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Smoke and Mirrors

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How I love the cut, copy and paste facility on Word Processors! One <Cntrl-C> and <Cntrl-V> later...
Disclaimer: Most characters in this story are property of Marvel, as are some events. I'm not making a cent out of this, so I guess that they can't sue me. This story is freeware, and can be distributed to anyone you want. If you wish to archive, I'd appreciate an e-mail ( If I don't answer in a week, feel free to put it on your page. This story contains no scenes of violence, profanity etc. It's all ages, and squeaky clean ! Apologies to those who like the idea of Rogue and Joseph together (the very suggestion makes me sick !) this is one of 'those' stories ;-)
Without any further ado - I present my very first fan-fiction attempt!
RogueStar (e-mail me at:

Part 12

"What?" Rogue looked at the woman standing in front of her with a mixture of disbelief and confusion. Belle's one finger was poised on her blood red lips and she was smiling.

"Y'mean Remy didn' tell you he was married?" She inquired innocently. "Ma pauvre fifille." [My poor little girl]

"No ... Ah mean ... he ain't, is he?" She turned to Logan for support.

Wolverine shook his head brusquely.

"We'll find out soon enough, darlin'." He grinned and unsheathed his claws, "The little lady here will be singing like a canary when I'm through with her."

"I wouldn' try it." Belle flicked out a knife, the steel gleaming dangerously in her elegant hands. "If y'value your life."

Rogue put a restraining hand on his shoulder, "This is b'tween me an' her, Logan. Stay outta it."

"Rogue..." He growled. "I don't like this."

"Hush." The young X-Man stepped forward, her face angry. "Ah don't know what your game is, sugah, or what you want with me or Remy ... but it stops. Here."

Belle smiled, "Petite, stay outta dis an' I might even forgive you for stealin' my husband's heart away."

Rogue shook her head slowly. "Ah ain't got no choice, Belle. Ah'm involved whether you like it or not, an' Ah'm gonna make darn sure that y'all don't get within 60 feet o' Gambit."

"Fine. De die is cast." Her tone was cold, "No goin' back now, Rogue."

"Ah wouldn't have it any other way." Green fire blazed in her eyes.

The two women circled each other; sizing each other up; looking for a weak point in the other's defenses.

'Let the opponent strike first.' The professor's words came back to her.

'Let them make a mistake, then capitalize on it.'

Spinnning blue-silver in the air, Belle's knife flew towards her.

Gracefully, Rogue avoided it, parrying with a blow of her own to her jaw. The assassin spat out blood.

"First blood is yours, cherie. Maybe I underestimate you."

"You an' Remy are exactly th' same. Talkin' when you should be fightin'."

She retaliated, flying nearer. "Oui, petite. An' when did my husband last lose?" Belle smiled, concentrating her powers into a telekinetic sheath around the Mississippian. Rogue felt like a fly trapped in amber, unable to move her body; her limbs constricted by the barrier.

"Nnng. . . nice try." Rogue grunted, struggling against the pressure. White fire exploded painfully behind Belle's eyes as she battled against the onslaught.

"Must . . . con. . . cen . . . trate." The assassin thought desperately as her mind burned.

With a sound like the shattering of a soul, the TK sheath broke before Rogue's onslaught, releasing the X-Man and knocking Belle to her knees.

"Is that th' best y'all can do?"

Belle was on the floor, lying face down, hands clasped around her head. Rogue flew nearer, cautious, fearing a trap. With a fluid movement, Belle flipped up, catching her with a kick to the chin.


"No, got you." Rogue clasped Belle around her waist, squeezing the breath out of her body. The metal of her body armor buckled, and she gasped for air.

"Dis ain't over yet, girl." She produced a knife and drove it deep into Rogue's wounded shoulder. The Mississipian cried out in pain, releasing her stranglehold. Grimacing, she prepared to attack again. The sound of something whistling through the air. An explosion.The X-Man looked up, green eyes scared; uncertain of what had just happened.

"Enough." The tall figure emerged from the resultant smoke, his eyes blazing. "Saints, Belle. What do y't'ink y'doing here?"

Rogue looked in horror at the man she had recently professed to love. The man standing there was not Gambit, with his devilish smile and cocky attitude; He looked dangerous, sinister, a man not to be trifled with. The card in his hand glowed a blood-red; latent energy capable of levelling a building. She realised then, with a sense of terror, that she barely knew him at all. That he was so much more than what he first appeared to be. He looked at her, red eyes meeting her green. The concern and love in them was enough to reassure her that he would not hurt her; that she had no reason to be afraid.

"Y'be all right, chere?" He gently touched Rogue's hair, giving Belle no time to answer.

"Fine." The tears in her eyes belied the spoken assurance. He hugged her briefly, whispering that everything would be fine, then turned his attention back to the assassin.

"Now c'n I ask you, Belle, what you are doin' here?"

Belle flipped her hair out of her face. The blonde curls were soaked with sweat and plastered to her forehead. Her mouth was swollen from where Rogue had punched her earlier and her voice when she spoke was indistinct.

"I came t'pay your girlfrien' a little visit."

"I tol' you I'd meet you in Salem Center. I tol' you dat y'shouldn' come here."

"You were meetin' her?" Rogue's voice was confused and a little angry, "Y'all'd better have a real good explanation foh that, cajun."

"Dis be none of your business, fille." Belle said curtly.

"Yeah, lady?" Wolverine snarled, "Just so happens that Dixie here is a friend of mine and if you value your life you'll leave her and Gambit alone."

"Y'flatter y'self, monsieur. I be an assassin, trained t'kill, I hardly t'ink dat you can take on me an' win."

"If he don't, Ah will." Rogue folded her arms across her chest, "In fact, Ah kinda hope he does lose, so Ah can kick your sorry butt back inta whatever swamp it crawled out of."

"Chere." He placed a hand on her shoulder, "Belle is right."


"Dis be between me an' her. Y'don' want t'get involved."

"Damn straight Ah do. Ah don't know what love means ta you, but ta me it means sticking by th' side o' mah man in good an' bad."

"Chere." He smiled in spite of himself, "Dis could be dangerous."

"When was lovin' you not?" She shrugged, wincing as her damaged muscles contracted. "But you still haven't answered mah question - why were you meeting her?"

He looked away momentarily so that she would not see the shame in his eyes.

"She be dying, Rogue. An' I am de only one who can save her."

"What?" She touched his arm. "How?"

"De t'ieves an' de assassins have an . . . ."

"Taissez-vous! You would reveal de guild secrets to an outsider?" Belle interrupted angrily.
[Shut up!]

"Non. But de woman I love is quite another matter."

"Fool." Belle spat.

"P'rhaps, but she has a right t'know."

The assassin shook her head in contempt. "Den continue. But know dat you be betrayin' y'guild. An' me."

"De first not true no more, I no longer be a t'ief, an' de second I c'n live with."

He turned back to Rogue and looked into eyes which betrayed the emotional turmoil going on inside of her; the compound strata of love, fear and confusion which she was feeling.

"Tell me, darlin'. As ya said last night, Ah won't tell nobody."

"Wait." Belle snarled, "He not be allowed t'hear dis."

She gestured to Wolverine who was standing there, his claws  unsheathed and his hackles raised.

"An' who's gonna stop me from doing so?"

Rogue sighed, "Logan. It'd be better if y'all leave."

"No. Not while she's still here. If this gets ugly, you'll need someone to watch your back."

"It be fine, Wolverine. I'll protect her if t'ings get outta hand - which dey won't." Gambit said.

"Ah appreciate th' gesture, boys, but Ah don't need a body-guard. Last time Ah checked Ah was invulnerable?" Her voice was laced with gentle sarcasm.

"Ya'll need dat an' more if I get my hands on you." Belle threatened.

Wolverine looked at Rogue as if to say that he didn't like the thought of her going against this hate-filled assassin. Truth be told, she didn't like it much either. To reassure herself as much as him, she said: "Ah kicked you half-way ta San Francisco b'fore, what makes you think Ah can't do it again?"

"I underestimated you. Now dat I know y'capabilities, I won't make de same stupid mistake twice...."

"Enough y'two." Gambit interrupted, "F'r de moment we're in dis t'gether. Dere be no point in  arguing among ourselves."

Rogue nodded, "You're right, sugah."

Belle looked down, caressing the handle of her knife.

"Do we join hands and sing 'Kumbaya' now?" Wolverine asked grinning.

"Non. Now, I explain t'Rogue about de elixir . . . ."

They walked a little way off, heads bent close together in earnest conversation about the legacy of which one thought he had finally gotten rid; and that the other was only beginning to discover.

Ah couldn't believe what Remy had told me 'bout his past. Not only because it was so outlandish, but b'cause it meant Ah had ta take a new look at th' man Ah was supposed ta know th' most about.

An elixir that prolonged a man's lifespan almost indefinitely may o' been pretty hard ta swallow, but after livin' in the Mansion for so long, a body kinda believes anythin' an' everythin'. Or at least knows it ain't impossible. Ah guess it was a pretty ironic situation Ah'd gotten mahself inta. Can't get much more double-edged than dyin' from an Elixir o' Eternal Life, after all. Or bein' helped by th' woman whom your husband loves. Sometimes wonder why Ah agreed ta help her ... it wasn't foh her sake, so much as foh Remy's. Ah was a little hurt that he hadn't told me about her - didn't trust me enough ta tell me - even after she'd come back ta life. Ah guess everyone needs their secrets, includin' me. It's just that he had too many secrets an' way too much shame foh me ta deal with. Leavin' him ain't somethin' Ah was particularily proud of but Ah had ta do it. But that all comes later. At that stage, when Ah met Belle foh th' first time, Ah still was wearin' mah rosy-tinted spectacles, an' believin' that everythin' turned out foh th' best. Ah guess in some ways Ah wasn't too wrong.

New Orleans at night. The lights of the town stretched off into the horizon, a blaze of lights as infinite as the stars. Yet to the woman standing on the wrought-iron balcony of one of the mansions of the Vieux Carre, they were nothing. She remembered the early days of this town. Its origins as a simple farming community; the day in 1803 that the Stars and Stripes flew above it for the first time; the day that it was ravaged by brutal war between a nation, between brothers. She had been there. Her name was Candra and she was an External. The name itself was indicative of her status; she dwelt outside time, outside the concerns of mortality and, many might say, morality. She had seen many laws repealed and many instated; too many to follow any of them. Now, she lived her life by her own laws. With a sigh, she turned around and went back inside. The apartment was rich and sumptuous, containing everything that any mutant could ever want or need. Most of it had not been purchased, so much as appropriated by her guilds. She picked up a Ming vase reflectively, wondering why, in the midst of all this splendor, she was so bored, and why the sights of her prolonged life had left her with nothing more than a sense of extreme ennui. She flung the vase from her, little caring that it shattered against the wall, destroying a king's ransom. The only thing that vaguely interested her any more was playing games with people's lives - starting wars and destroying empires; splitting families and decimating love-affairs.

"Miroir, miroir contre la mur . . . qu'est-ce que vous me pouvez montrer que m'interessai aujourd'hui?"
[Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . what can you show me that will interest me today?]

The glassy surface misted slightly as if a cloud of smoke had passed over it, then cleared, revealing a young woman whose violet eyes glowed in hatred.

Candra smiled in recognition, her red lips curling back slightly.

"Et, comme la, le jeu commence..."
[And, like that, the game begins.]

The cool night air embraced her as she slid in and out of the shadows.

She had been born in this town and she knew it as well as her own backyard. More than that, she loved it. Belladonna Bourdeaux smiled at the scent of magnolias on the gentle breeze and the repetitive rifts of the blues that drifted from a nearby nightclub. She was at home in this city of stars. She looked at her husband, signalling that all was clear with a single nod of her golden head. He nodded back, his red eyes gleaming like something out of Dante's imagination.

"So, dis be Candra's mansion." He raised his eyebrows, "Pretty fancy, non?"

"Oui. You sneak in an' pinch de elixir while I dispatch de guards wit' ya friend's help." Belle looked significantly at the younger woman standing by Gambit. Her white streak shone silver in the moonlight and her eyes were luminous. Rogue smiled slightly at the man she loved.

"Guess we should get on with it, sugah." He grinned and kissed her on the top of her head, "Good luck, chere."

With a look of disgust on her face, Belle slowly moved out of the shadows and into the glaring lights of the courtyard. Rogue followed her, levitating slightly above the surface of the ground.

"No time t'waste." Gambit shrugged, climbing up the wall and pushing the window open, before becoming immersed in the darkness of the room.

Belle looked back. He wasn't there. She sniffed her approval of his skills, before looking around for possible assasailants. Something careened into her, knocking her onto the cobblestones.

"Watch out." Rogue's voice was urgent. "Y'all coulda gotten killed."

Belle glanced behind her, noticing the fresh bullet-holes on the wall.

"Merci, chere. I jus' hope y'don' expect de favor t'be returned."

"No." Rogue punched an unwary sniper off his perch on top of a nearby building, "Ah don't."

The assassin couldn't help but admire her rival's fighting style. The girl was a lethal weapon, dispatching all and sundry with no mercy. A sound behind her. Belle spun around instantly, foot connecting with the ribs of a hidden attacker. Cartilage cracked.
"Guess de sweetness is jus' a facade." She mused. "Sure got my husband fooled."

"I see why Remy admires you." Belle called as she flung a blade at an opponent. It embedded itself in his arm, causing him to drop his gun. "He always did have a soft spot f'r dangerous women."

By way of reply, the X-Man crushed a gun beneath her gloved hands, causing the would-be shooter to flee as fast as he possibly could. They were alone then, the guards having retreated to lick their wounds. The assassin wiped her forehead with a corner of her cape, getting rid of the sweat. She smiled slyly.

"Too bad he can't touch you, petite." Belle continued, "Show you jus' how much he loves you. How much he cares. Like he did wit' me."

Something snapped in Rogue. The cajun could see it in her eyes. They were cold; hating and grieving at the some time. She struck out at her adversary with more force than Belle would have thought her capable.

The older woman flew against the wall with a crash of body-armor and bones.

"Dat be good, petite." Belle slurred, "Strike out at me. Take de anger out on me though it be you dat you hate."

Rogue fell to her knees, frenzied sobs shaking her body.

"Why are y'all doin' this ta me?"

Standing up groggily, Belle walked over to the X-Man.

"B'cause you took away my husband."

"Ah didn't know ... Ah DIDN'T KNOW." Rogue screamed, her voice echoing through the quiet streets.

Tears streamed down the assassin's face, "Dat don't take away my pain. Y'death be de only t'ing dat do dat - den maybe Remy'll come back t'me."

The silver blur of the knife moved through the air and shattered before it reached the X-Man.

"What de -- ?" Belle looked around.

The woman standing nearby smiled as she blew her one fingertip. Her eyes sparkled beneath golden curls as she walked closer to the two women.

"Come now, Belladonna, I expected better hospitality from you. The young lady is a guest here, after all."

"Candra?" Belle gasped.

"Who?" Rogue echoed.

The External knelt, touching Rogue's face with one manicured fingertip.

The X-Man jerked her head away instinctively.

"Beautiful." She murmured. "What a pity."

"Pity?" The Mississippian echoed. "Why?"

"Pity that one of you will have to die this night."

A bolt of searing energy lit the landscape, surpassing the light of any stars or lamps. Belle felt her mind burn as she collapsed into darkness...

"Fascinating." Zodiac commented as she removed the psionic device from her forehead. "Who are these people, Essex?"

The tall man dressed in black and red smiled, revealing white, pointed teeth.

"My prodigal and his acquaintances."

"Prodigal? The thief worked for you then?"

"More than worked for me." Sinister stood, "Much, much more than worked for me."

"What do you mean?" Her forehead creased in confusion.

"A question for another time, perhaps." He leaned on the back of her chair, his breath hot on her neck. "Meanwhile, I must see more to know how to play this game."

Zodiac contained her disgust and nodded, replacing the helmet and becoming lost in a psionic reverie, sharing a life that was far distant from hers.

The darkness enveloped him as he crept silently through the darkened passageways. He paused before a door, knowing it to be Candra's inner sanctum; her adytum. Stooping, he oiled the brass hinges of the door to prevent treacherous sqeaks. Gambit smiled. At long last, he was doing that which he loved. His thoughts drifted, like the mist rolling in off the Mississippi, to the woman fighting for his wife's life in the courtyard. The woman who had proved to be the greatest challenge of them all. The woman simply known as Rogue. He wondered what she was doing; how she was coping with Candra's minions; if she too was thinking of him, then stopped as he remembered that he too had a job to do; that it was pointless worrying that she could be hurt. He pushed the large, polished doors open, revealing a scene that could have come out of his worst nightmares....

I still remember all dese years later walkin' into dat room an' not believin' my eyes. True enough, it was a t'ieves paradise, wit' enough riches t'make ya a millionaire a couple times over; wit' enough glister f'r it t'be de dream o' any playboy. I remember de look on Candra's face - de smirk dat said she'd won; dat de game was over. Y'see, she had both o' dem - both Roguey and Belladonna - in dese glass boxes. If  I'd been anyt'ing else but a gambler, I'd have given up right dere an' den. Unfortunately for Candra, I was not . . . .

"So, the prodigal son returns home to his benefactress . . . ."

"Save de guild-speak, Candra. I came t'save Belle's life, not t'make anyt'ing right wit' you."

"You were always the impertinent one, Remy. The one who dared the confront me, the unchallenged and uncrowned leader of the guilds. . . the one who fought against my control." She sighed slightly.

"But . . . Marius an' . . . an' mon pere, dey be de leaders." He exclaimed in shock.

Candra laughed, the sound similar the silvery tinkling of broken china.

"Pawns, I'm afraid. It is I who have the final say; who decide the eventual destiny of the thieves and assassins. And it is under my wings that the guilds prosper."

"Den why d'you offer us de Elixir o' Life in exchange for our loyalty?"

"It little profits me to have you die." She smiled, "I cannot use a dead man, after all."

"Does Jean-Luc leBeau know 'bout dis?"

"Of course. As does Marius Bordeaux." She shrugged, a lithe, cat-like gesture, "It allows them to keep their guilds under control; keeps internal strife at bay. Any other questions?"

"More of a demand, chere. Let dem go."

"And spoil the fun?" Her forehead creased, "Not yet."

"Y'got me . . . leave dem out of dis."

"Arrogant unto the end." She shook her head in disbelief, "Do you not realise it yet? Your life is as a blink of an eye to me. It does not matter what you do because I shall outlive you and the effects of your actions."

"Non, chere. Y'wish dat was true." He grinned, "Because, Candra, I got t'ya. F'r de first time in y'long life, y'found a man who wasn' afraid t'stand up t'ya an' look ya in de eye. Wasn' afraid t'disagree f'r fear o' gettin' zapped. Y'hated it but wanted more...."

"You are trying my patience with your prevarications." Her voice was flustered; she was losing control.

"Really, chere?" He looked at her, red eyes mischievious, "Or am I jus' makin' you feel alive?"

"Enough. What I feel is immaterial to this situation." She smoothed down her silk dress, "The heart of the matter is that it is you who must decide which is more important to you - love or duty?"


"Simply put, I have more than enough power to obliterate both your little X-Girl and your wife." She placed a finger on her lips, cautioning him to let her finish, "Yet . . . I am reasonable. I will let you choose who is to die and who is to live."

"Dat's insane, Candra. I can' make dat choice."

"But you must. A queen must die tonight. Is it to be Hearts or Spades? Black or White?"

He shook his head slowly, "I won' sentence either o' dem t'death. I can'."

"You can and you will, my thief." She smiled slyly, "But . . . wait . . . .Let me make the prize all the more richer. Choose Belle and she will be cured of the sickness brought on by the Elixir, restored to you; however, choose your sweet Rogue and I will make it so that you can touch her, show her how much you really do love her. The eternal choice between love and loyalty; duty and desire. It all rests on your shoulders."

"Either way I lose."

"Life is about choosing between two evils. Between two losses. There is usually no better option, no way to win."

"Non, chere." He grinned, a ghost of an earlier devillry. "If y'can't win, den it be time t'change de rules."

He released two cards almost simultaneously, shattering the glass cages in a show of electric brilliance. Candra's eyes blazed as an energy ball formed between her hands.

"You cheated."

"Oui. Y'don' like it, file a complaint wit' my lawyer."


"Maybe. But I be de fool who beat de great Candra."

"The game is not over yet."

The ball shimmered between her hands, energy glimmering in a deathly beautiful display of lights.

With a single gesture, she released it, throwing it at the thief. Gambit dived out of the way, rolling to his feet. His eyes shone red fire and his mouth was curved in a contemptuous glare. The air vibrated momentarily then exploded around Candra. The External fell down, bleeding, clutching the remnants of her gown to her.

"I beg t'differ, chere."

"You may have gotten the best of me for now, but watch your back, because when I return, there shall be no choice. Only death."

The room exploded into brilliance. White light blinding his preternaturally photosensitive eyes.

When he finally blinked the white smoke from his vision, she was gone like so much mist on a hot day. Gambit swore silently, he had hoped to defeat the ages-old enemy once and for all; to play the final card.

"Darlin'?" Her gentle Southern voice behind him made him temporarily forget about the External and her threats, "What on earth just happened?"

He turned around slowly to face the woman he loved. Rogue looked worried and he took her in his arms, holding her tight to forget.

"I charged de air molecules around her wit' kinetic energy.

"Mah Lawd. How many times have you done that b'fore?"

"Counting dis time? Once."

"Stupid as always." The affection in her voice belied the words, "You coulda been killed. Then what would Ah do?"

"Buy a black dress f'r a start." He tucked some errant strands of hair behind her ear. "Mourn for a while den find some other handsome young man."

"Ah'm serious."

"Oui. After all, who could possibly be half as handsome as me?"

"Remy." She smiled, half-bemused. "You're cocky as heck; more o' a rogue than Ah could evah hope ta be...."

"An' dose are my better qualities." Gambit teased.

"An', heaven knows why, but Ah love you in spite o' it all."

"Tandis que, Rogue. Y'love me f'r it."
[On the contrary]

"Yeah." She glanced down at her booted feet. "Ah do."

"Roguey." Gambit looked into her green eyes. "Kiss me."

"What?!?" Her face was shocked, horrified.

"I know dat if we touch, I could get hurt. More, you could get hurt, an' believe me, chere, dat's de last t'ing I want. But I'm willing t'take dat risk if you are."

"If you end up like Cody . . . ." She bit her lip.

"Shhh. Ain't gonna happen."

"Dat be right, my husband." Belle's voice interjected, "B'cause I won' let it."


Letting go of Rogue's hands, he turned around to face the woman who once was his wife.

"I be sorry dat we couldn't find de purgative."

She nodded, tears of fear and anger forming in her violet eyes.

"What am I to do now?"

Gambit was silent, the lack of words conveying his meaning perfectly.

"Dat's what I t'ought." Belle smiled wryly, "I die."

"Maybe not." Rogue said suddenly. "Y'all said th' Elixir was killin' you an' that you needed somethin' ta take it outta your system."

"Oui. De only t'ing dat could do dat was de purgative." Belle said impatiently, "By takin' away my powers and memories, I would in effect be reborn. Sans Elixir."

"I don' like where dis is goin'." Gambit muttered.

"What if there was someone who could do that foh ya? Who, by absorbing part o' what you are, could get rid o' th' Elixir?"

"Might work." Belle grimaced, "Ain't go not'ing t'lose."

"Are y'insane, girl?" Gambit asked. "What happens if it don't cure Belle an' you end up dyin' as well?"

"An' what if it does?" Rogue looked at her team-mate, "Ain't that worth th' risk?"

He nodded slowly, "Still don' like dis."

"Nor Ah, sugah."

"She would risk her life t'save me?" Belle whispered, "Why?"

"B'cause, believe it or not, Rogue is a generally decent an' noble person who does dat kinda t'ing in between savin' de world."

"Fine. Let's do it." Belle bowed her head.

"No matter what happens, darlin', Ah love you."

"I love you too, Rogue."

The young woman removed her gloves, revealing hands that could kill with a single touch; hands which that day might save Belladonna's life.

She touched her face...


Continued in Chapter 13.

1. The Vieux Carre is a name for the French Quarter. The name means Old Square.
2. Yes. On the 20th of December, 1803, Jefferson bought Louisiana from  France. <Blatantly Educational Aspect to Story>
3. Yeah. The motto of New Orleans is 'Under my wings, everything prospers.' <Blatantly useful piece of trivia>

TALK ABOUT A CLIFF-HANGER ENDING!!!! To find out what happens next, join me in Smoke and Mirrors 13. Will that fateful number prove unlucky for Rogue, Gambit or Belladonna? Here's hoping the best and dreading the worst!


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