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"Bundle of Joy"

Bundle of Joy

Chapter 1: The Announcement
Chapter 2: The Strawberry Incident
Chapter 3: And Deliver Us...

This story takes place shortly after Rogue and Magneto's wedding in the Age of Apocalypse.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. The characters herein are the property of Marvel Comics and there is no intention to infringe on their copyright. No money is being made from this story. No animals were harmed during it's creation and all stunt people were professionals registered with their union.


Part One: The Announcement

"Sigh, another day, another successful battle," said Rogue,as she landed next to her husband Magneto. "And still the hordes of Apocalypse come on."

"Yes," he looked somberly at the battlefield. "And this is only the prelude to what must come next."


"Apocalypse is receiving a major weapons and supply shipment in eight months. I want to raid the depot. We need food and other supplies, we can use the weapons and the human refugees fleeing to Avalon need food too. It will take a large-scale assault to draw off the troops while we raid, and anything we can't take with us will have to be destroyed. This is going to be a major undertaking my love."

"You're up to it," Rogue said. "We're up to it."

Magneto smiled at her, "Thank you Rogue. We will have to be. Now, let us return home." He flew up. Rogue leapt up into the air and faltered slightly, wobbling a bit.

"Is something wrong?" asked Magneto. "You are uninjured?"

"Ah'm fine. Just felt a little woozy there, but Ah'll be all right sugah." she smiled.

"All the same, perhaps you should get Storm to perform a medical scan on you when we return." he suggested.

"Alright, if it'll make you happy."

"So," joked Rogue. "Will Ah live?"

Storm looked over the results. "Hmmm..."

"Uh Storm? Ah will live, right?"

"Oh yes, it's nothing... fatal. Tell me Rogue, having you been feeling... well lately?"

"You betcha! In the peak of health... well... Ah am findin' it harder to get up in the mornin's than I used to, and for some reason breakfast makes me feel nauseous, but Ah just put that down to Morph's revolting coffee. So, what've Ah got?"


Rogue considered for a moment. "Is that some sorta weird tropical disease that'll give me purple spots or something?"

"No, it's only the condition women find themselves in before they have babies, although you may soon wish it was that other thing."

"Ah'm... pregnant?! Ah'm gonna have a baby?!"

"Yes. Er, congratulations?" said Storm tentatively.

"But... but how?"

Storm raised an eyebrow at her.

"Ah mean, we use protection!"

"Condoms have a 5 percent failure rate you know. And considering the standards these days..."

"Oh mah gosh... Ah'm gonna have a baby." Rogue pondered for a while... "YES!!!!"

"Erik honey, Ah've got somethin' to tell you."

Erik blinked and looked over at his wife. He smiled briefly in greeting. "Rogue, good news I hope. This base of Apocalypse's is proving a tough nut to crack. I'd like your insight on it. I thought perhaps our combined magnetic abilities might serve to get the gates open. But wait, you had something to say."

"Yes," Rogue seemed nervous. "You better sit down." She waited until he had done so, then took a deep breath. "Ah'm pregnant."

No reaction.

"Pregnant? Pregnant in what sense?" Erik asked finally.

"Pregnant in the biological sense of course! Erik, can you hear me okay? We're going to have a baby!"

"I... heard, it just hasn't sunk in yet." Rogue watched him as he sat there. Suddenly he jumped to his feet.

"OhmyGODyou'regoingtohaveababy?!AIEEEE!Quick! Sit down! Do you need anything should I get a doctor?"

"Erik, Erik, calm down, Ah'm fine. You're the one who's hyperventilating."

Erik sat down again, "How?" he wanted to know. "We were so careful. I kept the magnetic shield up the whole time. I know I did... otherwise I'd be in a coma by now."

"Well... umm... Ah guess your concentration slipped briefly in the uh... heat of the moment. Ah'm only seven weeks gone, but I figure the night we took out that shipment of sensors was the night. You were a bit jumpy as Ah recall."

"I couldn't help it, you kept nibbling my ear!"

"That probably would have done it."

"Alright, now that you've calmed down how are we gonna tell the others?" asked Rogue.

Magneto looked at her blankly. "Tell who? Oh... yes, right."

"Perhaps Pietro first?" prodded Rogue.

Magneto considered his impetuous son and his likely reaction to news of this magnitude. "Uh... yes. Telling Pietro first, in private, would be a good idea."

Rogue smiled, "Ah'm sure that he will be just as happy as you are darlin'. You are happy aren't you?"

Magneto managed a weak smile, "Ecstatic beloved."

Pietro entered his father's study in cheerful mood. The last battle with Apocalypse's minions had been successful and better yet, Storm was being quite open with him now. However he became suspicious when he saw the expression on his father's face as he sat down. Magneto looked very much like someone handling a bomb that could go off at any second. However Rogue, who was standing by the desk, had a faraway look on her face and was muttering names punctuated with little coos.

Pietro looked at his stepmother in bafflement, "Are you alright Rogue?"

"Ah'm just peachy honey. Now Erik, Ah think you should tell him."

Magneto jumped slightly, "Yes, well... ah... Pietro, I have some happy news."

"That's good," said Pietro warily.

"Yes, we will soon have a new addition to the X-Men."

"Oh? A new mutant is joining?"

"Well, you could say that," Magneto cleared his throat. "This new addition will not be a... well, what I mean, we... that is Rogue and I, only found out a short time ago that... well..."

"Oh for goodness sake!" Rogue exploded. "Jus' spit it out!"

"My love, it isn't that easy."

"Course it is, all ya gotta do is tell him Ah'm pregnant...oops."


Magneto and Rogue looked over at Quicksilver, who had just fallen off his chair.


"Yes son, Rogue is going to have a baby."

"You'll be a big brother again sugah!"

"B-b-but HOW?" squeaked Pietro.

"Oh not again," murmured Rogue. "Honey, did you neglect his education that much?"

Pietro flushed bright red. "I know how, I mean well... how could... no... if you..."

"Yeah," sighed Rogue. "Ah see what y'all're gettin' at. Ah just don't know how Erik lost control when..."


"Uh, sorry sugah."

Pietro staggered to his feet. "I can't have a sibling nearly 30 years younger than me!"

"Well, you're getting one!"

"Father, surely you're too..." Pietro stopped and his father raised an eyebrow.

"Too old?" enquired Erik. "Surely not!"

"Don't worry Petey, he ain't too old!" laughed Rogue. "How d'ya think this little one got here? Erik can still..."

Pietro held up one hand, "Rogue, I really don't need to know."

"I don't think he was worried about that beloved."

"Well, Ah just don't want anyone to think you're past it...cause you sure ain't!"

"I think I'll leave now," said Pietro. "I need to lie down."

He weaved to the door, smashed into the wall and reeled out.

Erik watched him go. "I think that went well."

Rogue considered, "Actually hon, Ah don't think it's quite sunk in yet."

"OH MY GOD!!!!"

Erik blinked, "It has now."


Continued in Chapter Two

Next part: Rogue gets a craving ... but where in the Age of Apocalypse are the X-Men going to find STRAWBERRIES?


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