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"Rogue's Gambit"

Rogue's Gambit

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This story is unfinished.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel comics which means the author doesn't intend to make any money off of them. This tends to be a spin off from the animated series with elements from the comics (no, #350 did not occur in this). This is a toned down version of a previous submission.

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Part Five

An incoherent sound escaped him before he returned her caresses. He swept her into his arms, then lay her on the satin covered bed. She stretched against the velvety material, looking every bit the cat with the cream.

"Mon Dieu, but you are beautiful," he told her as he lay beside her, propped on one elbow.

"Can Ah touch you again?" she asked shyly.

"Oui, dere's no rule book for dis, jus' what you an' I want."

Heat streaked through him when she pushed him back and ran her nails down his chest. He began to twitch and sweat, not certain how far he should let her go.

"Too much?" she asked.

"Chère, you keep dat up and I'm gonna have ta leave or-" he stopped. Did she know how she made him feel?

"Neither one a' us is gonna leave 'til this is settled 'tween us," she purred. He bit back another groan, wondering if she wanted to watch him lose control. Without another word she ran her fingers through his hair, then sprawled across him.

"Don' say I didn't warn ya, Rogue," he growled.

Her eyes widened as she took in his reaction to what she'd been doing. "Guess it all'r nothin' isn't it?"

"Never like dat, chère. But if you want me . . .I'm yours."

"Been denyin' it too long, Remy . . .not turnin' back now."

With a muttered oath, Gambit stopped resisting what they both wanted. He took his time making love to her, treating her as though she were a beloved treasure . . .not fragile, but special and important.

Afterwards, she searched his face. "Is it always like that?"

"Non, dat was rare. Believe it's 'cause we're made for each other," he whispered, enjoying the feel of her head on his shoulder. "Wanted ta give you pleasure ta take away de pain you've had."

"Thanks, lovah, but I don't have the know how ta do much more'n lie here an' let ya do all the work."

"Give it time. What you lack in experience, you make up for in passion."

She shrugged, then ran her foot up and down his calf. With a sigh, she traced the scant hair on his chest. "Remind me ta thank the professor when we get back. Some little gizmo he's got there."

Startled at her turn of thought, he wondered if she would tell Xavier about this? He wouldn't, unless she wanted something more of a relationship. Perhaps she would not wish to repeat the experience. Not wanting to think of it, he responded to her offhand comment.

"So glad you're pleased. If you hadn't left ya woulda known 'bout it before."

"What do ya mean?"

"After our last talk, got an idea an' went ta de pr'fessor for help. Made 'im promise not ta tell anyone 'bout dis t'ing. It works somet'ing like Sinister's generator, but much smaller."

"But those things are dangerous for us!"

"Not dis one. Beast an' de pr'fessor made it so it only covers a small room." He nuzzled her neck, then gave her a light kiss. "Told de pr'fessor some a' why I wanted it. Cause I wanted you ta have de freedom to chose when ta touch wit'out usin' your powers." He hesistated for moment then decided he should be honest with her. "T'ink he probably knows how I feel 'bout you."

"Oh!" Rogue blushed, then tucked her head back against his shoulder. "Well, ya got me now. But what 'bout later?"

Blast! Not clear enough, Remy. Gotta tell her what she really meant to him. "I'll always want you, Rogue." He tipped her face up until she looked at him. "If I was sure Belle wouldn't make trouble, I'd marry you right now. As 'tis all I can offer you is my heart. Will you be dis fool Cajun's woman, chère? Dat'd make me de world's happiest man. Are you crying? Merde. Stepped in it again."

"No, no, it's jus' Ah nevah thought Ah'd ever have anyone ta love me, much less want ta marry me. Figured Ah'd die a dried up ol' virgin spinster. Ya took care of the first problem. That's enough Ah don' care 'bout the second." She laughed a watery chuckle. "You're ma kind a' fool, Cajun, and Ah love ya dearly."

"Mmmm . . .de feelin's mutual," he murmured into her hair.

The glow began to subside gradually, leaving Remy wondering if he should share some of his secrets with her. What if she left him now? He gave a mental shrug. Wouldn't be more than he deserved and he felt he needed to let her know. After all, he'd used things he'd taken from Sinister to accomplish what he wanted for her. She should know what they might be up against.

"Chère?" he began.

"Yeah, lovah?" Rogue opened her sleepy eyes.

"Gotta tell you 'bout somet'ing b'fore any more time goes by."

"What's so important right now . . .'cept you an' me?"

"Not much, but I gotta tell you anyway . . ." He tightened his grip on her, afraid she'd run when she heard what he had to say.

"Gotta tell you 'bout why I joined de X-men when Storm asked me to come wit' her. What made you run from me dat time we kissed an' you went away."

"Ah don' want ta know-" she began, completely awake. He put his fingers over her lips.

"You need ta know. ''Cause it's likely he knows we're together and dat might put you in danger." At her puzzled look, he plunged on. "It's 'bout dat villain Sinister."

"Ugh!" She shuddered, then quirked an eyebrow. "What's he got ta do with you an' me?"

He concentrated on his tale; afraid he'd lose his nerve. "Years back, 'bout de time Stormy was da leader a' da Morlocks . . .I worked for dat monster. He promised ta bring Belle back . . .an' I was willin' ta do anyt'ing f'r it."

Gambit looked down at her, expecting to see revulsion and surprised there was none. Grimly, he continued, certain that would change with what he had to tell her.

"Anyway, he had me put together a team . . .said he needed ta find some mutants dat were hidin' out so he could see if dey needed any help." Remy snorted with self-derision.

"Shoulda known better wit' de folks he had me hire . . .dey were de scum of mutantkind . . .cold-blooded killers. But I refused ta see what he might have planned. We followed one a' de Morlocks inta dere tunnels and . . .what followed wasn't pretty. Dose fiends started ta kill every one a' da Morlocks . . .didn' matter dat some were real young . . .kids. Couldn't believe dat I'd stayed so blind . . .dat I'd helped 'em. Couldn't stop dose murderin' . . ." His voiced choked, moisture pooling in his eyes no matter how hard he blinked.

"Was me responsible for dem innocents dyin'. Never shoulda believed Sinister, but I was desparate to git Belle back." He turned his head away, his voice barely a whisper. "All my fault . . .all my fault."

"Sugah?" Her fingers stroked his tense jaw, wiped at the tears streaking down his face. He refused to answer, refused to look at her.

"Hon, Ah've done some pretty ugly things in mah life. Things Ah can't fo'give mahself fo' either. When Ah was a child mah real momma hated me . . .said Ah was the devil's child. When Ah got old enough ta understand it wasn't right Ah left." Rogue's hand pressed against his chin, urging him to look at her. Reluctantly, he let himself meet her gaze. Understanding of his pain shone from her eyes as she continued.

"Not long after that Mystique took me in. Ah thought Ah'd found the mother Ah shoulda had. Didn't understand what she wanted me ta do was wrong. She didn't really care 'bout me . . .jus' wanted ta use mah powers to make things the way she wanted 'em." She grimaced at the memories. "Heck, how do ya think Ah feel 'bout what Ah did ta Ms. Marvel an' the others. At first Ah enjoyed doin' things fo' her . . .till I realized it was wrong. Couldn' stand ta be used that way any mo'. That's the reason Ah went ta Xavier . . .Ah wanted ta learn how ta control mah powers so Ah wouldn' hurt anybody again."

Remy gave her a crooked smile. "What a pair we are, chère."

"Ain't it the truth, lovah?" She grinned back at him, then sobered. "But why'd ya think Ah needed ta know it . . .other than wantin' me ta hear the truth from ya?"

"'Cause I figure Sinister's not done wit' me. An' anybody I care 'bout's likely ta get hurt." He sighed, feeling as if a ton had risen from his shoulders. "'Sides, I wanted ta share it wit' ya . . .even if ya turned from me. Couldn't keep dis between us."

"Oh, Remy, what ya done's mebbe not half as bad as what I did for Mystique."

"Depends on whose point a' view you're talkin' 'bout, chère. Figure Warren and the others might not see it like you do."

"Nevah mind them. Ah got anotha' secret ta tell ya. Come here." She pulled his head down, then whispered in his ear.

He grinned. "Mind if I jus' call ya Rogue, chère? Don' know dat anybody should know your name . . .'cept mebbe me. I can keep a secret."

"Don' Ah know it, ya clam-tight Cajun." She smiled back, then stretched to kiss him.

The kiss grew deeper until he pulled away. "Not gonna get much sleep tonight I see." He laughed at her expression. "Dat's okay. Been known ta get along wit'out much b'fore."


Continued in Chapter 6


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