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"Hate Is an Understatement"

Hate Is an Understatement

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This story is in progress.

Disclaimer: X-people belong to Marvel. I'm not making money outta this's all just for fun, laughter, peace and joy, sex and harmony. So please don't sue. I'm innocent I tell you!!! Besides I'm up for a fight should justice turn vile! Wonder if John Grisham's free... :o)
Note: Heyyyy!! If you readers haven't, go read Free for a Second by my superb editor Vicki Lew and her awesome partner-in-crime Caroline Dillon. It's so totally rad! How DO they do it???? :oD
Vicki: I can't believe she's doing all the shameless plugging for me. :) Oh, well...I'm not complaining!

Hate Is An Understatement

Chapter 10

Vines hung limply, entwining on the twisted branches of weeping willows. Eyeing the tracker continuously without looking up, Rogue and Remy cautiously swept through soggy bush and shrubs to their dreaded destination.

"Good sign," Remy looked at her at the sound of her strained voice. "They're still sticking to their perimeters..Which means they're not advancing on our side of the turf."

"Yeah, but still be careful chere...if'n I can remember, de bayou is full o' surprises."

" 'Stripper outta the cake' kinda surprise or 'Ma, I got a job in an Insurance Company' kinda surprise?"

"How's about 'Got scared half t'death TWICE' kinda surprise."

Rogue screwed her face up in mock disgust and imitated a Lucille Ball "Eeghhh."

Remy managed a tiny laugh as they continued through the marshes where their knees had already submerged in the rising mud. They came to ground sloping upward.

"Ok..there should be officers on the other side..we could get over this barrier without being seen since they're still meters away."

Gambit climbed up slowly and peeked over the top. His excellent night vision proving ultimate usefulness as he checked that there were no guards around, not trusting the tracker.

"Coast's clear p'tite," he whispered as he pulled himself up.

Rogue flew up and floated down next to him. They proceeded, thankful that they were out of the mud. Rogue stared at the tracker's screen, reading the coordinates warily. Gambit still looked ahead, every single muscle tensed, heart beating...Expecting what Rogue unexpected. Remy heard disturbing cackles and turned to look at Rogue. Forehead creased and a worried frown came to be.She jabbed at the buttons of the tracker.

Remy looked over her shoulder. The screen of the tracker crackled, like a busted television.

"What's happenin'?" Rogue's confusion only served to aggravate Gambit's suspicious fear.

'Oh shit...I knew dis was gonna happen.'

Almost as suddenly as it had gone ballistic, the tracker recovered its composure as the screen crackled for the last and clicked to its original coordinated picture. Rogue and Gambit stared at the screen in horror; two blue dots and around them behind the bushes, red dots were approaching fast in a circular formation.

"Dang! They know! They know! They're comin' straight at us!" Rogue shouted as she grabbed onto his shoulder and tried to fly them out of there. But she realized that once she launched into the air, the two of them would be like ducks in a hunting season.

Remy cursed. "Dey're all around's a goddamned ambush!"

Rogue dodged in time as a bullet narrowly missed her shoulder. Gambit charged three cards and prepared to take aim anybody in immediate vision. He could see them coming, most were swinging in the trees far ahead, but there were quite a number on the ground.

A few seconds later, they emerged from behind the trees, shooting at the two youngsters. Gambit dropped to the ground, his arm dislodging three glowing cards at a group of guards running straight at him. Not expecting anything spectacular, the cards exploded sending about three of them crashing into the trees.

"Muties!" Gambit heard one of them bellow. " Knew the freaks were up t'no good!"

Gambit swung his bo-staff expertly, preparing to engage in combat with his martial art skills. Rogue lowered herself behind him, ready to defend his back as the guards formed a loose circle that got smaller and smaller with every step they took.

Remy watched, red eyes gleaming with unspoken threats at the sneering men in helmets as black as their uniform. Rogue scowled at their daring disposition to advance on her and her team mate. Gambit slid a card to his palm from the sleeves of his brown trenchcoat where he harbored abundant more.

There was a sudden explosion of sound and strong winds gushed around them. Light shone over them from above, Rogue looked up and relief embraced her shivering form.

"The Blackbird!" she hissed in relief.

The doors opened and Jean emerged, using her telekinetic field to lower herself, Cyclops and Wolverine to the marsh ground. Storm and Archangel flew down next with Iceman sliding down on his path of ice with Psylocke and Canonball hitching a ride. Beast jumped and landed smoothly on the muddy earth.

"Alright X-Men, advance but don't harm anybody, stick to the plan and watch your backs!" Cyclops ordered. "Ok people! Let's MOVE!"


Continued in Chapter 11.

*sigh* This fanfic's nearin' the guys can stop the cheering now. :o)


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