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"Turning Point"

Turning Point

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This story is in progress.

Turning Point

-=Part Two=-

2:30 p.m.

A cold wind swept through the remains of the old base that so recently had served as his courtroom. Picking up a twisted piece of metal, Remy used his mutant powers to kinetically charge it and used it as a torch. Stepping cautiously, Remy picked his way through the rubble looking for the small opening that would lead to the storage room of the facility. In the distance a sound of metal striking metal reached Remy's ears. He immediately froze and at the same time pulled the kinetic energy from the metal plunging the surrounding area back into pitch darkness. He waited tense moments for more sounds to come to him but nothing did. Slowly, he re-charged the metal but, only allowed the metal to glow enough to highlight shapes not show what each shape was. Normally, he wouldn't have been this cautious. In fact he more than likely would have been making a racket kicking stones and metal out of his way as opposed to carefully stepping over things, but, with Sinister poking around with his little band of degenerates, he wasn't looking for any company just yet.

Finding what remained of the doorway that led to the storage room, Remy stopped again; listened intently. Hearing nothing, he still extinguished the glowing metal. He bent down and picked up a couple of pieces of rubble. Holding one piece at arms length he dropped it, listening as it smacked the rocks and metal. Sending other pieces of debris scittering accross the floor. Gambit made a quiet mumbling sound, then lightly tossed the second piece of rubble off to the left, letting it scrape it way to a new resting place. Without a sound Remy entered to the doorway and hugged the wall inching his way deeper into dark cavity.

'Mon dieu, Remy you gettin' more and more paranoid.' Gambit thought to himself. 'De place be fallin' 'part 'round yer ears an' ye still be doin' t'ings to give de impression ye be goin' somewhere else. What if it were Stormy or Rogue come back for you. You just went sendin' off in 'nother direction?' In the darkness Remy screwed up his face with irony, hurt, self-disgust and a little anger. 'Yeah right, next t'ing you're goin' be believin' in Santa Claus and de Easter Bunny. Bad enough you talkin' to yourself like dis already and it only been a couple days.' Remy was pulled from his thoughts as more sounds of rock and debris hitting and scratching against each other came to him. He looked back towards the doorway which appeared a slightly lighter shade of black that the cavern he was now in. Again as the sound was so brief and non-descript Remy tried to convince himself that it was merely settling stones or pieces of debris falling from the ceiling. Waiting for another minute or two anyway. He continued on his way. He found the door he wanted without any light and entered a long narrow room. He went to the far end of the room and once more charged the piece of metal bright enough this time to see everything in the room. He memorized as much as possible and then extinguished the light not wanting to possibly draw attention to where he was. By the aroma coming from a small burlap sack hanging at about chest height he knew it was full of onions. He pulled the sack from the wall and dumped the onions on the floor. He'd already tried to eat kinetically charged/cooked onions and decided they blew-up better than they tasted. Quickly he grabbed tins and put them into the burlap sack. He had a near full bag when he tripped over a box he had somehow missed when he had entered the room. Cursing quietly he ran his hands over the box and finding that its flaps were merely folded closed he opened it thiking to use it instead of the bag to carry his bounty. He was extremely happy to find when he opened the box that it contained several army blankets, a couple of pillows and even an emergency medical kit. Grinning at his devil's luck he reached to his right for the sack of food he had liberated. Once more his hand came in contact with something other than the bag. It felt like a boot. Smiling he tugged at it since it didn't move easily.

"I believe it is customary to wait for a body to die before stealing their boots, my boy." A sinister voice intoned.

"Mon dieu." Remy cursed scrambling to put as much room between himself and much despised voice as he could. Remy always prided himself on his cool attitude and proffessional demeanor whenever he did a job. He couldn't decide which he despised more at the moment though. The way his heart felt lodged in his throat pounding fit to burst, the way Sinister had got the drop on him and he hadn't even been aware of it, or the way he was scambling on his hands and knees in front of the despot.

The red diamond on Sinisters forehead was the first thing he saw. His fist clenched in hatred. Sinister's hand raised and glowed giving the room an eerie glow.

"Kneeling before me is a good position for you Remy, but not necessary at this time." Sinister smirked at Remy.

Remy did not respond.

Glancing at his feet Sinister saw the open box and the bag of tins. "I see you have returned to your roots. It certainly suits more than that pathetic attempt at do-gooding you were trying out with that equally pathetic group of mutant misfits."

"I got not'ing ta do wit you no more Sinister. Get de 'ell out of 'ere before I be doin' da world da favour it needs by wipin' ya off de face of de planet." Remy snarled.

"Such harsh words. Why do you turn on me? I've only ever given you what you wanted. Even when you went your own way and joined the X-Men I never turned my back on you. When you first thought your heart was broken in Seattle did I not come to your aid again and ease your burden? Am I not here now? Shouldn't you direct your anger where it truly belongs on those who judged you; turned their backs on you; left you to die here?" Sinister said with calm, soothing, sugary sweetness.

Dropping his head, Remy tried to block out the words. Words Sinister made sound logical and truthful. Words that had echoed in his own mind during his moments of self-pity, hurt and anger. Emotions he didn't feel he had any right to feel. Sinister was trying to make him self-absorbed and selfish. To think only about himself and how he felt, not about those he had hurt. Those he was responsible for. Those he cared about more than himself.

"At least de t'ruth be known now Sinister. You got no power over me. Not'ing to be blackmailin' me wit'. Go crawl back in your hole where you belong and leave me alone." Remy tried desparately to keep the desparation out of his voice.

"Really..? And since truth is relative, which truth do they all know? That you brought my Marauders to the Morlock tunnels?"

"Yea dey know all 'bout the Marauders. 'Bout my part in de whole t'ing. Dey know everyt'ing dere is to know."

"Ah, so how did they respond when they found out about who your payment was for? Didn't that at least soften some of them to your plight?"

Remy knew at that moment he had walked right into Sinister's trap. He glared with open hostility at Sinister. Refusing to give Sinister anything else to use against him.

"Hahahaha. So, even now they didn't learn everything. Don't bother to deny it Remy. It is clearly written over your face. My poor boy, is your hatred for yourself that great that you hid any shred of redeeming quality from your friends?" Sinister paused for a second "From your love? Does she even know how much you sacrificed for her?" His smile was predatory. He didn't give Remy an opportunity to respond. "Oh I bet she was just thrilled to discover the Morlocks were massacred for her benefit." He started laughing. A manic laugh. An ugly, evil laugh. It grated on Remy's nerves.

"She don't know."

Sinister stopped laughing abruptly. "Really. I am surprised. Didn't you even give it to her? Didn't you even let her make the decision? Tsk,tsk. You just keep digging the hole deeper and deeper for yourself don't you my boy?" He started to chuckle again.

"You set me up. You and dat tramp Mystique. You bot' led me to t'ink that Rogue worked wit' you. Dat you were workin' on a cure for her." Remy snarled, his red eyes glowing wickedly.

"This has been interesting my boy, but come along now. I have many things to accomplish this day and really don't have the time discuss history. Perhaps I'll indulge you later." Sinister stood back calmly waiting for Remy to comply to his wishes.

When Remy remained where he was crouched on the floor. Sinister sighed dramatically nodded once and looked at Remy again. "It really is an annoying trait that you have you know? This independant streak. Times like this you really do remind me of your bro.."

"Gotta problem boss?" A male voice interrupted.

"Ah yes Rubber. My young protege here is digging his heels in. Persuade him otherwise." With that Sinister started back down the hallway towards the main level. "I do need him in working order Rubber. Remember that."

"Sure thing boss." The man called Rubber automatically responded. "Alright pretty boy, we gonna do this the easy way or the hard way?"

Remy's fingers flew accross the floor desparately searching for something to charge and use as a weapon. 'Where was the damn piece of metal he had had earlier?' Suddenly his hand closed around one of the onions he had dropped on the floor. It took only a second to charge the onion and Remy was already moving. As he had anticipated Rubber hunched over into a crouch waiting for Remy to charge him. Remy though waited as long as possible then performed a front flip over the shocked man. As he performed his flip, Remy tossed the onion towards the ceiling of the room. It exploded on impact, sending rubble showering down on Sinisters paid thug. The force of the explosion helped propel Remy down the hall and towards the more open space of the main floor. The explosion made Sinister turn sharply towards the the hallway as Remy came shooting out.

"Fool! Ah, if you want something done right..." He let the famous saying trail off as he released a bolt of energy at Remy. It hit just in front of Remy's feet bringing the agile thief to a quick halt. All hell broke loose then as Sinisters' other thugs came charging in from different directions using various mutant powers and yelling orders back and forth they circled the ex-X-Man. Remy dodged and jumped and returned fire when he could but he was simply out-numbered and the outcome was never truly in doubt. As the beaten Remy had a power-dampening collar locked around his neck, Sinister bent low and patted him on the cheek. "It was a good try my boy. Even though it annoys me, I do adimire your spirit. I must reward that so I shall discuss your history with you and we can settle matters. How does that sound?" His smile was all evil. Turning towards one of the others he told them to go and dig out Rubber. "If he is still alive bring him back with you, and tell him to pick a new name. Rubber is just too crude." Nodding towards the prone Gambit, Sinister said simply "Bring him."


"Sugah, ah sure am glad someone thought to pack us some winter woolies. The Bayou this certainly ain't." Rogue shivered, huddling into the parka Sam had brought with him. Choking back tears she turned towards Logan who squatting a few feet away. "Oh Logan, if ah'm feelin' the cold dressed like this, how could Remy have survived?"

"Don't count the cajun out just yet darlin'. I've got his scent and it's recent." Logan gave Rogue a reassuring grin taking off in a Northern direction.

"Oh Lordy, please let him be okay." Rogue said quitely to herself. She felt a comforting weight on her shoulder and turned to see a concerned Sam looking at her.

"Don't go mushy on us Rogue. It was seeing your determination to fix things between you and Gambit that made me proud to be an X-Man again. Besides if you cry, your eyes will freeze." He gave Rogue his best Guthrie quirky smile, bowed slightly and indicated for her to proceed him.

Returning Sam's gallant gesture with her own watery smile, she took off after Logan.

'Thank you daddy. Ah just can't stand to see a lady cry. Always makes me feel totally helpless.' Sam thought to himself, remembering some of the things his father had told him about how to treat a woman.

Up ahead Logan was moving a slab of ice to one side. Rogue ran to catch up easily moving the slab with one hand. Her heart was pounding like crazy. She was terrified and excited at the same time. She took several huge gulps of air trying to calm herself. Looking around the hollowed out cave opening she saw some boxes and some blankets covering a matress. There was no sign of Remy though. Disappointment washed over her in great waves.

"Wolvie?" she asked quietly, trying to prepare herself for the worst.

"His place alright. He's been here today. Hasn't been back though for at least two or three hours. Probably scroungin' some food since I don't smell anything recent. Most likely he's gone back to that citadel ya told us about. Most likely place to find rations." He stated matter-of-factly. He turned and headed back outside stopping momentarily to say "We ain't done yet darlin'."

Moving the ice slab back into place Rogue used her finger and scratched an 'X' into the ice and then below the X she scratched a 'Q' with a heart shape next to it.

"Oh crap!" Logan stood abruptly and looked back at Rogue and Sam. "Looks like we arn't the Cajun's only company today. I thought I caught a whiff of something foul but now I'm sure. Sinister has been here recently."

"What about Remy?" Sam asked for Rogue.

"Not as recent. Remy was gone by the time Sinister got here. But the two scents are mingling more and more stronger the loser we get to that citadel."

"Well let's go Remy could need our help." Rogue didn't look to see if the two men were following her. Her attention was focused on the general area of the citadel/fortress.

Looking at Sam, Logan said "I'm just hopin' the Cajun wants our help and wasn't waitin' on Sinister."

"Either way, Rogue's gonna need us to be there for her." Grabbing Logan's hands Sam blasted after Rogue.

5:15 p.m.

"Lordy, look at this place." Rogue said in general.

There looked to be gaping holes in the snow and ice with thin spirals of smoke still coming from one or two. Steel girders stood at odds with the flat ground and gaping holes. Logan approached the area with the confidence his senses gave him about the solidity of the ground around him.

As the three X-Men approached the closest entrance the ground rumbled beneath their feet and suddenly they saw two jet like planes flying northward.

"Not good." Logan grumbled and continued down under the icy ground.

Inside the citadel they inspected the rubble and debris littering the area. Logan ignored Rogue and Sam for a few minutes and went over the ground time and again criss-crossing his own path many times. Finally he returned to the other two and looking at Rogue said. "I got good news and bad news. Which do ya want first?"

"The bad." Rogue said automatically.

"Remy is with Sinister and about eight guys whose scents I've never come accross before."

Gulping back the pain and doubt Logan's words brought forth she whispered, "And the good?"

"The Cajun didn't go willingly." Seeing her bright green eyes lighten he nodded towards some blackened stones "See them charred stones over there, they've got Gambit's kinetic energy scent all over them. Over there as well." He indicated a couple more spots. "Looks like he put up one heck of a fight first. Specially back from that hallway down there. Whew, smells like onions and burnt rubber."

"He's alive Rogue. Now all we have to do is find him again. And since Sinister don't know were here he won't be expecting anyone to be following them."

"Thank you guys. Ah don't know if ah could of done this on mah own."

"That's what bein' an X-Man is about. Not having to do things by yourself. We may have forgotten that for a bit but we're back on track and we're gonna put things to rights as best we can. That's a promise." Sam said proudly. The three quickly left the burnt out shell of a building and took to the dark sky. The race was on and the prize was a mans' soul.


Continued in Chapter 3.


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