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"Mending Fences"

Mending Fences

Chapter One: Splinter
Chapter Two: Miracle
Chapter Three: Child
Chapter Four: Forget-me-not
Chapter Five: Dreams and Reality
Chapter Six: Angel of Death
Chapter Seven: Tunnels
Chapter Eight: Anything of Nothing First Created
Chapter Nine: Hard-Bought Freedom
Chapter Ten: Hours and Seconds
Chapter Eleven: Birdsong
Chapter Twelve: Fallout

This story is in progress.

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Mending Fences

(Part 10: Hours and Seconds...)

1:01 AM

The scent of blood is on the air. The unmistakable coppery tang cannot be disguised by the miasma of the tunnels. Wolverine sniffs, attempting to pinpoint the exact direction from whence it came. No success. There are too many other conflicting scents - the musky, penetrating reek of a raccoon; the unpleasant odor of decay; the incongruous, fresh fragrance of his companion's perfume. He turns to look at Storm and shakes his head. Her crystal-blue eyes fill with tears - hopeless tears - and he is moved to comfort her.

"‘Ro," Logan says gruffly, touching her shoulder with a hand, "The kid's all right. They both are all right."

"How do you know?" Ororo's normally serene voice borders on hysterical, "Logan, how do you know?"

He takes her into his arms, letting her sob into his chest, because he has no answer to give her.

1:15 AM

Marrow knows the tunnels intimately. Knows every twist and turn; every precipice and hollow; every nook and cranny. She sprints along the cool, dark underpass that leads to her most secret place. To the one place where they will never find her, will never punish her. She stops, knowing that she has arrived by the almost imperceptible scratch on the wall. Arms aching, Marrow heaves herself up onto the platform that is built into the roof of the tunnels. They may search, but they will always miss this place. A pallet, moldy and disgusting, provides some relief from the hard stone of the floor and she sprawls upon it. Bioluminescent fungi allows her to see the dried, dark blood with which her arms are encrusted. Angel's blood that should, by all rights, be ichor.

"By the first one," she whispers for the second time that night, "What have I done?"

1:30 AM

Cannonball hurtles along the tunnel, feeling the freedom of supercharged flight. He is invulnerable when he blasts, in both body and mind. Concerns fall away like shed skin. Past and future disappear, leaving only now - a thrilling, exhilarating, endorphin rush.

"Mistuh leBeau? Miss Rogue?" he calls, hearing the echo of his own words as he speeds ahead of them, "Mistuh Worthington? . . . Marrow?"

Yet, only the echoes reply, mocking him with their intangible presence.

"Row. Row. Row."

1:33 AM

"Rogue . . . we're almost dere. Few more turns an' we'll be out of dis tunnel. Dis whole nightmare will be behind us f'r good," Gambit pauses, catches his breath, "We'll be free o' de epouvantail. De bogey-man."

Her breath is so light on his arms, barely ruffling the fabric of his thin shirt. The trench-coat in which he wrapped her is soaked with blood, drenched with her life's fluid. She shifts slightly in his arms, trying to get more comfortable in spite of her injuries. Remy knows she is dying, gasp by painful gasp.

"Tu vas bien? Mais . . . silence . . . ne reponds pas."
[Are you all right? But . . . shhh . . . don't answer.]

In his concern, he slips into his native Cajun, hoping and knowing that Rogue understands him.

"Quand . . . quand j'etais petit, j'avais peur de l'epouvantail. C'etait des chimeres, je sais, mais, quand tu n'avais que dix ans, tu l'as cru."
[When I was young, I used to be scared of the bogey-man. It's foolishness, I know, but when you were only ten, you believed in it.]

Remy clears his throat, trying to get rid of the hard lump that has formed just above his Adam's Apple. An anatomical reminder to all mankind never to give in to temptation.

"Je . . . je crois que c'est plus epouvantable de porter le epouvantail avec toi. Parce que quand tes recollections et reves deviennent le monstre, quand tu deviennent le monstre . . . tu ne peut jamais echapper. Jamais."
[I believe that it is more terrible to carry the bogey-man with you. Because when memories and dreams become the monster . . . you become the monster you can never escape. Never.]

"Mon amant," Rogue's voice is soft, tired, lilting; the purity of her accent tainted with some of her drawl, "Tu n'est pas un monstre. Je . . . je ne peut pas etre amoureuse avec un croquemitaine."
[My lover, you are no monster. I could not love a bogey-man.]

"Etre en amour," he corrects absently, distractedly, trying to keep his mind off her weakness.
[To be in love with]

"Cajuns," Rogue mutters derisively, "Nevah speak proper French then have th' moxie ta correct a lady when she does."

Gambit laughs, but it is lost in his tears.

1:45 AM

The shadows receive her - Psylocke embraces them, slipping between the two media like a fish through water. Here, where it is dark, lonely and cold, she is able to think. Angel could not be a traitor, a murderer. Every cell in her body protests against it. Every recollection she has of him contradicts it. Yet Wolverine's nose never lied and Logan would never lie to her out of spite. Angel had betrayed her . . . . He had followed the whims of a savage child and attacked Rogue. He had placed his personal vendetta above their love. She is grateful for the darkness that her shadow-space provides, because, here at least, no-one can see her cry.

2:00 AM

"We're here," Jean calls out to Scott, "The place where Angel lost his wings."

Her husband steps forward, blinking owlishly, eyes adjusting to the gloom. The smell of smoke permeates the air - gutted candles that bloom in white and grey clouds are everywhere - and he coughs.

"I don't suppose you could provide some light, sweetheart?" he asks, squinting his eyes.

Jean nods, imperceptible in the darkness, and snaps her fingers. Suddenly, the spluttering candles flare again, casting the scene into sharp focus. The slumped, sprawled figure on the floor. Phoenix clasps her hands over her mouth, fighting the nausea that wells up within her.


2:01 AM

The brilliance calls to Angel and he follows it along a dazzling tunnel of light. He is vaguely aware of voices calling to him from the other side. Jean's voice - his love's voice. She sounds concerned, scared, tremulous. He wants to go to her, to comfort her, yet his feet are leaden. Too much trouble to turn again, to go back beyond the shifting veil. Worlds apart from those he loves best, Warren drifts.

2:05 AM

"Never a dull moment with you people, eh?" Cecilia lifts a sardonic eyebrow as she speaks to Beast, "This place makes No Mercy look like a playground."

Dr McCoy manages a weak smile, "And you thought your days of emergency medicine were over when you were unceremoniously booted out of the ER?"

"Yeah," she shifts position slightly, placing left leg over right one, "Except here, there's worse equipment and no pay."

"Save my own edifying and salubrious presence."

Reyes snorts inelegantly, then changes topic, "You know Rogue well?"

As far as it is possible to know someone as guarded as she is."

Ah can't talk about this to anyone b'cause they would nevah understand. Cecilia thinks, remembering her earlier conversation with the Southerner. "And her boyfriend? Freddy? Jemmy?"

"Remy," Beast corrects, "Even more taciturn than she is when it comes to personal matters, although you would not guess it upon meeting him."

"The sort who goes through life with a smile on their face and a grudge in their heart?" Cecilia says knowingly, "Not that there's anything bad about that. My brother, Ricky, has been much the same way since our Dad died."

"No," Beast shakes his head adamantly, "I am not sure how one would classify Monsieur leBeau, but it would not be vengeful."

Dr Reyes nods, "Not vengeful. Not like Ricardo."

Beast senses her reticence to discuss her brother; sees it in the tense set of her lips and the worry-lines that crease her forehead. She needs to talk about it with someone, but not with him. Not now.

"Do we have enough O-Neg in case of transfusion?" he asks, his tone abruptly professional.

Cecilia grimaces at him, "No. Frankly, we're pitifully short on everything from cortisone to suture kits."

"Then we'll have to make do with the advanced Shi'ar pseudoglobin," Beast smiles back at her, removing packets of colorless, viscous liquid from the storage cupboards, "Fortunately, Bastion did not discover our secret cache."

She picks up a pocket and holds it up to the light, suspiciously examining it.

"What is this gunk?"

"Shi'ar pseudoglobin."

"In English?"

"A highly advanced blood-substitute that carries oxygen far more effectively to the extremities of the body, while assisting in hemeopoesis and facilitating healing," Beast says with a trace of amusement in his tone, "Beyond the scope of human medical science, of course."

Cecilia grins, matching irony for irony, "Good thing, then, that I'm a mutant."

He nods grimly, suddenly sober, "I just hope we do not have need of these tonight."

Dr Reyes says, "We used to pray that every night in No Mercy. It never came true - always some kid who had been stabbed - the casualty of a gang war - or a young woman who'd been beaten by her ‘loving' boyfriend for the hundredth time. You gave up praying after a while."

"Cecilia. . . ."

"But you also believed - knew - that some things could not die - love, hope, strength and beauty. It may have been naive of us to believe that, but it got us through the night. Through the short hours and long seconds."

Beast murmurs softly to himself,
"Because I know that time is always time
And place is always and only place
And what is actual is actual only for one time
And only for one place
I rejoice that things are as they are and
I renounce the blessed face
I renounce the voice
Because I cannot hope to turn again
Consequently I rejoice, having to construct something
upon which to rejoice."

2:15 AM

"This is not supposed to happen," Tante Mattie's voice is angry, broad as she watches the events in the small bowl of water on her table, "That chile was never meant to turn on Rogue. Never meant t'half-kill her at least."

Marie smiles knowingly at her angry friend, "Maybe this is simply the way which the cards have fallen tonight."

The healer for the Guilds stands, impatient, "I have t'go to them."

"As do I," the blind woman replies smoothly, "To comfort Sarah."

"After what she's done to m'nephew?"

"You know the vows as well as I do, my dearest, oldest friend."

"Oui. I do," Mattie muttered, "Never harm but heal. Help those in distress whether worthy or unworthy. Love all humankind unequivocally, without stint or grudge."

"For the lowest killer is in more need of compassion than the holiest saint."

Mattie nods grudgingly, "Oui, but when that killer hurts my little Remy . . . ."

"Then you need to forgive her," Marie places cool hands on Mattie's warm ones, "Or you are no better than she is."

"I know," the old woman sighs, "I know."

2:30 AM

Sabrina is ten and scared. Her father stands in the other room, preaching to her mother. His voice rings out proudly, expounding on the tenets of his religion. Gloria is admiring, applauding each new turn of phrase. Soon it will be her turn . . . . She shivers slightly and clutches the teddy-bear closer to her chest.

"Don' worry, mistuh Fuzzy. Daddy won't hurt us. Daddy loves us even if'n we don't deserve it."

The warm softness of the teddy-bear tickles her, comforting her, loving her unconditionally. Tears trickle down her cheeks, staining the pillow. "But Ah'm scared, Mistuh Fuzzy. So scared."

No. This is no longer true. She is twenty-two and her name is Rogue - an X-Man; and in the past, a member of the unholy Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She left her name and father behind with his rituals, her expiation, when she took the first train she could get out of Mississippi. Mister Fuzzy belongs to some other child now, forgotten on a railway bench somewhere between stops, mourned with eyes and nose pressed against the cold, breath-misted glass of the compartment window. Someone else loves her unconditionally now with a dynamic passion that scares her at times. Remy holds her as she bleeds, in a way that Mr. Fuzzy's powerless arms never could. He shares with her the same cool, self-assurance that has always been his - that the sun will rise tomorrow, no matter how long the night is. That nightmares pass if you have the courage to face them. She opens her eyes slightly, surprised by the crisp night air on her face after the muggy tunnels, and sees that they have left the labyrinthine network behind them.

The nightmare is over.

2:29 - 2:35 AM

Maggott leans against the stone archway that frames the entrance to the tunnels and exhales.

"Ag, meisies. Dit lyk asof ons tyd mors."
[Oh, girls. It looks as if we're wasting time.]

The slugs hiss, bridling as they hear footsteps approaching, echoing down the hollow catacombs. Maggott stiffens, picking up the two-by-four that rests by his feet.

"Wie's dit? Who is it?"

The silence of the grave answers him and he shivers, grasping the plank tighter. He nods to the slugs, Eeny and Meeny, to take their positions, and they slither behind the rough scrub, like oily seals.

"Jean? Scott? Storm? Please-let-it-be-Storm."

The figure emerges, ducking a little to get through the low archway, exposing its neck. Japheth raises the plank, holding it high above his head, then brings it down with all his might. Startling red-on-black eyes look up at him and an elegant hand catches the two-by-four, letting half the arm's bundle slip. Remy.

"Dieu, gamin! Does everyone want t'kill me t'night?"

Hot crimson color spreads across Maggott's face and he shuffles his feet in the dusty ground.

"Neejawell . . . sorry, awraht?" he looks more closely at the X-Man's burden, "Is that Rogue?"

With infinite care, the former thief scoops up his team-mate's legs, ensuring that she is settled comfortably before straightening himself. She stirs slightly, opening emerald eyes to look questioningly at the South African and a vague smile curves her lips.

"Uh-huh, sugah. Ah would be walkin' but Remy insisted on practisin' this woman-carryin' thing."

Rogue is lying - Maggott can see that she is badly injured. That she probably could not walk if she needed to.

"Can I take her from you, jong? If I get blue-juiced, she'll be lighter'n'a feather."

"Non. I'll be fine."

Another lie. Gambit is about to collapse beneath her weight, beneath the stress of the evening. Fortunately, Rogue sees through it before he need press the issue further.

"Maybe foh one second you can stop bein' so damn self-reliant, darlin'," her voice is concerned despite her angry tone, "Even Ah can see that you're half-dead with exhaustion."

"Can't ever argue wit' de woman I love, huh?" leBeau nods his agreement and, carefully deposits Rogue in Maggott's arms. She winces as her sore ribs, legs and arm are jolted; as the half-scabbed wounds are opened again by the abrasion of the trenchcoat's cloth.

"Sorry, doll," Japheth whispers.

"No need ta apologize, sugah," Rogue replies through gritted teeth, "Been through worse an' survived."

"There'll be one more jolt then it'll be smooth sailing," the slender youth warns, "Bite your teeth against it, liefling."

Maggott can feel her tension as she waits for him to move. He concentrates, feeling the familiar rush of power through his veins. Concerns fall away like shed skin. Past and future disappear, leaving only now - a thrilling, exhilarating, endorphin rush. Brown skin becomes blue; muscles fill out as they become stronger. Rogue gasps in pain at the motion, then is silent, snuggling her head into his chest. Immense tenderness fills him at the simple gesture of trust. No one has trusted him to this extent before or ever will again, save the slugs. His girls.

"I'm goin' back f'r Angel, chere," Gambit bends to her level, speaking gently, "Ya'll be okay. Maggott'll take care o' ya."

"Ja, cherrie. Me an' the girls'll look after you."

"There is no need for any of you to return," Cyclops crawls out of the tunnels, dragging a limp figure behind him on a makeshift stretcher. Phoenix is with him, her blue eyes dark with fear.

"We have Warren," he continues, "He's alive. Barely."

"I am sustaining him with my telepathic powers," Jean says slowly as if it costs her immense effort even to speak, "But he is slipping away gradually, inevitably."

"How is Rogue?" Cyclops sounds worried, as they carry on along the sluggish trail that leads to where the Blackbird is hidden. Angel jolts along the road, too far gone to gasp in pain.

"Alive," Gambit replies simply, "Dat's all dat matters in de end, non?"

"Yeah," Scott agrees, "In the end, that's all that counts."


Continued in Chapter 11.

1. Beast quotes T.S.Eliot in the 2:05 AM paragraph. It's poem I of the Ash Wednesday series.
2. Thanks to Keri Wilson's page and Debbie Williams for Cajun help! Merci mille fois!


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