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Stories by Thaise Pavarine

A poem about Rogue's powers and the affect she has on the man who loves her.



She looks like a pure girl
And youíre right 'bout this...
But youíre wrong if you say
Thatís all that Rogue is...

I swear to you
that sheís more than youíve ever seen
Not just beauty thereís much more
Behind of her† eyes: green

Thereís much more to mention
Youíll see all the lights
Lighting for some attention
Cause when she passes she brights

Ahíll tell why cajuns love her
Cause she is more than best
When Gambit sees his lover
He can forget his past

Cause when she dresses her clothes
Colored with yellow ní green
Youíll just get so crazy
How† you have never been

And I can tell ya sugah
Thereíll be no regret
If you would die for 1 kiss
It would not hurt like death

And I can tell ya mon ami
There will not be no sin
If you lost your life
for touching on her skin.

Sheíll be always an X-men
But I think sheís more than this
Sheíll always be my hero
Inside my heart she is.

Just one kiss is all Gamb asks
He could not wish for more
Cause the love that he feels
Makes her much than an adore.

What love has done to him?
Loving her so much
Without touching her skin
He feels more than a touch.

When she looks to the side
She just can see her love
Just the feeling inside
Cos she canít take off the glove

Come† pretty girl
You cannot desist
Cos without your Force
Our strength canít resist

Lies donít mean nothing
When love is the game
What are you crying cajun?
There is no truth to blame.

I think the game ainít over
I canít find the loser
I canít see the winner
Youíre a gamble, not a chooser

Now I look into your eyes
There is no past behind
I know she is important†
For me and all mankind

Gambit loves you
But cannot put her finger
In his heart to make her know
That his love is getting bigger

But you know touch mean nothing
They care 'bout love besides
They just want to stay
With each other side to side.


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