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Lights in the Dark

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Author's Notes

-=Epilogue: Letter from Siberia=-

Irkutskiy Aeroport, 10 Yanvarya, 1998 g.

Lyubeznaya Katya,

please forgive me that I took so long to write, but it has been a busy week in Ust-Ordynsk. As you will remember, the Rasputins used (Russian Orthodox) Christmas as pretext for a big family get-together. I got to meet countless uncles and aunts I had never seen before who all wanted to have an explanation why I looked so old. At least in our family people aren't easily fazed. Piotr also was there, fresh from summer in the Savage Land. He sends his love.

You know Pryde, traveling through Limbo majorly sucks. I always end up losing touch with my contemporaries (at least this time by only about a couple of years) and that plays hell with my relationship to friends and relatives. I mean, you and Petya had already broken up when I, ahem, last left, but now he's 'sort of married' (his own words) to the queen of the Fall People? And that he has a six-year-old son?

That quite a few of my relatives suddenly got religion (well, with our family name that is probably just fulfilling people's expectations), and some even joining weird American and Japanese sects? Aunt Olga however still keeps the Red Flag flying and got into a major row with Uncle Vladilen.

Everything was so strange, so little was as I remembered it. But it was good to link with home and my family again. Please write soon.

Best fishes and a fond fondue,




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