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"Extrinsic Evolution"
Rogue witnesses something that breaks her heart and opens her eyes. (Warning: Sexual content)

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"Broody Afternoon"
Bobby broods over the trial of Arthur Streck, the FoH and his reactions to Rachel Mostel's mutant pheromones. Takes place after the story "Four Angry Mutants," published in the 1996 Anthology The Ultimate X-Men.
(at (un)frozen)

"Contemplative Morning"
Bobby tries to work out the real reason he was so disturbed by his reactions to Rachel Mostel's mutant pheromones. Hank listens. (sequel to "Broody Afternoon")
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"Criminal Minds"
Gambit inadvertently learns just how good -- and devious -- an accountant Bobby is. (in progress)
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"eMails and Slash Lists"
Bobby joins a Star Trek: Voyager slash list, posts a fic and receives an unexpected bit of feedback. Slash. (in progress)
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"Familiar Stranger"
Bobby learns that Mystique impersonated him to get on the mansion grounds. Movieverse.
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"A Hero's Website"
A woman has a life altering experience and shares it with the world via the Internet...
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"Sex Appeal"
Bobby talks about the changes in his own life and his newfound perceptions of his fellow X-Men. Slash.
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"Sometimes It Sucks to Be Bobby Drake"
During his French final, Bobby struggles with his knowledge of the subject, the hiccups AND his powers. Movieverse.
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"Spring Dance"
Bobby goes to the Spring Dance held at Xavier's School for Gifted Children and eats his own heart out. Slash. Movieverse.
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"Tragic Kingdom"
Bobby returns from time spent in a horrific alternate universe, and finds that Gambit is the only one he can truly bond with. (in progress)
(at (un)frozen)


Web site: Scorpio's Constellation

TITLE: Extrinsic Evolution
AUTHOR: Scorpio
ARCHIVE: Scorpio's Constellation, un(frozen) and WWOMB. Anyone else, ask.
FANDOM: X-Men comicverse
PAIRING: Remy/Bobby, Rogue
CATEGORY: Vignette, angst, slash, Rogue POV
NOTES: This was supposed to be a quick slashy PWP for Marcus, but then Rogue began babbling at me and I just couldn't help it. Not my fault, I tried to keep the whole thing plot free. Blame Rogue.
DISCLAIMER: When I am elected Queen of the World, I will have beautiful naked and oiled men chained to my throne and vodka will rain from the sky. Until then, the wonderful folks at Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc own Rogue and the boys. Not me.
SUMMARY: Rogue witnesses something that breaks her heart and opens her eyes.

Extrinsic Evolution

Rogue held her breath as she peered through the swirling misty steam that rose up all around her. She tried to stay so still, so motionless, tiny and quiet so that the two beautiful men that she loved most wouldn't know that she was there. Watching them make love. Together.

Heat battered at her, both from the steam around her and from her own longing and desire building up from inside. She could feel her heartbeat begin to race as she crouched down, silently witnessing as Remy's long lean and muscular form pressed tightly against the tanned skin of Bobby's well defined chest. Water from the shower ran over their bodies, making them glisten in the soft murky light, highlighting their masculine lines even as pale shadows emphasized the cut of their muscles.

Sweet, gentle Bobby; the man was her dearest friend, almost like a brother to her. She loved him very much, but not in the way that he wanted her to. She knew that, and it caused an ache in her heart to hurt him, but she couldn't help how she felt. Even if she could suddenly touch him, she had never felt any lust for him ... until now.

Then there was Remy; her gallant and romantic thief. She loved him and wanted him and ached for him deep inside, just as he longed and hungered for her. She had never hated her powers so much as she did when she was forced to push aside her desire to kiss him, to taste his lush full lips and run her fingers along his pale soft skin.

Rogue had known for a long time that they had somehow found each other, that they sated their hunger and need for her in each other. She wasn't even sure how it had all started, but she assumed that it had begun with an argument. They fought over her a lot, her two men did. She could even imagine them yelling, and then swinging punches until one thing led to another and they found themselves naked in each other's arms, pouring out their frustration and their anger with the only other person that would truly understand.

And she had never minded this. They were each faithful to her in their own faithless way. Oh sure, they both flirted with the ladies. Remy with a cocky self-assurance and Bobby with that delightful little-boy bashfulness, but neither of them had ever done more than that. Both of them had handed her their hearts ... and to each other their lust and hunger and body.

Until now, it had just been something that she was aware of intellectually. It hadn't been real to her, just something that she had been oddly grateful about. She had thought at first that it was wrong, but then she realized that it made them both happier and less frustrated to have this outlet. So, she had given her tentative blessing to them both and then ignored it.

Now here she was, trapped in the men's locker room just off the Danger Room. Scott had asked her to carry down a new sink unit for him due to its weight and her strength. He had planned on installing it the next day and she had happily agreed, but while she was placing it down over by the long wall of sinks, she had heard the shower start up. Embarrassed, her first thought was to sneak out before she was noticed, but then she had heard their voices. Remy and Bobby. Flirting. With each other.

Now, she watched in open mouthed amazement and with a burning desire flooding through her as she was witness to that which she could never ever have. What they were doing was beyond mere touch. It was sensual and loving and so damned beautiful that it about broke her heart to watch.

Their soap slickened bodies rubbed and writhed against each other, pale skin against tan skin. Bobby pressed up against the white tile shower wall, one long muscular leg pulled up and wrapped python-like around Remy's hip and thigh. Broad square hands rubbing and caressing two firm round mounds of flesh, pulling and grinding two sets of hips closer and tighter. A splash of dark red hair made even darker by the water soaking it falling against a muscled shoulder, lips nibbling along a thick column of throat exposed by a head thrown back in ecstasy. Moans and gasps of pleasure and joy echoing back at her, teasing at her ears and making her heart race.

She watched as they petted and writhed, moaned and thrust. Pushing themselves, and her, further and further into that bright white place where fear and hurt and anger melted and dissolved away under the pressure of pure physical sensation. Wide green eyes stared as the two men moved faster and faster, as fingers clamped down on water slick flesh with bruising pressure and their shared rhythm began to falter and break.


A shudder that she could almost feel from across the mist filled room and then Remy was almost slamming against Bobby as a long drawn out moan that might have been pain or might have been pleasure was torn from his throat. Then they pressed tightly together, practically clinging to each other as they trembled and shook, Bobby's voice a wordless wail of completion bouncing off of the tile walls. And she shuddered as her body reacted in mindless sympathy, pushing her over the edge into orgasm.

And still she silently watched as her boyfriend and her best friend, the two men who had both professed their undying love for her, kissed. Gently. Sweetly. With love and gentle hands caressing over slick skin, to soothe and comfort instead of to arouse and excite. Suddenly she knew what she had to do. It would break her heart. Hell, it would practically kill her on the inside, but this wasn't about her. Not any longer. This was about them. The men she loved.

The men she loved enough to let go. And she would let them go so that they could truly begin to focus on each other. She couldn't give them, either of them, what they wanted ... what they needed. They could, and would, find it from the other. And even if they didn't know that they had gone from hated rivals to friends to lovers to being in love, she did. She could see it now that she had looked.

Tears pooling in her green eyes, Rogue turned away and slipped silently out of the men's locker room. She had to figure out how she was going to ruin her own life so that Remy and Bobby could finally get on with living thiers.

*the end*


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