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"Bundle of Joy"

Bundle of Joy

Chapter 1: The Announcement
Chapter 2: The Strawberry Incident
Chapter 3: And Deliver Us...

This story takes place shortly after Rogue and Magneto's wedding in the Age of Apocalypse.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. The character's herein are the property of Marvel Comics and there is no intention to infringe on their copyright. No money is being made from this story. No animals were harmed during it's creation and all stunt people were professionals registered with their union.


Part Three: And Deliver Us...

Seven months after the events of Part Two

"Alright," said Eric. "Now as you know Apocalypse has placed several guard points around his new complex. We need to take these out and fast if we are to gain those supplies without getting killed."

"Sounds like a pretty standard operation," said Storm.

"Indeed, but Apocalypse is expecting us to attack, so we must proceed carefully." Eric changed the display screens. "Here are the team divisions... now..."

"Uh, Eric?"

"Yes Rogue?"

"Mah name isn't on either of these strikeforces."

"Of course not."

She frowned deeply, "But Ah'm a team leader!"

"Yes, but you are inactive at the moment beloved."

"'Inactive'? Ah'm only pregnant... it's not an injury."

"Yes, but you could get hurt."

"What do you think magnetic shields are for?"

"I'm sorry Rogue, you're not going." said Magneto firmly.

She glanced round at the others. "And y'all feel this way?"

Nobody met her eyes.

"Well..." murmured Storm, "in my medical opinion..."

"Oooooh!" Rogue stormed out of the room.

"Er... alright." said Magneto. "Back to business."

"Uh, Magneto?"

"Yes Blink?"

"My name isn't here either. Nor is Morph's."

"Yes. You will both be staying behind to look after Rogue."

"Have we done something to offend you lately sir?"

Morph slapped his forehead. "Don't tell me you're still mad about the time I disguised myself as you and tried to seduce Rogue?"


"Oh... that's right. You didn't know about that one."

"Good one Morph," snickered Sabretooth, lighting a cigar.

A whirlwind in green zoomed back into the room, knocking the cigar to the floor and him into the wall before jumping up and down on it several times.

"Are you INSANE?!" screeched Rogue. "Don't ya have any idea what cigar smoke does to a fetus? Do you want to hurt mah baby?"

"Rogue, you weren't even in the room." said Blink.

"Second hand smoke is even more dangerous because it's so insidious!" Rogue declared.

"Okay okay no cigars till after the sprog." groaned Creed.

"Or after, it's just as bad for newborns and children. From now on you practice your filthy habit outside." said Rogue.

"We have done something to offend him," said Blink. "It's the only explanation."

Magneto hid a smile.

Magneto watched the sun go down behind the hill. In a few minutes it would be time to lead the raid on Apocalypse's supply department. He turned to Rogue, intending a few loving words before he left.

"You don't love me anymore because Ah'm fat, that's it isn't it!" she demanded.

He sighed. "Rogue, I love you. I love our baby. I love the streak in your hair, the sparkle in your eyes and the beautiful way you smile."

"Ooh...oh Erik...that's beautiful." She hugged him. "Come back safely."

"I will my love, my life, my wife." he flew to the assembled X-Men.

"How did it go boss?" asked Sabretooth. "Perfectly." said Magneto. " How did you know what to say?"

"Saw it in one of those mushly ol movies. She buy it then?"

"Hook, line and sinker. 'my love, my life, my wife' indeed! *Achem* And now my X-Men we must go forth, for the humans need these supplies and our success will ensure their comfort. So we must face down our fears and bear up our faith in the face of the worst of Apocalypse's atrocities. I believe in you my X-Men. We must be a beacon in the night. Be strong." Magneto lead the team away.

"And he thought that other line was trite!" growled Sabretooth.

Blink sighed, she was _so_ bored! Even Morph's attempts to amuse by turning into a cabaret singer hadn't worked. In the end Blink was so sick of his off-key voice(and Rogue started looking like she was going to scream) that she had belted him by teleporting the kitchen table on top of his head. Now Morph was sulking in the corner muttering about being unappreciated. Rogue was seated at her desk and compiling a list of baby names, every now and then she would throw a name out for approval.

"Ain't Cody the best name for a boy?"

Blink frowned. "Wasn't that the name of your first boyfriend?"

"Umm...yeah, Erik might not like that one."

Blink sighed loudly, Rogue looked up. "What's wrong, Shugah?"

"I just feel...well...useless."

Rogue bit her lip. "Need somethin' to do, huh?"

"Yes please!"

"Okay, I think I've got an idea."

Morph lept to his feet. "Cool! Is this some new plan to defeat Apocalypse? New strategies?"

"Even better!" said Rogue brightly. "We're going to create a Nursery!"

"Oh yeah, nothing's been done for the baby's arrival" mused Blink. "But I don't know about us... I'm not very creative or Do-it-yourself."

"It'll be ok." Rogue beamed. "How hard can it be?"

"That's it, we're doomed!"

"Clarice, I wish you'd have faith." Rogue led them upstairs. "Let's choose a room."

Morph scratched his head. "One problem, all the rooms on this floor are occupied."

"So? Babies need space, people will just have to accommodate... this one will be perfect!"

"But that's...that's..."

"Never mind Clarice!"

They stood in the room and looked around.

"Well, that bed will have to go for a start, and the decor...ew."

"Question, Oh Gracious leader," Morph gestured dramatically. "WHERE are we going to find things for a baby?"

"I know!" Clarice squeaked excitedly. " The attic, there's loads of junk there, even paint."

Rogue smiled. "Perfect. Well go on and get it."

"Aren't you..."

"Clarice, I can barely see my feet, how do you expect me to walk up the attic ladder?"

An hour later the trio surveyed an assorted pile of bits and pieces, including some pots of paint.

"At least it's green paint, not pastel pink." muttered Rogue. "Although I don't know how appropriate 'forest green' is for a baby."

"These fluffy bunnies are cute." said Blink. "Look you can hang them up."

"And cute stencils." Morph held up some obnoxiously cute animal shapes.

"Ok, Morph you can paint and do some of those stencils - quick-dry the paint with a blow torch. Blink, you hang up those bunnies and sort out the furniture. I'll just sit here and make sure you're doing it right."


The nursery was mostly completed when an alarm sounded. Rogue waddled into the communications room, the other two close behind.

"What's up?" asked Morph.

"Bad news. " said Rogue, she examined the print-out. "Erik and the others have walked into a trap!" A big grin spread over her face. "I guess we'd better go help!"

"It's a trap!"

Magneto avoided the laser bolts that streamed towards him. "Whatever makes you say that, Pietro?"

"Oh I don't know, perhaps the big screen with words: Ha Ha, Gotcha!"

"That could be it."

"Hey boss!" Sabretooth's voice came over the communicator. "We've got Infinites comin' out of the woodwork - we've been set up!"

"Yes Creed, we have just figured that one out. We can't stay here, X-Men, retreat!"

"I think that's a no-go Magnus." said Nightcrawler, he indicated the swarms of Infinites cutting off their line of retreat.

"Storm, try to contact Blink, we need her to teleport us out of here. But make sure you specify only she is to come!"

"I will."

Suddenly a hologram of Apocolypse appeared before Magneto. "This is your final stand Magneto, I will crush your pitiful rebellion once and for all!"

"Don't be so sure of that, Apocalypse!" Magneto's voice was proud and defiant. "We few, We X-Men will triumph over you, no matter what you throw at us. We will bring light back into this dark world."

"Uh... father, don't you think you're being a bit optimistic?"

"The X-Men will liberate the people you have enslaved. I, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, will confront you..."

"You're on a roll, ain't you shugah!"

"Rogue, how can I... ROGUE?" He turned and saw Rogue hovering behind him. She grinned. "What are you doing here?"

"Ah'm here to help."

"NO! You have to stay at home, what if you get hurt? And the bab... mmph!"

Rogue pressed her hand on his mouth. "D'ya jus' wanna announce it to everyone!"

"Magneto, listen to me!" cried Apocalypse. "You cannot escape..."

"Aw... belt up! Mah husband and Ah are talking!"

"Rogue, when I give you an order.."

"Marriage is about equal partnership. an' you can't order me around!"

"Father? Rogue? We... uh... need a little help here."

"Oh, sorry."

They headed for the group of Infinites besiging the other X-Men.

"Alright, time to die." said Rogue to the leader of the Infinites.

"Ha!" he cried. "Do you think I'm afraid of a pregnant woman!"

"I would run right now." advised Dazzler.

Rogue scowled. "Ah'm really tired of people goin' on an' on about mah condition!"

Magnetic energy began to crackle around her.

"Batten the hatches, she's going to blow!" cried Morph, he and the other X-Men ran for cover.

"Don't strain yourself, beloved." called Magneto from under a bench.

"Ah'm not straining, Ah'm releasing tension!" Rogue howled. "Prepare to fry!"

The Infinites finally realised the danger they were in. "RUN!"

Apocalypse watched in amazement as a magnetic wave shot through his troops, decimating them. The walls of his complex collapsed and the prisoners ran to freedom.

Apocalypse switched his viewsceen. "Sinister, tell McCoy to up the number of Infinites, we've hit a slight problem."

All was quiet, Magneto got up and surveyed the damage.

"I don't beleve it."

He saw Rogue standing perfectly still, steam rising from her. "Beloved! Are you alright?" He caught her in his arms.

She smiled at him. "Whoa...Ah didn't know Ah could do that!"

"I don't think it was you, entirely." said Storm joining them. "I suspect your child will be very powerful one day."

"Great." muttered Sabretooth. "Jus' what we need, a super-powered toddler destroyin' the mansion."

Erik went over to the dazed ex-prisoners who were still hanging around.

"Go in peace. Do not fear the tyranny of Apocalypse, he.."

"Uh... Erik."

"Just a minute, my love. *Achem* Apocalypse will never win..."

"Erik!" He spun on his heel. "What is it now?" Rogue was holding her sides. "Ah think Ah'm having labour pains."

"My life hates me."

"Quick!" cried Nightcrawler. "Blink can teleport you to the mansion."

"I think it's too late now." said Storm.

"OOH! That hurt!"

"Rogue you can't have the baby now!"

"Erik, why don't you... OOH!... tell the baby that!"

"I'm outta here." growled Sabretooth flinging Wildchild over his back. Quicksilver grabbed him. "No you don't! If I have to stay so do you!"

"We need some sort of shelter." said Storm. "Magnus..." she looked at her leader. "Maybe not... Kurt! Sabretooth! Oh, and Pietro, I think you can do that."

They ran off and returned with material to cover Rogue, and in Pietro's case, a blanket for her to lie on.

Rogue grabbed Storm"s hand. "Ah... need... drugs! Ah can't... stand... this!"

"Ow! Rogue, I don't have any drugs!" Rogue rolled her eyes at Magneto. "Erik..."

"It's no use looking at me! I don't have any drugs either!"

"Grrr... you get me in this situation and then you don't have the decency to... OOOOH!"

"The baby's coming!" yelled Storm. "Rogue, lie down!"


"Rogue, please calm down. "

"Ooooh... Erik, Ah hate you! Ah Hate your baby! Ah hate you all... I WANT AN ABORTION!!!"

"It's a bit late now." said Pietro, his eyes were tightly shut.


"Magneto, I need your cape and I need someone's gloves." cried Storm.

"What for?" asked Sabretooth from behind the shelter.

"So that I can deliver the baby, you moron!"

"Here, gloves." Pietro tossed his to Storm.

"Good, now everybody... BACK OFF!"

"Aaaagh! AAAAAGH! NO NO NO NO NO!!!"

"Rogue, this is one of the most majestic moments in life. Couldn't you be more elegant?" asked Morph.


"Guess not."


"Oh the humanity." said Pietro. Beside him Sabretooth and Morph passed out as the baby was delivered.

"Hey, I thought it was the father that was supposed to faint."

"How can I do that when she's crushing my hand!"


"It's a boy." Storm announced.

"Aww... he's kinda cute." said Rogue with a tired smile. "We'll keep him."

"That's a relief." said Erik dryly. "Otherwise we would have to throw him over and start again."

"You think Ah'm going through this again! In your dreams old man, from now on you sleep on the couch!"

"Is it over?" asked Morph and Sabretooth coming around.

"Yes." Storm stood wearily. "Let's go home."

"We're home!" yelled Blink. "We did it! We destroyed Apocalypse's supply base and we had a baby!"

"What's all this we stuff?" growled Rogue holding her son tightly.

"Well, I am personally glad that this is all over." said Sunfire. "Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to lie down." He flew off.

Blink looked at Morph. "You think we should have told him?"

"Naah, it'll be ok."





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