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Fan Art

Eckart Breitschuh
Mathias Dinter
Stefan Dinter
Nicole Goff
Detlef Henke
Naomi Johnson
Miranda Love
Cierra McCoy
William J. Meyer
Dave Myatt
Aimee Skeers
Tilman Stieve
Thunder Empress Arshes Nei
John Watkins-Chow
Timo Wuerz
Ramona Y

Tales of the Twilight Menshevik


This artwork is related to Tilman Stieve's "Tales of the Twilight Menshevik" series.
Click on any image to see the whole picture.

Eckart Breitschuh

For more artwork, visit Eckart's web site.

The White Queen and Iceman in a close embrace, possibly tying in with "Valentine Allsorts"

A family portrait of Raven and Val with their daughters Irene and Hope. Inked by Stefan Dinter.

Val and Raven's daughters at kindergarten and/or elementary school age.

Irene Cooper as a superheroine, to go with the mention of her early days with Factor X in "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes"

Rogue and Magneto
(slight nudity)

A grown-up Irene Cooper (from "Days of Future Twilight") delivers a campaign speech.

a sexy, nude, and pregnant Rogue from "Strange Headfellows"
(slight nudity)

Hope and Mystique
(Note: The text balloons read: "I don't like this doll! It can't do anything!" -- "But honey! It's European!")

Hank and Trish

Mathias Dinter

For more artworkby Mathias Dinter, visit his web site.

Harley and Ivy, two DC characters who appear in "Valentine Allsorts", if not in a scene exactly like this...

Val and Raven in a joke panel. Liberties were taken with Raven's powers.

A joke panel based on Rogue's and Magneto's impromptu bath in "Late Summer Interlude"
(full nudity)

Rogue learns the downside of super-strength.
(full nudity)

Arachne and Hope, in a tie in with "Fourth Thursday of November"
(mature situation)

Magneto and Rogue in the Savage Land, circa "Midnight Sun"

Harriet Adler with her mother, Rogue, and a Dennis action figure

Trish Tilby and her bridegroom in a scene from "...Someone Blue"
(partial nudity, mature situation)

Stefan Dinter

For more artworkby Stefan Dinter, visit his web site.

Logan and Rogue; a gag tying in with "There's a Tavern Near the Town"

Mystique and Valerie Cooper, sharing a quiet moment.

from "Oboro: Yukaze"
(nudity, sexual situation)

Irene Cooper with her Knurf playset, and her mother, Val Cooper
(Note: Caption reads: Knurf Jungle-Vine Play Set!)
Knurf is (c) Stefan, Mathias and Jan Dinter.

Rogue, Magneto and their baby daughter Harriet from "Strange Headfellows"

Val and Ray's daughters in that awkward hip-hop phase. ;-)

Tying in with "The Ballad of Trish and Henry"

A portrait from Hank & Trish's wedding in "...Someone Blue."


Glockgal has other artwork on display elsewhere here at Down-Home Charm, and more of her work can be seen at her website, Glockgal's Pretty Pics. She can be reached via e-mail at glockgrrl

from "Between the Woods and Frozen Lake"

circa "A Year in the Life"

from "Lights in the Dark."

Below: From the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom, as told in "Oboro: Ariake"

Rogue & Magneto
(partial nudity)

Rogue & Magneto

from "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Blue"

Val, Irene & Mystique circa "Late Summer Interlude"
(partial nudity)

Ororo & Yukio
from Oboro

Christmas with the Darkholme-Cooper family


Haggi is a German artist. He can be contacted via the Zwerchfell Verlag site.

Effie McCoy with her Hartmut doll, along with Trish and Hank
(Note: Translation of text in speech balloons: "Aww man. Dumb")
Hartmut is (c) Haggi.

Rogue and Valerie Cooper from "A Day's Work."

Till Lenecke

Rogue and Professor Xavier from "Between the Winds"

William J. Meyer

William Meyer is a member of Menshevik's MZS-APA group. He can be contacted via e-mail at william

a mock "Fantastic Four" cover to accompany "Sisters Under Their Skins"

The cover for Tilman's apazine "Westchester Menshevik" #16 (September/October 1992) featuring Hawk & Dove & Ren & Sal, which sorta ties in with "The Time the Twain Shall Meet."

circa "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Blue."

Klaus Scherwinski

Valerie and Mystique

Thomas Schukalla

See more of Thomas's artwork at Zwerchfell Verlag.

Wolverine and Mystique (in disguise) in a scene from "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes"


Val Cooper and Mystique


Spade can be reached via e-mail at spade@
. More of her artwork is available at Spade's Art Center.

a book cover to accompany "Rogue's Fairy Tale"


See more of Wittek's artwork at Zwerchfell Verlag.

A grown-up Irene Cooper-Marks

Errol Wagner with Wittek doll
(Note: Caption reads: Ze nitecraulerbaybee
Wittek is (c) Wittek

Timo Wuerz

Timo Wuerz can be contacted via e-mail through Tilman Stieve at

Rogue and Magneto


Trish and Hank

Valerie and Raven

Little Irene and Hope Cooper

Kitty Pryde


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