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"Darkness Falls"

Darkness Falls

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Darkness Falls

The Crow landed on the window sill of the hospital room and looked inside at Remy LeBeau.

Rogue looked up and saw the bird.

"No!!" she screamed as she leapt between it and Remy, tears filling her eyes. "No, ya can't have 'im. No!"

The crow tilted its head as if in confusion.

"It's not here for him, Rogue." Eliza voice sounded behind her as she entered the room. The crow flew past Rogue and landed on Eliza's shoulder. "It's here to take me back."

"Eliza..." Rogue voice softened, "Ah thought ya were done here."

"Yes...but I have one thing left to do."


"It's time for me to go." Unclasping the chain around her neck, Eliza handed her necklace to Rogue. "Here -- ya keep it." Then she turned to Gambit and bent over him. Her lips gently touched his forehead. "Good bye...and I am so sorry for what happened to ya," she whispered to him. She then walked to the opened widow and jumped out. Rogue rushed to the window and looked out into the darkness, but she was gone.

"Ummm..... ohhhh.. Ch..cherie." Gambit voice was low and confused. Rogue rushed to his side.

"Oh Remy." Her eyes full of tears of joy. "Ah thought ah had lost ya."

Remy struggled a smile and looked at her, strength already returning to his eyes. "Cherie, you shouldn't o' worried, we X-Men die hard."

Rogue laughed and brushed his aurburn red hair back. "What am ah goin' t' do wit' ya, swamp rat?"

"I have a few ideas." Remy grinned even bigger.

The next day Eliza body was found next to her parents graves. Several days after that she was buried. After the ceremony, Rogue and Remy stood before the new head stone in the graveyard. Neither spoke. Rogue knelt down and placed the handful of flowers on the grave.

"Good bye, Eliza, may your soul finally rest," she said softly as she stood. Remy reached over and put his arm around her, wincing slightly at the pain in his shoulder.

"She's gon' t' a better place, cherie."

The two X-Men turned and walked away.

As they neared the edge of the grave yard, they were approached by a slim dark haired man and a shorter red haired woman, both dressed in black.

"Excuse me," the man said, "I'm Agent Mulder and this is Agent Scully, we're with the FBI. Do you know anything about a young girl's body being found in this graveyard three days ago?"

"No, not really..." Rogue said as she dropped her head.

"Could we ask you a few questions?"

"Neh, cherie..." Gambit said as he guided Rogue past the two agents.

Scully turned to Mulder, "See Mulder... I told this was a wild goose chase. The dead don't come back."

"CAW....CAW....CAW" the crow screached as it took flight and rose into the sky.

The morgue was cold and quiet, and the lone guard sat behind his desk, thumbing through the pages of an issue of Playboy. "Ummhun... Nice. Very Nice."

Then he heard something. Lowering the magazine he looked up and saw an elderly old woman, her dark skin wrinkled with age.

"May I help...." he started to saw but she was mumbling something and then threw a hand full of strange dust in his face, knocking him unconscious.

The old woman dragged the man into the morgue with an inhuman strength. Carefully, she laid out his body and began to draw a series of strange symbols around him. Standing, she looked around at the room and walked over to one door, pulling out the slab. Throwing back the cover, she revealed the naked body of the woman known as Joyride. She pulled a container from her robes and dipped her finger into its red liquid.

Again she made the strange symbols, this time on the dead body. She then pulled out several black feathers and strapped them to the woman's arms.

After lighting several candles, she began to chant again. For nearly twenty minutes she continued. Sweat poured from her pores as the guard's body withered and became a lifeless husk. Finally she stopped and watched the corpse intently.

Slowly, it moved as a moan escaped her lips. Joyride sat up, and looked around the morgue.

"Now you shall be my servant." Mother Ju Ju said and then began to laugh.



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The Crow and all related material are Copyrighted by James O'barr and are used without permission.
The X-Files and all related material are Copyrighted by Chris Carter and are used without permission.
Blue Oyster Cult and the song "Don't fear the Reaper" are copyrighted by Sony Tunes Inc.
The piece of work is a non profit and done solely for the the enterainment of the readers and writer and is in no way intended to infringe on the above Copyrights. Everything else is the product of my own warped mind.
This story may be archived as long as you do not alter it in any way and ask my permission first.
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