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"Chasing the Rainbow"
Rogue spends a quiet moment of peace in the sky.


Web site: Shades of X

Hey Everybody! I was in the middle of writing a chapter for the Gambit story I'm writing (You'll probably be seeing it here sometime soon) when I got the sudden urge to write this. I guess my brain just wanted a break from all the angst. :0) Anyway, I figured I'd beter satisfy my muse before it decided to protest and be uncooperative. This was the result...
Disclaimer: Guess what, everything here that is recognizable as Marvel's ... is Marvel's! Big surprise, huh? I am making absolutely no money on this so please don't sue!
Rating: G, it doesn't even deal with depressing topics!
Archive: If you wanna archive this, just ask me. I'll probably say yes, but I would just like to keep track of where my work is being kept.
Feedback: I LOVE feedback! Please send plenty! Constructive critism is welcome too. Send all thoughts to
Hope you all enjoy it!
-Galaxia Alpha

Chasing the Rainbow

There was a rainbow in the sky.

She’d first noticed it when emerging from the mansion for her morning jog, and had been captivated by it from first sight. Beautiful. Her body had almost seemed beyond her control as she rose gently off the ground and flew off toward it.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. She searched for each color, delighted as she even managed to pick out the indigo from among the blue and violet. So rich, so clean, so pure. She stared at it in awe, relishing in the pure beauty of this phenomena, so delicate and perfect that only a higher power could have had the ability to paint such glory across the heavens.

The wind swept over her, sliding smooth fingers through her long hair and over her body as she flew upward toward the colorful creation that hung high above. It swept over her and through her, and as she rose in the air she felt concerns and worries slip away. Baggage being thrown overboard so that she might become light enough to fly a bit higher.

Did it manner that she couldn’t touch another human being? Did it manner that she had made so many mistakes in her life, caused so much pain and even ... death? No. It didn’t. All that was irrelevant here. Nothing mattered but chasing the rainbow.

And she felt free. Free despite the bonds of her mutant power that usually held her so tightly within herself. You couldn’t absorb the life out of the sky, could you? A rainbow couldn’t be destroyed by your touch. It was too magnificent for her feeble power to sap dry. Its life was too great for her to effect.

The mansion was a distant, brown dot in the middle of a larger green spot now. Nothing more than a dab of color amongst a world of colors. Everybody she loved was somewhere down there in that ambiguous shape among the green. Everybody who meant anything to her.

And yet she did not feel alone. How could she with a dozen different personalities flitting around inside of her? And for once they were content to sit back and enjoy the ride instead of plaguing her with guilt and fear. For once she felt at peace, her world seeming so small in the grand scheme of things that the normal problems that plagued her seemed incredibly insignificant.

She was free. And she was happy. There was a contentment that spread through her with the heat of the sun, which peeked curiously from behind the clouds. It filled her and she found herself twirling in the air as she rose. And she believed that anything was possible. Not just thought that the impossible could occur, but believed it would. The doubt that had clouded her mind since that first kiss with Cody faded away and she felt that if she wanted to she could touch any human being. It was all possible. Oh yes, she was free.

And Rogue smiled.

Memories that were not her own filled her mind, memories from a myriad of lives she’d stolen. Memories she no longer wanted or needed. So she let them go, let them drop away from her and drift down like a trail of feathers in wind of her flight. Why keep them and punish herself for the mistakes she’d made? They served no purpose but to increase the doubt. Doubt that she was free from up here.

And now, Rogue was truly alone, having released the personalities within to fall far, far away. And she took joy in her solitude. Took joy in the intimate relationship she alone shared with this rainbow in the sky. Her own thoughts, free from the ties of a thousand fears and pains churned within her. Her own thoughts without the hindrance of others weighing them down. She felt intensely satisfied in the company of only herself.

She wasn’t mutant, nor hero, nor former terrorist. She wasn’t friend, nor daughter, nor lover. She wasn’t even human. She just was, existing in a world without pain and suffering.

The rainbow really wasn’t much closer now, despite the fact that the ground was so far away. But she wasn’t disheartened the slightest bit. She might never reach the rainbow, but it didn’t matter.

It was the journey that counted.


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