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UXM #350 Aftermath

Stories by Maigen Green

"That Ol' Wind"
Based on the Garth Brooks song of the same name, this story reunites a mother named Sarah and a country singer named Remy ten years after their unforgettable first meeting.

"You're Gone"
Based on the Diamond Rio song of the same name, a lonely, bitter Gambit hears a certain song played as he drinks alone at a bar.


Disclaimer: Ok Roguie and Gambie (Rogue and Gambit) are owned and such by the wonderful beautiful people of Marvel. The song "You're Gone" Is Diamond Rio's. Real good song -- go check it out. And yes I'm not afraid to use shamless plugs.
Notes: This story is written kinda weird. Sorry it's VERY late. Oh and it's kinda morbid not really but the ending is kinda. Well just read it!

He stood out in the rain. It was incredibly cold, but the cold didn't seem to bother him anymore. He looked up at the neon flasing sign. JOE'S TAVERN. He opened the door and took a seat in one of the back corner booths. He saw eyes staring at this wet broken shell of a man. Whose eyes burned bright with anger and rage.

The music blared and the beer was weak, but he had grown accustomed to this over the past few weeks, reverting back to his former life. Before the X-men, before the trial, before.... her. At the thought of her came an unexplainable burst of hatred. She had no reason to leave him there, he had loved her in everyway he could. He had given himself to her, mentally, and at the very end, physically. Why had she left him to die? Had she really been so cold? Hated him so much that she wanted him to die.

He didn't care. He despised that girl with his entire being. He had never loved her, did he? No he didn't. He told himself that over and over, he never believed it. If he hadn't loved her then he wouldn't be hurting so bad. he drank a few more glasses of beer and watched the happy couples dance and laugh. He had that once, but he threw it all away. No he didn't, she had. She left him. But it wasn't her fault, she was confused. No she wasn't. He hated her for all that she was worth.

He had become bitter and resentful. He hadn't shaved in awhile or had a new change of clothes. He was living in a run-down rat-infested apartment. Yes he hated her.

Just then the high-flying music stopped and was replaced by a sweet slow melody.

I said hello I think I'm broken,
And though I was only joking,
It took me by surprise when you agreed.

It sounded like him and Rogue. There he thought it. Her name. Rogue. It had been along time since her name had reached his mind. No this was only a stupid love song. Not his love life.

I was trying to be clever,
For the life of me I'd never,
Would have guessed how far the simple truth could lead.

Clever. Yeah boy that sounds like you. Guess this song does hit a little close to home. But that doesn't mean a thing.

You knew all my lines,
You knew all my tricks,
You knew how to heal that pain no medicine can fix.

Rogue never did fall for your crap. She was to strong or to stuborn. Same thing. And boy how she made me feel. Better than any medicine I ever had.

And I bless the day I meet you,
And I thank God that he let you,
Lay beside me for a moment that lives on,

He rembered the first day they'd met. He'd tought she was incredibly beautiful. He hadn't fell in love with her then. He just wanted someone with a little fire in their eyes to tease and flirt with. Maybe a little more. That little more had came and gone. That night that they were held captive by Nanny. Her powers gone, they truly expressed their love for each other.

And the good news is I'm better
for the time we spent together,
And the bad news is you're gone.

He realized how true these words were to him. A single tear slid down his face. He saw looks from some others in the bar. He needed some fresh air. He walked over to the stairwell and went up to the roof. The music was still very clear up there. He listed as tears fell down his face.

Looking back it's still surprising,
I was sinking you were rising,
With a look you caught me in midair.

He always knew he'd end up like this. Alone. In love with a woman who was better off without him.

Now I know God has His reasons,
But sometimes it's hard to see them,
When I awake to find that your not there.

He had tried to forget all the lonely nights he would wake up shivering calling out her name. The pain and love that he felt when he thought of her. He had turned this all into rage and hatred in order to protect himself from his true feelings.

You found hope in hopeless,
You made crazy sane.
You became the missing link
that helped me break my chains.

He'd thought he didn't deserve to be happy ever again. She had gave him reason to think otherwise. She was the light of his life. She helped him break through the chains.

And I bless the day I meet you,
And I thank God that he let you,
Lay beside me for a moment that lives on,

It was gone now. She was gone. There was no more reason to live.

And the good news is I'm better
for the time we spent together,
And the bad news is you're gone.

He stepped up to the edge of the roof and looked down and the cars and people carring on their normal hapy lives. He had forgiven and remembered his love, but he could never go back. It would hurt her too much. He would have to give her what she needed.

"I love you mon amour Rogue." was all he said as he stepped of the top of the three story building.

And the bad news is you're gone...


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