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"Turning Point"

Turning Point

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This story is in progress.

Turning Point

-=Part Four=-

On board an unmarked airplane - the undercarriage

"Remy, I am your father." the sentence seemed to echo continuously throughout the airplane through each individuals head.

"Oh Lordy..." Rogue breathed unable to express herself in any other way. Her gloved hands cupped over her mouth and nose.

Sam's mouth kept opening and closing at various times without a sound coming out.

"Shit. I knew I wasn't going to like what Sinister had to say." Logan grumbled as he sat with his head lowered not looking at the other two X-Men.

Sinister had prepared for numerous types of responses he felt Remy would make after hearing that he -- Sinister -- was his father. Number one was a flat out refusal to believe it. Sinister was not prepared however, when Remy started to laugh. He must think I was trying to trick him or that it was some sort of joke. Sinister quickly formulated ways to convince Remy of the truth. Remy though, spoke before Sinister opened his mouth.

"It be just Remy's luck non? 'avin you for de father. No wonder why Remy be so messed up eh?" Remy chuckled again. "You know de sayin' 'life imitates art'?" Remy waited.

Sinister nodded cautiously, unprepared for Remy's unusual response and unsure of the direction Remy's thoughts were going in.

"Well dat really be Remy's life non? Remy's whole life be like dat whole movie 'Star Wars'." Remy chuckled some more. "Remy be Luke Skywalker. De orphan who never knew 'is real parents. Raised by a couple, alone. While dreamin' of some big, flashy, richer life. De couple dies and Luke be mentored by another. Dat Obi Wan guy. He was a great man but had flaws and failin's. For me dat would be when I be trained by de t'ieves guild eh? Den Luke be trained by de best and most noble jedi trainer, Yoda. Dat would be when Xavier took me in eh? Showed Remy 'ow to be a better person. Now dat Remy t'ink about it Xavier and Yoda even look alike eh?  Both bald. Old. Talk in riddles, 'stead of just talkin' straight out. Anyway, Luke make new friends and family wit' de rebels; dat be de X-Men for me. Den Luke find out dat Vader is his father; remember de scene, Vader say 'Luke. I am your father.' Just like 'ow you said it to me. 'Remy I am your father.' So I guess that makes you my Dart' Vader eh? Guess dat means I have to turn you from de dark side huh?" when Sinister didn't reply Remy's drugged brain hooked onto another part of de movie and his life. "Hey you mentioned a brother. In Star Wars Luke found out dat he had a twin sister dat he didn't know about. Funny huh? Do I have some special power like Luke dat make me a threat to de emp'rer? Hmm, who be de emp'rer in my life? How 'bout Apocolypse? Maybe not. Dat's Cable's job right?"

Intrigued by how close Remy was coming to certain truths and the parrellels he drew with a fictional movie, Sinister continued the conversation. "Who would be your equivalent Han Solo and Princess Leia?"

Remy was silent for a moment. "Rogue be my Princess Leia. Smart, beautiful, and able to take care of herself. Though dat would make her my sister. Don't like dat. Logan has to be Solo. Tough, independant, but underneath he cares 'bout everyt'ing. You know, before you tell me all dis stuff, I t'ought I was Han Solo and Rogue, Princess Leia. Worked you know. I was de ladies man, I was out only for me. Den she came into my life and made me care 'bout life and other people again. Made me a hero. But Solo didn't have Dart' Vader for a father. I t'ink I prefer to be Solo again. Den you could be dat big fat slug t'ing Jabba de Hutt. I did a job for you and you want Remy's soul as payment for bailing out on you. Sorta like dumpin' Jabba's spices."

Cargo Hold

"Hey, ya know Remy's right. His life is a lot like 'Star Wars'." Sam said in a rather amazed voice. He looked at Rogue and Logan as if expecting them to acknowledge Gambit's drugged ramblings.

"I'll show him flamin' Han Solo. The drug has fried whatever the Cajun had for brains." Logan grumbled.

"How could Sinister have treated him so callously? Giving away his own son." Rogue said quietly to herself, not caring whether the others heard her or not. "Remy doesn't need to hear this. Come on, we have to get him out of here. Now." Rogue started to stand up.

"Not so fast darlin'. We have to let Sinister play this through. At least for a bit longer. If we pull the Cajun now, we'd be leavin' too many unanswered questions. It would nag at the kid until he went chasin' after Sinister to get the missin' pieces."

"Hey that would be like the part where Luke senses when Vader is near and then finally searches him out to settle things about Vader being his father." Sam looked at the other two questioningly. "I wonder if Gambit can sense when Sinister..."

"Shut up, Sam." Logan growled.

Sam did.

"You have quite the imagination Remy. Didn't you ever wonder why I always followed your progress. Why I was always there to pick you up and start you off again? Didn't you ever find it odd that I always referred to you as 'son' and 'my boy' from the first time I met you?"

"In de beginnin' maybe. Remember I told you 'I ain't your son. My name is Remy Lebeau. You can call me Gambit though.'" Remy stopped. "You laughed. Said somethin' 'bout me bein' surprised 'bout how much alike we were. I thought you meant by bein' what we were not who we were." Remy stopped again for a moment. "Den when I joined de X-Men, and I read 'bout you and Scott Summers and Jean Grey, I thought you did stuff like you did to prick at peoples self-esteem. 'sides. You seemed all obseessed wit' dem two by den and I hoped you written me off and forgotten 'bout me."

"What do you think about Scott Summers?" Sinister asked switching subjects for a moment.

"Good guy. Uptight do'h. Got himself a hot wife. Don't know what she be seein' in him. She must like guys who have a broom stick shoved up dere as.."

"I get the point Remy." Sinister cut Remy off. "I am not however, 'obsessed' with either Summers or Grey. I am a scientist. I realised some time ago that their genetic DNA would result in a genetically superior offspring with previously unheard of power levels. That was why I cloned Madelyne Pryor and set her up for Summers. Neither really had a chance of escaping my plan, and it worked. They had their offspring. The man now known as Cable though, did not meet the power levels I had foreseen. Which is why I have ignored him. He is a failure to what I wanted to accomplish. Besides, the Summers/Grey match was my second choice anyway. I had a DNA mix in theory only that was of a vastly superior nature. Unfortunately I could only get my hands on one sample, and was in the process of obtaining the other when events happened that thwarted my goals. As Apocolypse was and is my greatest opponent in directing the future of mutants, I had to throw him off my greatest find, so I played up the second best. A great smokescreen don't you think? I gave Apocolypse a target. A target that was portrayed as his greatest threat. A person who would actually have the power to destroy him completely. All I had to do was show up once in a while and be seen playing with the two 'components' and setting plots that could be stopped by Apocolypse's men. He felt he was on top of the situation and I was left alone to work on the true 'power' that will stop Apocolypse, and be the ultimate life form on the planet as we know it. And I will have invented it."

"Apocolypse has a vast information supply. Why hasn't he figured it out yet?" Remy asked.

"He has never been able to get a true tissue sample from Cable. He has gotten tainted or mixed samples but never a pure sample. Because of that and his ego the situations continues. He has invested a lot of time and energy in to destroying Cable. To stop now because of mixed DNA samples that may be right or wrong, he won't do. He has acknowledged Cable as a threat to himself. In fact, he has GIVEN Cable the power to destroy him by acknowledging the supposed threat. If Apocolypse backs away now and announces that Cable is not a threat, others will realise he had been fooled for years and that he isn't as great as he has made himself appear. So he must perpetuate the stories and deal with Cable as the 'only' threat in order to keep face with his minions."

"Kind of a long way about gettin' what YOU want d'oh ain't it?" Remy questined.

"Perhaps. But, science is a long process and I aspire to the greatest heights."


To be continued.


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