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"Queen of Hearts"
Rogue and Gambit express their frustration about their inability to touch in this poem constructed mainly out of lines from the comics.


Note: This "poem" (sorta speak) was created with extracts from the actual comics and most of them were written by Fabian Nicieza. I just re-arranged it to make sense out of it and changed certain sentences. I think it's pretty obvious for whom it is written. The reason why it doesn't rhyme and doesn't seem too much like a poem, is that it was intended for lyrics for a song I wanted to write. But then I kinda liked it and thought that I should share it with you guys.

Queen of Hearts

He: Secrets kept within. Why can't you tell me how you feel? Why won't you ever let me show you?

Past all the games and the uncertainty. I know what's inside you and that's all that matters.

Let me take those tears from your eyes. No secrets no shame. The choice is yours.

(How can I love you if I can not touch you?)

I can kiss your tears, I can taste your sadness. We'll find ways to touch body and soul.

She: You can't hide from yourself. Reveal the lie beneath the truth. How can I love you if I can not trust you? I just couldn't die without kissing you once. We always hurt what we love most.

You have given me all you've got, and it still wasn't enough.

(How can you love me if you can not touch me?)

Can you see my tears, Can you feel my sadness? Oh god! I want you so, body and soul!

He: I played the hand that was dealt to me and I lost. And now she'd gone just like a bird. What has love done to me. Standing in the rain pretending it's that and not my tears running down my face.

Cause you're not the only one my friend, wearing a cold face, and I can not let you see the cracks in mine.

How I long to kiss your tears and taste your sadness! I hoped we could be one, body and soul.

The prince of thieves left standing like a fool, pain in his chest, because she stole my heart.

The prince of thieves left standing like a fool, gasping for air, cause she stole my breath away.


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