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Disclaimer: X-Men belong to Marvel. Bloom County and its cast belong to Berkley Breathed.
Author's notes: I'd bet you thought I never get around to finishing this. I've made a few revisions along the way. Many thanks go to Persephone Kore for her encouragements.

Meadow-X v. 2.0

Chapter One

The Meadow Party had held its first convention in the New York. Professor Xavier had been encouraging his X-Men to take an interest in the election campaigns and so many of the team ended up attending the brief but rousing rallies. But somehow, the Meadow Party made a bigger impression on them than they planned...

Ororo sailed down the stairs. She was so happy. For the first time in her life she knew true love. Logan and Remy were waiting in the hallway. "Good day, my friends," she smiled radiantly.

Remy smiled despite his reason for loitering around. He always liked seeing his Stormy cheerful.

"Bonjour, Stormy."

The mistress of the elements frowned playfully.

"I have asked you not to call me that name."

"Remy be hard of hearing."

Ororo laughed.

Logan also smiled. Laughter was a sound that had missing in the mansion for a some time.

"How's yer new fella, darlin'?"

"Oh Logan," She gushed. "I have never been happier. He is everything I could ask for."

Remy and Logan exchanged glances. They were going to give her new 'friend' a quick once-over, just to make sure he knew what would happen if he hurt Ororo.

"Dat's good, chere. You t'ink we can meet him?" Remy asked casually. No point in trying to sneak around her. She would get mad at both of them for certain.

Ororo gave her two close friends an understanding smile. Considering her less than dazzling choices previously, she wasn't surprised at their protectiveness.

"Are you worried that he may not be suitable for me?"

Logan blew out a ring of smoke.

"We love ya, darlin'. Of course we're worried. I promise we won't rough him up none."

Upstairs, things were not as rosy for another X-couple.

Warren fluttered his wings nervously. She's been under a lot of stress, he reminded himself. "Betsy, please. For me, consider what you're doing."

Betsy paused in her packing. "What I'm doing is following my heart. I love Opus. I'm sorry but I can't change that."

"But why?!" Warren wailed. "What does he have that I don't? He's just a personals clerk with some backwater newspaper. He dabbles in suspicious politics and," He paused, the revulsion he felt surging in his throat. "He can't even fly!"

Betsy sighed. She knew it would be hard. "Warren, please understand. People change. Goodbye."

Warren sat slumped on the bed as she stepped into the shadows and disappeared.

There was a beeping from outside.

Ororo brightened and fussed with her immaculate dress.

"He's here!"

"Why don' he come to de door?" Remy asked immediately.

"He knows what kind of people live in this house," Ororo answered calmly. She wouldn't do anything that would harm her new love's chance at approval from her friends. "He said he'll keep a distance until you give your respective blessings."

Logan nodded. Boy's got respect, he thought. Good.

Ororo pulled the door open and hurried down the steps to the waiting Zephyr convertible.

"Hello, my love!"

"Ack, ooph." Bill the Cat replied lovingly.

The two X-Men stared with horror and disbelief at the mangy orange feline in a ratty tie that was sitting behind the wheel.

"Mon dieu!" Remy exclaimed.

Logan growled. To say he wasn't a cat person was an understatement.


Continued in Chapter Two


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