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"Tales of the Twilight Menshevik"

Stories in this series:

Sisters under Their Skins
Midnight Sun
A Year in the Life
October 6: A Night 2 Remember
A Day's Work
Late Summer Interlude
The Time the Twain Shall Meet
Message to a Grandchild
Ergo Bibamus 1: Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Lights in the Dark
Between the Woods and Frozen Lake
Ergo Bibamus 2: There's a Tavern Near the Town
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Blue
Valentine Allsorts
The Ballad of Trish and Henry
Rogue's Fairy Tale
Magneto, My First Love
To My Dark-Haired Lady
The Raven and the Oriole
Trish -- A Rapture

Val and Ray at the Movies
March 2002
July 2002

Tales of Future Twilight
Ergo Bibamus 3: Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
They Will Always Be Penny and Max to Me
Getting to Know You
Fourth Thursday in November
The Iceman's Tale
Pictures at an Exhibition
The Survivor Has a Different Kind of Scar

Twilight Yet to Come
Hang on to Your Ego
Strange Headfellows
Sonnet for Magnus
Between the Winds

DISCLAIMER: This is an unauthorized work of fiction using characters that are (c) & TM by Marvel Comics Group. No profit is being made on this poem, so I'll invoke The Marvel Readers' Bill of Rights (for the full text see "Stan's Soapbox" in some of the May 1998 comics, e.g. GENERATION X #38):
"8. The right to practice scripting and drawing our Marvel characters for your own pleasure and amusement."
The story is (c) Tilman Stieve ( You can download this and copy it for your entertainment, but don't sell it for profit, or Marvel will set their lawyers on you. Please do not archive this on your website without informing me first.
Sonnet for Magnus belongs to my series, the Tales of the Twilight Menshevik. Although it is treated as a product of the Days of Future Twilight timeline, the situations described here also apply to the main timeline (and thus to its continuation into the future, the Days of Future Twilight).
You can find the Tales archived on "Fonts of Wisdom," "Down-Home Charm," "MissyRedX: The Average Website" and "Stacy's Fan-Fiction Page."

Sonnet for Magnus

When we first met it was by chance as strangers,
Just fleetingly; the second instance we
Spent time together you saw only Lee
And I was occupied with friends and dangers.
When next we met we did at last discover
Our love that midnight in the Savage Land.
More time wore on until you grasped my hand,
Put down your fear, and took me as your lover.
Our path was not straightforward, there were places
Where we split up and thought we'd seen the last
Of one another, but in all these cases
We overcame what happened in the past,
Now I am glad when I feel your embraces,
Though not your first I want to be your last.

Notes: This was written by Rogue during her pregnancy in Strange Headfellows. She had to fill the time and she was sharing her mind with that of Val Cooper, who in my stories has been known to write poetry. Whether Magneto ever got to see it then I don't know, I rather suspect that in the end Rogue did not show it to him. Val's sonnet in Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Blue is a Shakespearean one, this form, I believe, is a German development of the original Italian form. As you can see, the pattern of rhymes also is systematic in its alternation between. one and two-syllable rhymes.

Valerie Cooper, Aleytis 'Lee' Forrester, Magneto (Magnus), Rogue, the Savage Land and the X-Men are (c) and TM Marvel Comics.


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