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circa UXM #353

Stories by Yasmin M.

"A Problem? Who, Us?"
The X-Men face yet another dreaded enemy -- this time within the confines of their own home.


This is my answer to Indigo's "Extraordinary People, Ordinary Situations" challenge. I'm hoping that this'll clear up the writer's block I'm having over my Gen-X story... oh, and a warning for silliness.
Disclaimer: Everyone here belongs to Marvel, not me. I'm just borrowing them for the purpose of this fic.

"How 'bout you stick a claw in?"

"Logan, do not--"


"Eww, that's gross!"

"Blue hair? Hank and I are gonna have a nice chat when he gets back."

"Any more bright ideas, Einstein?"

"Ag, it was just a suggestion!"

"Maggott, keep your slugs away from the shower curtain or I will be forced to electrocute them."

"I never turn down a damsel in distress."


"Ororo? Ah don't wanna distract ya from killin' him, but maybe hot water will do the trick."

"We have tried it, Rogue. Twice."

"Dios, don't superheroes keep plungers in their hideouts?"


"Careful, the door ta the cupboard's loose."

"Now you tell me?!"

"You upworlders are pathetic."

"I don't see you offerin' any useful suggestions, Sarah."

"It's 'Marrow', old man."

"I don't suppose you'll be a generous lekker and..."


"Cecilia, have you found anything that can help us?"

"Let's see... aspirins, band-aids, one old toothbrush, moldy soap...condoms?"

"It's a sign from above, doc."

"Shut up, Maggott, before I knot your legs above your head."

"Kinky. Is that a promise?"


"I think those are Jean's and Scott's..."

"Whoa, mental image! Mental image!"

"Well, darlin', she must've married him for somethin'."

"I cannot believe you and Rogue find it funny."

"It's not funny, sugah. It's hilarious!"

"'Sides, 'Ro, yer smilin'."

"I was not smiling."

"Was too. Ah saw ya!"



"Hand me that thing, kid."

"Sorry ah took so long. Would you believe that half the shops are out of plungers?"


"No presents for me, corncob? I'm hurt."

"... well, there's a beanie baby ah got for--"

"Real romantic, maat."


"Can ah pound Maggott's head in, Ororo? Just a lil'?"

"It is a tempting offer, Samuel, but unfortunately our moral code forbids us to do so."


"But you may, of course, engage him in a practice session."

"Can we get back ta the problem heah?"

"Kid, get your slugs outta here."

"They're chewin' on the toilet seat!"

"Let's get that sink unblocked before the damn things eat it."




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