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UXM #350 Aftermath

Stories by Christine Demerath

"Too Late"
Rogue frantically tries to find Gambit in Antarctica.


Web site: Absolute X

Author's Note: I think someone made challage of writing your fav. characters death. I didn't write this because of the challange, but because I wondered what could have or maybe should have happened... but in NO WAY do I want Remy dead. Trust me I'd blow up if Marvel tried it, I have. Anyway please don't flame me for doing this.. in fact I won't mind some comments on it. =)
-Christine 'Belladonna' Demerath
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and I'm making no money off od this so don't sue me... I've got a mean bite. j/k

Too Late

Oh god, how could I leave him? How did I say those words to him, leave him? How did I say those words to him, leave him in that frozen wasteland? It's been hours since I left him, oh god I hope he'll forgive me, hope he will survive. The cold wind is burning my skin, I should slow down but I can't. He could... could be... ah don't even wanna think about it, but I have to. This is ma fault, most of it any ways. I could hear his voice telling me how worthless he was, how he should die, how he didn't deserve me, mirroring my own weaker thoughts and words as if he'd been waiting/anticipating to hear them from the get go. But I should have shut it out, I could have shut it out. Tears form in her eyes. He was the man she was supposed to love not leave to die for something he's tried to tell her. He trusted her, loved her, and still as he freezes to death forgive and protect he in heart.

Where is he? Where? Her eyes are burning, tears forming in her eyes; both from the pain in her heart and the pain in her body. But that's good she tells herself... it's getting cold she's getting closer, soon she will find him. She wipes them away otherwise they'll freeze to her face and eyes and she knows without her sight Remy is lost. And that can't happen, she needs to find him, find him before he's gone.

Purple, purple, and yellow. It takes him longer to think, that happens when your brain slowly freezes, when you have to fight the pain of freezing snow encasing you, becoming part of you have frozen flesh. But he can still see a little, as long as he could see he knew there was hope and this thought in mind, he fought to say alive, using his powers to heat the snow that clung to him. Not much, but. Some warmth, not enough. He falls to his knees as she sees the figure in the sky again through the bright non-stopping snow. "Rogue."

Ah can't see him! Where is he? "Remy!" She screams as load as she can, her voice box tightening from the cold, panic ripping over her body. Not for her, but for the man she knows she loves. "Remy!" She continues until her voice completely fails.

Hearing the roar of jet engines she wipes around. "Thank God, the Blackbird is here." Listening to her pre-given commands it landed on the tundra of ice. Gotta get to the computer, Cerebro can find `em. Flying to it, she sees that the hatch opens. "What in the world?"

"Rogue, we came to help, darlin`."

"Logan, Hank, Storm! Thank God you're here!"

"Have you found him?" Storm's face dropped.

"No, I need your help! He's out there alone! Freezing! Please! Please!" She sobbed frantically. "Please, Storm, you can clear this storm out. I know you can!" Rogue yelled through the raging storm.

Slowly Storm nodded tears in her eyes as well. With much effort she fought the storm down and brought out the warm sun and tropical weather. Not enough to meet the ice but hopefully the outer snow and reveal where her friend lying in the snow and ice. Rogue immediately took off, searching. "Go Logan." Storm commanded, Rogue's voice yelling again in the background. "Hank are you prepared for Remy's injuries?"

"As ready as I can be, magnificent leader." He frowned. "Now I must find the patent." Beast scurried off into the cold snow.

'Remy I pray to god that you are all right.' Lifting herself into the air she goes in search of him, still weaseling the elements.

"How you doin`, mates? Find the kid, yet?"

"Remy?" Rogue's voice cracked over the comlink, her hand over her heart. "Oh, Remy, no."

"Rogue? Rogue? Where are you?"

Rogue falls to her knees her heart not stopping until hitting rock bottom. "Remy?" Her eyes flooded and she sobbed. "Oh, Remy, no." She shakes her head crying. "No, no, no, no..." She repeats until the others arrive and still not stopping. Wolverine shook his head and a tear welding in his eye, he'd miss 'the Cajun.' Hank did his normal 'oh my stars and graters' and then said a silent prayer for Remy LeBeau, AKA Gambit.

"What's going on, mate? You find him?"

"Logan hit his comlink, "Yeah, we found `em."

"Remy?" Storm settled down next to his body as she bent in frown of him. "Remy." She cried. He couldn't hear what she said, he'd near hear again. He had always struggled though life and now that he had people that loved him he was gone. The perfect irony for a thief looking for love.


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