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"Lightchylde Remastered"

Lightchylde Remastered

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Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in here, Marvel does. I'm also not making any money or anything else off doing this.
Note: This is a re-write sort of thing. A few years ago I stated writing a story called Lightchylde, but I was never happy with it. (It's on Fonts of Wisdom, FicWorld, and a few other sites if interested) It was also my first time writing Fan-Fiction. I still get good responses to it in email every now and then. Even though I don't plan on finishing that version of it, I thought I should do something with it. Well earlier this year I had some time on my hands and started to re-write it. Well, itís finally done, and Iíll be sending out a part every few day or so.
It also loosely ties into a fic I wrote call "A Cold Clear Night" But by no means do you have to read that fic to know what is going on here. Itís a fic about Bobby, and if read it will explain whatís going on with him. But since he is not a main character here, itís no big deal. If you want to read it, one place itís at (un)frozen.
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Lightchylde Remastered


There are demons everywhere. No matter where I turn, there they are. My spells arenít working the way I want. What can I do? Demons are raining down from the sky and itís all my fault! If Iíd never opened that portal none of this would have happened. But I had to open it, or we were all dead. Everything I touch turns to shit. I went away. I learned, like Destiny told me to. Why is this happening to me!?!

Iíve gotta fix this, no matter what. I canít mess up this time. No matter what Iíve got to send these demons back to Limbo. Iím their mistress. Iím responsible for what theyíve done to Manhattan.

My sword! Thatís the key. It interrupts spells. If I use it on the portal itíll shut it down. The spell holding open the doorway to Limbo will collapse. But if I release all that magical energy it could destroy me. What do I do?!?

Hell, Iím damned anyway. Might as well go out doing something good. Maybe this will be the redemption Iíve sought all these years. Here goes nothing!

Oh GOD!! Iím being pulled in. But so are the demons. I canít go back to Limbo though. Iíve got to do something. Itís so bright. Iím almost to the portal. What can I do? Hurry, think of something. Thatís it, Iíve got...


Continued in Chapter 1.


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