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"Hate Is an Understatement"

Hate Is an Understatement

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This story is in progress.

Disclaimer: No money is being made from this fan-fiction. Marvel owns the following characters. I'm just borrowing them. Yadda yadda...
Note: *Shriek!!!* This is like supposed to be a two parter!!! Geez..but can't stop!! Ca-an't stop!!! No power to........!!!!!!! :o)
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Hate Is An Understatement

Chapter 3

Another night at Harry's Hideaway...The X-Men were engaged in happy chatter. Gambit was making a move on a sexy young sophomore girl at the bar who dressed to kill...And divert the bartender from her real age. Rogue conquered the dance floor with her slick moves, turning away from men who could not keep up with her. The basketball incident, that happened earlier that afternoon, had been forgotten.

"Man, this is one of the best R and R we've had in a long time," Bobby stretched his limbs lazily, leaning against his chair.

"Yeah, enjoy it while you still can, we won't be havin' another one like this in a couple of decades," Scott exaggerated.

"Say it isn't so!!!" Warren intervened.

"Hey! It's Cyclops, remember?" Sam pointed out.

"Oh noooooooooo!" The rest groaned in unison before erupting into loud laughter. They continued to joke between themselves...between friends...between family.

Rogue got friendly with a good-looking college boy who approached her on the dance floor after observing her from afar. He extended his palm towards Rogue in a silent request for a dance. Rogue smiled gorgeously and nodded her head, placing her hand into his. She continued to sway her hips to the rhythm of the loud music, spontaneously moving her body submitting herself in the drowning sensation. A grin crept into the boy's lips as he eyed Rogue's provocative spaghetti strapped slip-on dress. It was a beautiful shade of lavender which complimented her fair skin and chestnut tresses. It was satin and as smooth as her skin. The material slithered across her skin underneath, whispering forbidden promises.

The boy stepped closer and lightly placed one warm palm on her buttocks and another on her breast. Rogue tensed, all she wanted was a harmless dance. Green fire danced in her eyes, and the boy had the gall to grin. Rogue shoved him hard and walked away lest she lost control on her temper and her surging emotions. She had worked so hard to keep her emotions in check. She was not about to lose it to some worthless scum. She hastily crossed the dance floor towards the doors.

Remy noticed her gruff movements and looked up from his conversation. Without looking at the sophomore, he excused himself and went after her. She disappeared behind the closing doors. Remy followed her outside. He found her huddling on the steps. He approached her slowly, thinking of what to say.

Finally, "Chere.. you ok?"

Rogue nodded slightly. Unconvinced, Remy climbed down the steps, standing, facing her distraught features.

"What happened?"

"Just some college guy...he..uh..kinda just touched me...," Rogue stuttered, visibly shaken.

Remy felt a tightening in his jaw, and hissed, "Where?"

She told him, and his temper flared.

"I gonna kill him..."

Rogue winced at the harshness of his voice. "It was nuthin' Gambit! It was an accident for all ah know...Please..Don't," she pleaded.

She stood up grabbing onto his sleeves with both hands. Gambit looked down at her troubled face, her spirit crushed. Remy knew that Rogue had the strength to teach that bastard a lesson...But he also knew that Rogue would not show her true abilities...Or emotions for that matter in public. He had the strongest urge to gut the sucker. Rogue looked so helpless. His anger was unquenched and Rogue saw it in his eyes."It mighta been my own fault, Remy. Maybe ah asked fer it..." she continued to ramble.

"Whaddaya mean it's your fault?" Gambit demanded, "Cuz a horny pup couldn't keep 'is slimy hands offa femme...It's your fault?" That was a perfect distraction and Rogue caught on.

"Whaddaya care anyway?" Rogue spat, steering the conversation from her plight. Remy watched her bite back her tears.

"Course I care!!! Some rat from a gutter comin' up t' take liberties wit' my team mate!"

Rogue laughed cruelly.

"Really now! Ah was thinkin' y'all and him could start a club or somethin'."

Her tone was hysterical, Remy knew she was not thinking straight with all that happened recently...But her words dug deep and he winced.

"Dat a was a lil' below de belt chere."

"Yeah well...Ah've had so many bad experiences with different things; it just stops hurtin'."

Lie, that was such a big lie.

Remy looked at her incredulously. Did she really believe that lie all those years she had lived her life? Her voice broke when she said that...How could it still not hurt? This southern girl who stood, hugging herself, shivering, could brave through battles without flinching before an enemy, who could do some serious damage was now afraid, and helpless, suddenly unable to defend herself.

As if sensing his thoughts, Rogue just replied, "Don't ya go worryin'...It's personal, my own burden."

"It's always dat same line, chere," Remy replied stiffly.

Rogue looked down, her brown locks masking her pained face. She turned around slowly and started walking away, towards the mansion, no doubt.

"See ya later, Remy."


Continued in Chapter 4


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