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Meadow-X v. 2.0

Chapter Two

Professor Charles Xavier wasn't much for socializing. His last real drinking buddy had been Magnus. Some time back, while they were both still in Israel, he had said, 'hey, you know what would be neat? If we ruled the world.' Unfortunately, Magnus had taken that drunken suggestion a little too seriously. But today was an exception. Today he was the captain of the Enterprise-D as he commanded his ship in tight formation along side the captain of the first ship to bear that name. Cutter John had dropped by the base for a visit but they decided to take a tour around the galaxy.

"Prepare for transporter," he called.

Cutter looked over briefly. Can't be too careful when traveling at warp factor ten, he thought.

"Transport coordinates locked."


Charles lobbed the flask over at Cutter, who caught it neatly.

"Where to, Captain?" He asked.

"Set course for The Untamed Planet of Moderately Moral Stenographers, Captain." Cutter responded.

"Course confirmed." Charles agreed. "Engage!"

The two starchairs disappeared around a bend in the road.

Scott rubbed the bridge of his nose. The Professor was speeding down the road in his wheelchair, Ororo was out romancing an intermittently dead cat and Betsy had taken off to be with her flightless paramour. We're going to have to have a recruiting drive soon, he mused. He noticed Bobby Drake coming down the hall.

"Hey, Scott." Bobby said cheerfully.

"Hey, Bobby," he said. "You going out?"

"Yup," The happy Iceman grinned. "I got a date!"

Scott felt the start of headache behind his eyes.

"Tell me it's with a girl."

"What? Yeah, of course it's with a girl. What kind of question is that?"

Bobby asked, affronted. "Her name's Lola Granola. She's an artist."

"Oh. That sounds normal, I mean, nice," Scott amended quickly. He stepped aside as his teammate hurried out to the garage. Then he noticed a young black man walking down the driveway followed by what appeared to be a yellow computer with feet.

"Good afternoon," The boy said. "Is this the residence of Katherine Pryde?"

Scott blinked under his visor. Computers? Kitty? Makes sense. "Yes, it is. Who are you?"

"Oliver Wendell Jones." The boy said. He waved at the ambulatory computer that was angled towards Scott as if it was looking at him.

"This is my Banana Junior."


continued in Chapter Three


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