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"Rogue's Gambit"

Rogue's Gambit

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This story is unfinished.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel comics which means the author doesn't intend to make any money off of them. This tends to be a spin off from the animated series with elements from the comics (no, #350 did not occur in this). This is a toned down version of a previous submission.

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Part Seven

Nathaniel Essex smiled in glee as he spied on one of his favorite subjects. Ah, the wonders of technology would never cease to amaze him. He'd managed to plant several remote cameras in and around Xavier's school and even one among the personal belongings of Remy leBeau. The immortal creature's red eyes glowed in anticipation. He'd thought to kidnap the Cajun, just for awhile, until he could extract enough DNA to clone him, but now . . .

An evil laugh erupted from him. He could afford to bide his time. Apocalypse's gift of immortality long ago had made him very patient. In a few months he would have what he wanted, though he supposed he should wait until the child was old enough to walk and talk. After all infants were so difficult to deal with. Even his own child, so many years ago, had filled him with frustration . . .so unformed. As Sinister, he barely spared the boy a thought, yet was aware he most likely had relatives descended from his long dead brothers and sisters somewhere.

Poor puny things, these humans. At least mutants had possibilities to exploit. Too bad Gambit had turned from him. That misplaced sense of compassion and justice most likely. Hard to believe such a talented thief would have such quibbles when dealing with less than desirable types as the Morlocks. Sinister shuddered. Better to slaughter them before they bred like rabbits.

The thought brought him back to the matter at hand. Ah, yes . . .she would do nicely. A pleasant mix of mutant strains and not unattractive at that. Though he'd for the most part given up fleshly pleasures, he could still appreciate the phenotype she represented. Gambit and Rogue would produce quite interesting children.

He was still waiting for Phoenix and Cyclops to whelp, but so far there was no sign of children from the Summers-Grey line. Too bad. He'd have to settle for Gambit's. There was no telling where he got his mutant abilities from . . .leBeau's sister had taken the secret of who the father of her child was or where he could be found to her grave.

Still, perhaps he could manage to get a small sample of DNA from Remy. His archive of mutant genetics was most likely the largest in the world as he traveled the world collecting it, studying it, and planning on how to best manipulate it. Surely there must be a match somewhere? He concentrated on the images before him. Hmm . . .he just might have his chance. Remy had spoken on the phone, then called to someone down the hall. Sinister turned up the volume as leBeau talked to Xavier.

"I need ta go back to N'Awlins, Pr'fessor. Dere's a priest I know who said he'd filed annulment papers years back on me and Belle. He says he's got a copy of de approved ones. If dat's de case, den Rogue an' I can get married."

"Very well, but perhaps you should let her know what you're doing. She's a bit fragile right now. I don't think she'd take you're leaving without letting her know very well."

The Cajun nodded then ran up the stairwell out of Sinister's sight. Very interesting. Well, he'd be waiting for Remy when he arrived in New Orleans. Patience would pay off at last. His obsession with cataloguing and manipulating genetic material would soon bear fruit.

# # # #

Remy ran up the stairs to Rogue's room. He knocked on the door, then burst in. "Chère?" he began, then stopped at the sight of her slipping her dress off. "Sorry. Uh . . .you want me ta come back?'

"No! Come in an' close the door."

"You goin' somewhere, chère?"

"The Professor thought Ah should work out in the Danger Room. He said . . ." She clutched her dress against her breasts, then continued without looking at him. "He said you had a 'clean bill a' health' an' it was too early ta tell much else."

Shame and misery crowded in on him at the implication. "Do you regret what we did, chère? Do you want me ta go?"

"No, it's jus' I'm scared, Remy. Ah didn' think b'fo' Ah acted. What if Ah'm pregnant? What'll happen to the child? To me?"

She looked so lost, he pushed aside his own feelings of inadequacy and guilt to hold her, soothe her, and reassure her he loved her. "Don' fret, chère. Gambit's gonna go down ta N'Awlins and get de papers dat prove he can marry you. No matter if dere's a child or not, I'm gonna offer you whatever I have. An' if dere is one, I know Hank'll do whatever he can ta help you."

With a watery smile, Rogue turned in his arms to kiss him. "Ah love you so, Cajun. Y'all be careful down there. Wish I could go with ya."

"I know, but dis is somet'ing I gotta do alone. Jus' wait for me, my Rogue. I'll be back."

"Ah know, but Ah can't help missin' ya." The dress dropped to the floor between them as she flung her arms around his neck. "Don't be gone long, lovah."

"Wit' dis to come back ta? Don' t'ink so." He pressed her closer, the need to make her his again nearly overpowering as she snuggled against him. "Rogue love, I don' have protection wit' me."

"Ah don't care. At this point, Ah don't think it matters much. Somethin' tells me its too late ta worry 'bout it." She smiled at his gasp. "Yeah, well, Ah know my own body an' it's tellin' me there's mostly likely a passenger aboard. Ah jus' didn't want ta think it might be true b'fo'. But now, Ah can't bear the thought a' ya leavin' without knowin' the possibilities. Without bein' with ya again."

"Are you sure you want ta do dis, chère? It'd take only a little bit to be careful."

"Nevah mo' sure, sugah. Ah've always wanted a part a' ya anyway. Guess we've waited long enough for it," she replied, pulling at his shirt with trembling fingers. Remy put his hands over hers then brought them to his lips.

"No need ta take chances, chère. Much as I want ta see you give me a child, you could be mistaken. Don' want ta rush it. Give me a minute. I'll be right back." With a brief kiss, he left her to run down to his room in the other wing. Muttering colorful expressions under his breath, Gambit rummaged through his dresser drawers. At last he found the smooth foil wrapper under his shirts. Praying he hadn't hurt Rogue's feelings, he tore back down the hall to her room.

He knocked on her door, afraid to burst in again. When she opened the door, he couldn't contain his grin. She'd changed into a nearly transparent teddy that left nothing to the imagination.

"If'n y'all are goin' away fo' awhile, Ah'd best make this memorable." She stood to one side to let him enter.

"Chère, dere ain't been any time wit' you dat's been less den memorable," he said, as he brushed past her, closing the door behind him. Then, he took her into his arms wishing he never had to let her go again.


Continued in Chapter 8


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