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NOTES (Revised, 7/98)

1. This story takes place shortly after Rogue absorbed Belladonna.

2. A special aknowledgement to a wonderful book, "My Life With the Baoule", which was the basis for many of the rituals/rites described in the story. The Baoule is a West African tribe with a religion based on nature spirits. I don't know if it has ever been stated what specific group Ororo lived with, but when I read this, I thought it fit in very well with what I know of her beliefs and her background. If you get a chance, read it.

3. As before, feel free to distribute the story by e-mail for your own enjoyment. But please don't repost or add to a homepage without my permission.

4. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

5. Finally, a very special thank you to some very special people: Hhamster, Hawk and Kate--I really appreciate your friendship, your encouragement and your thoughtful replies.


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