge Sentinels while Cyclops and Phoenix took on the Marauders. It kept Rogue from worrying for a few moments, but even as she concentrated on the task at hand concern kept intruding.

"Durn it!" POW! A heavy right to a Sentinel's jaw had it crashing to the ground. "Can't even get him outta my mind--" WHAP! Both feet planted in another Sentinel's chest threw it back against a building to land inertly, circuitry arcing. "--when I'm busy."

She looked around. Ororo and Logan had taken care of the rest of the Sentinels and had turned to help Scott and Jean tackle Sinister's henchmen. A shudder passed through Rogue as she remembered what Remy had told her back at the hotel. Lord, she hoped he was okay. Gritting her teeth, she joined in the fray.

Where pure brute strength didn't do the trick, she turned to guile. She sneaked up on Pyro from behind, then laid him low with a chop to the back of his neck with both her fists. He went down like a pole-axed steer. Rogue dumped him onto the growing pile then dusted off her gloved hands with a satisfied smirk.

"Last one's yours, Jean," she called out to her teammate.

The other woman used her telekinesis to pick up the last of the Marauders and fling her into the heap with the rest of Sinister's groaning associates. After a brief attempt to rise, the last villain slumped back against the others.

Almost immediately the entire scene faded into the familiar yellow-striped black walls of the Danger Room. Professor Xavier's voice called down from the control booth, "That's enough for now. Get yourselves cleaned up and meet me in the War Room in thirty minutes."

"Shucks. Ah was just getting' warmed up," Rogue pouted, her hands fisted on her hips.

Wolverine grinned. "Yeah, me too. But you gotta give the Prof his time. Something big mighta come up." He shrugged. "That'll keep you busy."

She grimaced. "Mebbe it will and mebbe it won't." With a wry smile, she linked arms with him as they headed for their quarters. "Tell me Logan . . .do ya think he's comin' back?"

Wolverine patted her hand. "Girl, that boy'd be fool not to come back here. What's he got out there we can't give him? Especially you." He ducked as she swatted at him. "Hey! What'd I say?"

"Nevah mind!" she growled and stomped off to her room. Why'd Logan have to put it that way? Remy had plenty to keep him from returning. She'd never figured the Cajun as a family type. Just look at what had happened between him and Belle. Besides, now that he'd finally gotten to do what he'd been trying to all these years . . .maybe he wouldn't want to come back. Tears burned at the back of her eyes, but she refused to cry.

"Gol'durned man! Be just like him to take off and not come back just 'cause Ah came on too strong." She sniffed. "Shoulda kept him at arm's length. Probably the only thing that kept him close." The last thought proved too much. With a muffled oath, Rogue flung herself on her bed, wailing into her pillow and pounding on the mattress. The bed protested the treatment with ominous creaks and groans.

Afraid she'd wreck the furniture she rolled over, clutching the pillow against her chest. She wiped her eyes furiously. "Ah'm not gonna let him make me cry anymore. 'Sides, it's not his fault . . . it's mine. Whatevah was the mattah with me . . . fallin' inta his arms like that." More tears threatened. "Oh, Remy! Where are you?"

Forcing anger to replace her anguish, Rogue threw the pillow against the wall, then rose and gathered her things for a good hot shower. Twenty minutes until the Professor's meeting. Should be enough time to make a visit to Beast. Henry should be able to set her mind at ease on at least one account.

The scalding water beat on her shoulders and back, relieving some of the tension from her muscles. She couldn't stand it on her breasts though. Figured she must be getting close to that time of the month she was so sore. For a brief moment she turned the water icy cold. With a shiver, she quickly shut it off and stepped out to towel dry and don a clean uniform. Even though the Professor didn't say it was an official meeting she had a feeling Wolverine's hunch was right. Something had come up.

She ran a brush through her unruly hair, then rushed down to Hank's laboratory. Bent over his workbench, Beast's nose was buried in tomes and experiments as usual. A bit abashed, Rogue cleared her throat. The blue furred head didn't rise.

"Ah, Hank . . .can Ah see ya fo' a minute?"

The doctor peered over at her, his face clearing at her presence. "Sorry my dear, I didn't hear you." He rose and stretched. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, the Professor's called a meeting in about ten minutes and Ah'd really like to know befo' . . .Ah fudge! Hank, Ah gotta know if Ah'm . . .ya know . . .gonna have a little 'un." She blushed red, unable to meet Henry McCoy's eyes. His large hand cupped her shoulder comfortingly.

"It shouldn't take long, Rogue. I just need a blood sample." He ushered her to the examining table in the adjoining med room.

Rogue rolled up her sleeve, forcing herself to relax. Even so, the expected needle prick made her wince. She never liked blood tests. When she'd first come to Xavier's Institute the Professor had helped her control her invulnerability long enough to get the requisite samples. Now she had enough control to do it on her own. But could she or would she be able to keep it up it if she was pregnant?

"You can go to the meeting if you wish. The results should be ready in about twenty minutes. Come back when the Professor's done."

"Why're ya not goin' to the meetin'?" Maybe she'd been wrong or the Professor would have called Hank.

"Charles has allowed me to remain behind. I'm close to a breakthrough on the Legacy Virus."

"Ah'm sorry. Ah can wait. Don' want ta disturb ya."

"You're not, my dear. A few minutes away from my work will provide a welcome break." He smiled at her fidgets. "Now go along to the War Room. I'll be along when I'm finished and we'll discuss the results privately."

A reluctant and preoccupied Rogue attended the gathering, only a tiny part of her mind listening to the words around her. Until Cyclops mentioned his name.

"Gambit's been missing for nearly two weeks now. He called when he reached New Orleans, but we haven't heard anything since then." Scott looked over to the Professor.

"I understand your concern, Scott. Jean and I haven't been able to lock onto his signal with Cerebro . . .which makes me think something or someone is blocking him." Xavier steepled his fingers, deep in thought. "Rogue, do you know how to contact his old family in New Orleans?"

"Ah . . .he told me once how he used ta get a hold a' his daddy when they wanted ta talk . . . after he got thrown outta the Guild. Gave me an address ta send mail to an' tol' me what ta put on it." Only one of the things he'd shared on that incredible night. Just in case, he'd said. Lord . . .was this the 'in case' he'd meant. She had to say something.

"Professor, Remy tol' me somethin' like this might happen . . .he was thinkin' if'n he went back ta N'Awlins Sinister might come lookin' fo' him. Do ya think it's possible ol' ugly mighta gotten his claws on him?"

"Entirely possible. Despite Sinister's preoccupation with Scott and Jean, I've often wondered if he would try to get Gambit under his power again." Echoing unsaid among most in the room was "What?!" The Professor didn't expand on his statement, merely continued. "Storm, I want you, Wolverine, and Jean to take the Blackbird down to New Orleans. Make some discreet inquiries. Gambit told me he would go to Saint Marie's Cathedral. You might start with the priest there. In addition, I'll have Rogue try to contact Remy's old family and see if they can help find him."

Rogue blanched, thinking she might have signed her love's death warrant. "Professor, ya know the Thieves' Guild might want ta kill him fo' goin' back to N'Awlins. Wouldn't it be bettah fo' me ta go along. Ah know Jean-Luc leBeau from befo' an' Ah know he'll help us, even if the others won't."

"Hmmm . . .perhaps you're right, Rogue. However, I want you to be as careful as possible. There's no knowing what sort of situation you may find yourself in. Keep in contact."

"When can we leave?" Jean asked.

"Best to get a fresh start in the morning. You all need your rest. And Hank--" The Professor addressed Dr. McCoy who'd just entered the room. "Could you put together a special medical kit for Storm and the others. They're leaving in the morning to look for Gambit. We don't know what kind of shape he'll be in, but it's wisest to be prepared for all eventualities."

"Certainly, Charles. Is this conference finished?" Beast quirked an eyebrow at the restive group.

"Yes, though I'd like to speak to Ororo and Logan for a few moments. The rest of you may go. Except Rogue . . I'd like to see you afterwards."

"All right, Professor. When'd ya want me back?"

"Give us twenty minutes," Xavier said, then turned to the Storm and began discussing contingency plans.

Rogue felt her shoulder muscles knot as she followed Beast from the War Room back to the med lab. Her stomach churned, feeling like a whole flock of butterflies had taken up residence. Did she or did she not want to have Remy's child? She couldn't say at the moment exactly what she wanted. Except to have him back. Preferably in her arms, whole and willing.

Dr. McCoy had her sit in the chair beside his desk, then proceeded to straighten papers on it before he continued. Rogue thought she'd go mad at his dithering.

"Durn it, Hank! Stop stallin'. Am Ah or am Ah not gonna have Remy's baby?"

"How do you feel about the possibility? We never talked about it when you got back, even though I tried to encourage you to discuss it with me or one of the others you felt comfortable with." He continued to avoid her eyes, which made her extremely uneasy.

"Ah don' know . . .but if Ah'm carryin' his child Ah gotta find him. Even if Ah'm not Ah want him back." She hesitated. Fearing to put into words her feelings . . . that he might have run because of the chance she was pregnant.

Hank finally looked at her, compassion and understanding glowing his inhuman face. "If it's any comfort to you, my dear, I don't think he's stayed away because of it. Cold comfort, I know, considering the alternative, but I believe he truly cares for you and wouldn't run from fatherhood."

"So? Am Ah?"

"I won't keep you on tenterhooks any longer. The test was positive. It appears you are about two weeks pregnant. I'd like to run some more tests. To make certain you won't react to the fetus as you would another person."

"Huh? You mean absorb it? But it's part a' me, isn't it?"

"Yes, but there's so much we don't know about your powers. I need to be certain your body doesn't react to the child as a separate entity and try to destroy it."


Continued in Chapter 10


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