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Fan Art

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Tales of the Twilight Menshevik

All of these pieces tie into Tilman Stieve's "Tales of the Twilight Menshevik" series.
Click on any image to see the whole picture.

Arachne and Hope, in a tie in with "Fourth Thursday of November"
(mature situation)

A joke panel based on Rogue's and Magneto's impromptu bath in "Late Summer Interlude"
(full nudity)

Trish Tilby and her bridegroom in a scene from "...Someone Blue"
(partial nudity, mature situation)

Harley and Ivy, two DC characters who appear in "Valentine Allsorts", if not in a scene exactly like this...

Rogue learns the downside of super-strength.
(full nudity)

Val and Raven in a joke panel. Liberties were taken with Raven's powers.

Harriet Adler with her mother, Rogue, and a Dennis action figure
Magneto and Rogue in the Savage Land, circa "Midnight Sun"

For more artworkby Mathias Dinter, visit


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