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"Star of David"

The Star of David

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

This story is in progress.

Okay...thanks for the feedbacks, people who read this.
Thanks again for my beta-readers, I know I gave you all a hard time ...
Anyway, back in the first chapter, someone pointed out to me that the number of Jews and "inferior races" (to the old Germans) was wrong, and I'd like to apologize for that.
Another thing, I don't know if Rogue can speak or understand German, so if she can, pretend she couldn't... :)


The girl opened her eyes. It was pitch black.

She lifted the wood that covered her and walked out of the small corner where she hid from the bad people.

She scanned the area, using her dark eyes, that used to glimmer and shine all the time. Wiping the dirt out off her wool skirt, she stood.

"Mummy?" She cried out, tentatively. "Mummy, are you there?"

Nobody answered.

"Mummy? It's me, Helen."


"Mummy? Mummy, please answer." Helen cried out, tears streaming down her dirty cheeks. She ran outside hoping to find her mother, only to see dead people scattered on the floor. "No! Nonononononono!"

"Granny! Granny, no!" Kneeling down, Helen touched the remnants of her Grandmother. She cried more, occasionally sobbed.

"Helen? Is that you, Helen Reiss?"


"Helen! Oh Helen!"

Helen stood up and hugged Sini. She buried her head on her cousin's chest and cried all that happened to her last night. The Germans came to the ghetto that she and her family had stayed in since 1938. They were carrying guns and started shooting at a lot of people. Ann took her and urged her to go under the floor, where most of the children hid. Then she left, along with their parents. And all the she could remember was the sound of the guns.

"Brrr! Brrr! Brrr!" She sobbed. "They were terrible, Sini. People were shouting, they were crying. Oskar, the boy who was hiding with me was crying too. And so did all the children. So…so did I."

Sini stoked her cousin's hair. She was one of the lucky ones who were considered the "essentials", when the liquidation of the Jews, her race, happened.

"It was terrible Sini. It was terrible."

"Shhh. I know little one. I know."

A German soldier came up to them. He pulled Sini by the hair and threw her to the ground. Saying something in German, he spat on her and left to scout for more survivors.

"Sini?" Helen cried. " What did he say?"

Sini wiped her knees and took Helen by the hand. "He said to go to the group of women that are outside. Come on. We mustn't waste time. The Germans shan't take any excuses nor hesitation to shoot us. "

From a dark corner, a tall figure silently emerged. Unnoticed by the people around her, she watched the two pale figures go to the rest of the crowd. Her heart fell on the two, but she kept silent for she had nothing to do, but watch.

She had watched the same scene over and over again. And even if she hadn't, she knew that she knew it by heart.

Silence was all over the place, except for the soft footstep of the two. But it was like a portrait with a thousand words. It said loneliness. Sadness. Grief.

She looked at them sadly, hoping to do something when there was nothing to be done. This was how it was suppose to be. No one can change it. Not even her.

But someone will. Someone might.

And she had to find her.

"No please! No! please! Do not take us! Please!"

Sound. Sound everywhere.

Screams. Screams heard everywhere.

"Mummy! Mummy! He's hurting me!"

"Please sir, do not hit my daughter. She is still a child."

"Shut up!"

She stood there, seeing everything. She tried to shut her eyes and cover her ears, but her eyes nor hands won't follow. Instead, she stood, looking at them. Feeling them. Hurting with them.

"No please! Don't shoot her! Danka! Get Ann!"

"No sir, please! Noooooo!"

She watched the girl, no older than fifteen, fall lifelessly as soon as the bullet of the soldier hit her. Blood flowed from the wound and she watched the girl's helpless mother sobbed wildly, her father, who held her.

"You animal!" The father shouted. "You bastard! You are a coward. You take your anger to helpless little girls instead of the older Jews."

Jews. The word shocked her. It seemed familiar, yet so strange.

"You freaking bastard! You killed my daughter, my first born!"

The soldier said something in a foreign language.

He said something in…in German…! She thought. It was strange. She never knew the language, yet she had a feeling of deja vu.

"No! Please! Do not shoot my husband!" The wife screamed wildly, waving her hands frantically.

But it was too late. Too late. And it was too late for the woman, for before she could even seek refuge, the bullet hit her. Dead.  Like her child. Like her husband. Like all of their kind. The Jews.

"Why am I here?" she said out loud.

"Because I summoned you."

Rogue jerked her head up. She blinked her eyes rapidly, sweat dripping from her chin. She tried to remember the last place she had been. It was not the same place she was now staying. It was from another place. Another time.

"Rogue?" A sleepy voice called out softly.

She looked at her right side, to the person sitting on the window seat. The window seat! she thought. No wonder why I hadn't recognized the place; I'm on an air plane going to Germany.

"Rogue? Are you alright?" The person yawned.

The voice belonged to Jean Grey-Summers. Rogue recalled why they were here. That's it! Jean decided to accompany me to my 'vacation' to Germany while the others go into Germany to find the mutant Cerebo had detected, she remembered.

"Ah…uh, Ah'm fine, Jean. Just some bad dream." She lied. " Go back to sleep."

Jean nodded sleepily. " Okay. Try not to think about it. Good night."

"'Night too." Rogue replied. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep again, but much to her frustrations, she couldn't. Instead, she re-enacted all that had happened in her dream, in her vision. The killings. The murders.  They all seemed so true. Like it happened.

The Germans were so actual. The fear of the family was so genuine. She felt it. She knew it was true. But why me? she thought. Why not Jean or Ororo? Why me?

And the voice.

The cold yet soft voice.

"Because I summoned you," the voice had said.

Rogue felt her spine tingle. She snuggled to the blanket that was handed to her before their flight. She knew that she won't be able to sleep. She knew that she couldn't rest until she solves the mystery. "Why me?" she called softly. " Why me?"

"Because I summoned you." The voice from her dream said.

"Because I summoned you."

"Welcome to Berlin, the capital of Germany. We hope that you will enjoy your stay. Dan ka shen."

"Dan what?" Rogue asked Jean as they both entered Berlin-Tegel Airport, in the north west of Berlin. " What's that suppose t' mean."

"I think it's 'thank you' in German." Her companion answered, while fiddling with her purse. " Rogue, have you seen my lipstick?"

"No. Why, did ya lose it?"

"I think so. I think I have left it in the comfort room."

"Do ya have t' get it? Can't ya just buy 'nother one?"

"I can't, I love that make up. I'll be right back."

"Oh, all right. Just hurry up." Rogue said, hugging herself while she watch Jean go into the ladies' room. She bit her lip for sounding selfish earlier but she really wanted to leave as much as possible.  Ever since they landed in Berlin, she had this tingling feeling that she was being watched.

Damn it, she thought. Where in the world is Jean? She took a magazine, from a rack in a small coffee shop in the air port, and started flipping the pages. "Business ... boring ... Hmmm ... Chancellor of Germany ... boring ... Hmmm ... sale on a store in Berlin..."

"Excuse me?"

She looked up from the magazine she was looking at and saw a dark-haired lady wearing a woolen sweater. She was at least twenty, with dark piercing eyes and a soft voice with a German accent. She was slightly shorter than her, her face was very pale, clearly showing that she hadn't been eating.


To be continued.


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