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"Star of David"

The Star of David

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

This story is in progress.

Sunne is very tired and in a hurry. But before she goes, she wants to thank all her beta-readers, and all people who will read this. Enjoy.
Marvels are Marvel's, mine are mine. You can take this story or my made-up characters and feel guilty in the end, or ask my permission and feel happy, since you're not guilty. Make any senses?
Just a small note: If you are from Germany, and you don't like talking about WWII, please do not read further. This fic is all about the Holocaust, during the years between 1940-1944/45. This is about the killing of the 6,000,000 Jews and more, during the German regime. If you are a Jew and would not like to read about the past, not to mention painful experiences of fellow Jews, don't read too.  However, if you did not think about this warning, please make sure not to flame me after you've read this. Take this as a warning. You've been warned. Don't flame. I do not like the idea of getting flamed.
Feedbacks and complaints, as well as violent reactions and comments, even suggestions or questions are welcome to my mail box. If you have something you want to say or add, do so. If you have something to get off your chest, tell me.

The Star of David


The same silence that killed her slowly.

Silence that killed her kind.


The lady with dark hair and eyes was scared of silence. She was terrified of what the silence might do to her. What the silence might bring her.


The sound of water tapping.

Tip-top ... tip-top ... .

She snuggled to a rough blanket that barely gave her warmth. But it was all that she had (had). All that was left to her. Of the war ...

It was a humid afternoon.

"Oh look! Mummy! Mummy! Look!" The little girl cried. She was a young, frail child, with dark features. She was playing with the tiny butterfly that flew in their small back yard.

"Helen!" The older woman cried. "Danka! Your daughter is playing out side. It's very dangerous. Too many soldiers."

"Helen, come back here!" Another woman, a younger one, yelled. "You know very well that you're not to play without anyone watching."

"But Mummy, I was only looking at the flutterbly," The little girl answered, her dark eyes sparkling.

"Butterfly." Her mother corrected, smiling. "Now honey, why don't you go inside where Daddy and Ann are eating cookies. You may take some, but make sure you shan't make yourself full."

"Yes Mummy."


She never got to understand the word. Never did, never had.

The woman sat up on her bed, sweat pouring down her forehead, from a dream she'd been having for nights.

She turned on her night-light and blinked away the tears that were streaming down from her cheeks. She hadn't realized that she was crying. She pulled a Kleenex from her bedside and wiped her wet face.

Damn it, she thought. I'm late for Cyke's session again ... .oh shit, shit, shit.

She stood up and made a bee line to her closet, throwing on her uniform.

"You're late."

She winced. Here he goes again.

"You know very well that I can't afford to waste time because of one late person ... "

And that my schedule is hectic enough that interference blah, blah, blah ... she continued in her head. She hated it when she made fun of Scott, even if she did it secretly, but sometimes, he gets ... .annoying.

"Sorry." She said, interrupting him before he could go on to what he was saying. She'd heard him a thousand times before, and didn't want to hear him again.

Scott Summers sighed. He was getting nowhere with Rogue. She looked tired and he did not want to make things worse for her. He let out a sigh again. "Fine. Now get in there and show me your best."

Rogue widened her eyes in mockery. "Whoa. Are ya sure ya ain't havin' fever t'day, Scott? Ah think Ah've actually heard ya pardon me," she said.

Scott rolled his eyes behind the visor he was cursed to wear forever.  "Get inside."

The mutant named Rogue entered the Danger room, a room designed to help her, and her fellow mutants, to improve their mutant powers. It was used to improve our powers b'for, she thought.  But this trainin' ain't about the improvin' us people. It's all for the mission to Germany.

And it frightened her terribly. Because of the dreams she had.

Weird German dreams, she added silently.

She entered the room, only to find that her fellow X-Men were waiting inside. After a few exchange of 'hellos', they began their training.

"All right people, the moment that you all have been waiting for, that should have started seven minutes earlier, no thanks to Rogue."  Cyclops' voice boomed from the control room. " This training is for the mission you are to take in Germany. We don't know what we're up against folks, so I want to do all the tests on you."

"Storm, you lead the team. Wolverine will lead the ground attack you, Rogue and Cannonball take the air. The sequence begins right now."

The foursome began their combat. Wolverine took all the robots from the land and the three others disabled cameras, flying machines and guns that were found above the ground.


Huh? Rogue thought.

"Rogue, get off the pathway!" Ororo yelled.

Rogue should have seen it coming. But she didn't.

As soon as she saw that a missile was going to hit her, she ducked, just in time, before it could even come close. But the missile, unfortunately, hit the wall behind her, causing an explosion that had sent her flying to the other side of the room.

"Cyclops, shut the program down right now."

From the noise, Rogue could single out Storm's worried cry. "Ah'm fine, Storm." She said, pulling herself up. "Ah'm fine."

"What happened out there?" Cyclops asked, entering the room.

"Somethin' must have happened ... ?" Sam supplied lamely.

Storm walked over Rogue. "Are you alright, child?"

"Yeah. Ah guess."

Cyclops shook his head. "How could you be careless, Rogue? That missile over there was damn too obvious. I can't believe that you of all people would have missed that."

"Chill it, Cyke. The kid's got somethin' on 'er mind."

The leader of the X-Men snorted. "Well if that's the case, then maybe I should find a replacement for her for the expedition to Germany."

Rogue stepped back. "Ya can't! Ah know that Ah'm a li'l bit cocky t'day, but Ah know Ah can make it to Germany."

But Scott wasn't paying attention to her. "Sam? Please call Hank and ask him if he would like to accompany the team who would go to Germany."

"No! Wait! Lisen' Scott. Ah know it was stupid of me t' have missed that missile but---"

"Really stupid," Scott interrupted.

"But Ah have ta go ta Germany. Ah really need t' go there."

"Care to tell us why, darlin'?"

"Ah ... " Rogue blushed. She saw that Wolverine was looking intently at her. She cleared her throat. " Ah, well, Ah've been having' dreams 'bout Germany ... and well, Ah thought that maybe goin' there might help ... "



"Listen Rogue, being careless is one thing. Having dreams that can lead to hallucination and to the failure of this mission is another. I'm really sorry. Sam, call Hank."

"Storm!" Rogue looked at her friend, who remained silent throughout the whole conversation, pleading silently.

Storm looked at her and shook her head. "I'm sorry, child, but Cyclops is right. It is the best for you and it is also for the good of the team and the good of the mission."


"Sorry darlin'. Gotta listen' to four eyes. Much as I hate t' 'ccept his reasons, it's logical. 'Sides, maybe ya should take a break."

"Come on Scott. Please?"

"No, Rogue. No."

Rogue considered the thought of pounding the man's head on the nearest wall but thought against it. The fact that the rest of the team would consider her insane is one thing, having to face Jean was another.

"Maybe Rogue should go to Germany." A voice said.

Everyone looked up and saw Jean leaning on the doorframe.

"Why?" Cyclops inquired curiously.

Jean smiled at Rogue. "Hank couldn't make it and well, I ...uh have some businesses to attend to. Besides Scott, a trip to Germany might help sooth what's on her mind. Like what Logan said, she needs a break."

Silence filled the room and Scott looked at Jean, as she looked back at him. Rogue guessed that both were having a mental conversation, or argument, through the special bond they shared.

"Okay." Scott said, breaking the silence. "I've changed my mind.   Rogue, you can go to Germany. But you have to consider some regulations I, I mean, Jean and I have come up with. You may not join the team on this. You can come as a tourist, but that's it. Am I clear on this?"

Rogue bit her lips. Trust Cyclops to make difficult regulations.

<<Remember Rogue, I took part of this. So don't blame it all on Scott.>> Jean's mental voice suddenly 'told' her. She looked at Jean and nodded a curt nod. "Yeah. Guess so. Ah have no choice."

Scott looked at her briefly and turned his attention to the rest of the team. " The rest of you proceed to the War Room. Rogue, pack your things."

Thanks, Jean. Rogue said, sending her thoughts to Jean Grey-Summers, the resident telepath.

<< No problem. As long as you don't intend to smash Scott's head into the nearest wall, we'll be in good terms. >> The telepath answered, giving Rogue a feeling of an eye winking, as she walked out with Cyclops.

The group broke up, leaving Rogue behind. She touched her soft hair and walked to her room. Before she could reach the floor to her apartment, she jolted because she saw an image, a vision, she'd never seen before. A vision that was alive, even before she was born.

A vision of a war.


Continued in Chapter 2.


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