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"Darkness Falls"

Darkness Falls

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Darkness Falls

Tiny clawed hands ripped at Rogue's costume and hair. She swung desperately, but there was just too many of them. Small hands wrapped around her face, and a smell of oranges engulfed her. She tried to get away, but it was too late, and the world faded into darkness.

Eliza fought but was quickly engulfed in the same orange scent. Before subcoming to the darkness she saw through the crow's eyes an old woman in robes, standing nearby and laughing.

There was darkness all around her. She could hear a steady rymthic splash, then the sound of the steam whistle startled her. She bumped into somebody in the darkness. Then the world faded in around her.

"Easy there, ma'am." A young man reached out to steady her.

She instinctively jerked back away from his touch.

A look of confusion filled his face. "I'm sorry, I should have introduced myself first. I am Captain Robbins," he said with a smile, reaching out to take her gloved hand. He pulled off his hat, his blond hair rustling in the river breeze, and bowed as he kissed the silky fabric on the back of her hand. "And you are...?"

"Rogue." She looked around and realized she was on a riverboat

"Rogue...huh? That's a might unsual name for a lady as lovely as yourself."

Rogue realized that he was dressed in a Confederate Army uniform and that she was wearing a beautifully, elegant ball gown trimmed in gold and green. Then she heard the music coming from the deck ahead of them.

"May I have the honor of escorting you back to the dance?"

"Yes, ya may, Captain Robbins," she answered with a sly smile and a slight nod. Her mind was fuzzy and it was hard to think. But she knew him from somewhere, she just couldn't remember.

When they arrived at the deck there were many others there, some dancing, some standing and talking. Faces that seemed familiar but faces that she couldn't recognize.

"Excuse me, Miss Rogue...?" Captain Robbins' voice startled her from her reverie.


"May I have this dance?" There was a slow southern waltz playing.

She allowed him to lead her out onto the floor. She felt a sense of safety come over her. She ended up dancing the next dance with him as well. He said things that made her laugh and soon she felt as if she had known him for years. Then another man in uniform came over to them.

"Excuse me, Captain Robbins, may I cut in, neh?" the auburn-haired lieutenant asked as he approached. "It no be fair fo' you to keep de pretty lady all t' yo'self, Captain."

"Miss Rogue, may I introduce Lieutenant LeBeau." He stepped back as the lieutenant took hold of her hands. She danced with this dashing young man, but still something in her heart ached for Captain Robbins, She watched as the young captain walked over to the railing and stood there watching the passing shoreline in the light of the full moon.

"Excuse me, lieutenant," she said as she broke from him and walked quickly over to the Captain.

"But, Cherie...?" His words echoed in her head. They sounded so familiar, but she ignored them.

"Captain Robbins?"

"Yes, Miss Rogue?"

"Ah just wanted..." He moved closer to her. "It's just that...."

Their eyes locked.

With out a word, he wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips to hers. She felt his memories rush into her mind as his body went limp and dropped to the floor. She stood over his body, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Ah'm so sorry, Cody. Ah truly am."

Suddenly from the crowd there was a shout. "She killed the Captain!" Then another "She must be a Yankee Spy! Get her!"

She ran down the deck, but the end never neared. She looked back and the crowd was getting closer.

The man named Charisma stood above the young woman laying in the bed. Her body twisted as her face contoured with fear and terror. Beside Charisma, Syn stood silently.

"Syn, what is troubling this one so?"

"I can not tell my lord. She is extremely difficult to scan."

Charisma reached down and brushed aside a lock of the woman's white hair, his bare finger tips gently brushing her forhead. "Alas, I have business elsewhere. Syn you shall see to it that this business between Joyride and the other is settled. I do not wish for it to interfere with my other affairs. Understood?"

"Yes, my lord."

"And see to it that this one is left untouched."

"Yes, my lord."

The crowd was nearly on her. Their shouts echoed in her ears. She stumbled. Looking up at the mob she raised her arm in front of her. Suddenly, a dark form scooped her up and then quickly carried her to the railing. Then they both plunged into the dark waters of the Mississippi.

Her world turn upside down and inside out. Then the darkness overtook her again.

She could hear the sound of the river, the frogs croaking, the crickets chirping. Slowly, she opended her eyes. She was laying under a tree that had a rope tied to it. The tree and rope that she had once used to swing out into the river when she was a child.

The sun was setting. The clouds turned it a brilliant orange.

"Rogue?" Remy's voice sounded off to her left. Turning, she saw him, but it wasn't Remy -- It was Cody. He stepped out from behind the tree. But it wasn't the young boy she had kissed so long ago. Instead, he was a man about her age.

"Cody?" Her voice filled with confusion. "How can ya be here?"

But he didn't answer her question.

"I just wanted you..." Suddenly his form shifted, and Remy was now walking toward her. " know, Cherie that I don't blame you..." Then it changed back to Cody, this time dressed in black with the markings of the Crow on his face. "...for my death...but vengence must be fulfilled." His face had an evil grin that grew as he reached out and grabbed her by the neck, lifting her off the ground.

She struggled but couldn't break free. "'re hurting me."

"Hurting you? What do you think you did to me?" he said, his voice full of hate. He raised his free arm, a knife gleaming in his hand. Then he plunged it down.


Remy Lebeau stood before the tree. Its branches were bare. A single black crow sat on one branch. It stared at him.

"Remy." A voice called to him, a voice he knew. It wa his brother Henri.

"Herni? Is dat you."

"Yes, Remy. I have come t' guide you, brother."

"Guide me where?"

"T' de next life."

"But, I don't feel dead."

Henri laughed. "Non' o' us do Remy."

Remy watched as Henri stretched out his hand to him.

"Com' wit' me, brother."

Something didn't feel right. Remy looked up at the crow. It seemed to have a look of sorrow about it, as he took a step closer to Henri. Suddenly he stopped. "Dis not be right?"

"Come now Remy, We all been waiting fo' you." With that, Henri waved his hand a glowing portal opened behind him. Inside, he saw faces of friends, long since dead. They were all beckoning for him to come to them.

"I... I don't kno'." He started to step closer.


Turning he saw another portal open. in this one he saw Rogue, her face covered with a black veil, tears rolling down her face.


"Don't pay that bird any heed, Remy. You died, it's time to rest."

"But, it jus' feels so wrong." He turned and reached to touch her face.

"No brother, dat bird only means t' take you t' hell."

Suddenly the Crow swooped down from the tree and attacked Henri. Its talons clawed at his face, ripping chunks of flesh. Henri screamed in pain for help as he tried to fend off the bird.

Remy reached down and picked up a rock, charging it as he drew back his arm. As he brought his arm foward, the crow flew away from Henri. Remy stopped in horror.

Chunks of bloody flesh fell to the ground as the form of his brother fell to pieces. In its place stood a blood-covered creature. The only word that Remy could think of to describe it was simply "demon"

The Creature laughed a hellish laugh

"So this isn't going to be as easy as I'd like it to be." Dark tentacles shot out at Remy.

The charged rock shot foward striking the demon as Remy back flipped to avoid the tentacles.

"Remy...We've been waiting so long for you." Behind the demon, in the portal, his friends all changed into different demons and howled for him.


Remy turned and saw the crow hovering above the portal with Rogue's face in it. He leapt to the right to avoid more tentacles.

"Hold still, damn you!"

"I don't think so, demon." Remy said as he did a forward flip over the tentacles and broke out into a full run for the crow's portal. Jus' a few mor' feet...

Suddenly, the ground before him erupted as four more tentacles shot up, blocking him. Remy barely manged to dodge them this time as he fell to the ground. Two of the tentacles wrapped themselves around his leg. NO! He struggled, but they were too strong. Several more tentacles wrapped around him, lifting him off the ground. One tentacle came in front of his face; the end of it bubbled up and grew larger, then exploded, sending out a fine mist that enveloped Remy's head. Coughing, he quickly reached down and grabbed a tentacle and concentrated. Slowly, the tentacle began to glow.

Th creature quickly unwrapped itself from him and withdrew. There was a sickening pop as it exploded, spattering chunks of slimly flesh and muscle against Remy and the demon.

The demon howled in pain. "You'll pay for that!"

Remy reached for the other, but it quickly snaked away. Remy's eyes widened with terror as the Demon howled again, this time shooting flames from its mouth toward the cajun. Remy tried to leap for the portal, but his feet slipped in the loose ground.

The portal was just out of his reach. The flames rushed closer. Remy reached out, stretching his fingers as far as he could. He felt energy crackle to meet them. Then the flames rushed over him, engulfing him.


Eliza came to laying on the ground outside, her hands tied behind her. Her vision cleared and she saw before a woman dress in grey and white stood before her.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Eliza." The woman laughed.

"Joyride." Eliza's voice was full of disgust. Looking around, she saw several men, all armed with automatic weapons trained on her. And there was another woman there, a woman she didn't recognize.

"Funny I should choose these words, seeing how we killed you once before." Joyride smirked as she turned and walked over to the other woman. "Well this time we're going to do it right. Okay, boys, do your thing."

The men just stood there.


The other woman step forward. "Lord Charisma has decide that this shall be a fight between the two of you. Joyride, your careless actions have interferred with his plans one time to many. You must now settle this yourself."

Joyride's smirk fade. "No!! Syn, we had a deal."

"Lord Charisma has altered your deal. Pray that he doesn't alter any more." With that Syn turned and left the lawn, followed by the rest of the men.

"Fine! I'll take care of this myself." Turning she pulled her new katanas out of their sheaths. She turned back to Eliza, only to find that the woman had freed herself.

Eliza striked fast with an elbow to the face, followed by a sweep that knocked Joyride to the ground.

Joyride rolled back and came out in a kneeling stance, both swords still in her hands.

Behind them on a low branch, the crow landed and watched, unaware of the shadowy figure lurking nearby.

Joyride took the offensive, sunlight flashing off her blades as they came incredibly close to Eliza. One blade slashed deep acroos Eliza's arm, and a grin of satisfication creeped across Joyride's face, only to be replaced with shock as she watched the wound heal before her eyes.

Eliza laughe as she caught Joyride with a kick in the face.

Behind them, the crow screeched as tiny black hands grabbed it and pulled it from the branch. Eliza turned to see one of the creatures run across the lawn, the crow struggling in its bony hands.

Joyride took advantage of the distraction to run one of her katana blades through Eliza's side. Eliza screamed in pain and dropped to the floor as Joyride pulled the bloody sword out of the woman's body.

"Oh, we seem to be having a bad day.... don't we?" Joyride smirked at her victim.

Mother Ju Ju watched as one of her minions rushed toward her, the crow in its hands. The creature stopped before her and reached it prize up for her to receive.

"Yes, little one, you have done fine." Taking the bird, she turned and walked back into her chamber as the creature scurried off into the shadows.

Back outside, Joyride slammed Eliza into the gazebo, crashing her through the railing and onto the floor. With a forward flip, Joyride landed above the now-mortal woman. She began to kick Eliza again, but her foot was caught at the last second.

With a twist Eliza sent Joyride crashing through the other side of the gazebo. With a leap she propelled herself off the gazebo, but Joyride brought her foot up, catching Eliza in the stomach.

Eliza rolled across the lawn, clutching her side as blood poured from her wound. She stopped, her back to Joyride.

"What's a matter, Eliza, doncha wanna play with me?"

Eliza turned over and brought a piece of railing in a large arc, shattering it across Joyride's face and sending the mutant to the ground. Eliza shakely brought herself to her feet.

Blood poured from Joyride's jaw. She tried to speak, but pain ripped through her broken jaw at the attempt. Eliza dove on top of the woman, ramming her knee into her stomach.

"This time you die!" Eliza shouted as she landed punch after punch to Joyride's face, turning it into a bloody mess. Finally she took another piece of broken railing and plunged it into Joyride's chest.

Slowly she stood, trying to sense the crow, but it was gone. Eliza looked down at Joyride. Her quest for vengeance was finally over. But before she could leave this state of existence, she knew there was one more thing she must do.

When Rogue awoke, she was laying under a tree near the graveyard. Looking around she realized she was alone and somehow she knew that Eliza's quest was over. She rose and flew off back to the hospital.


Concluded in Part 5

Disclaimer: All Marvel characters are copyrighted by Marvel Comics and are used without permission.
Disclaimer: The Crow and all Crow related material is copyrighted by James O'barr and is used without permission.
But other than that this story is a product of my own warped mind and thus is copyrighted by Allen Sumner, 1996
This is a non-profit piece of fan ficiton done solely for fun
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