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"The Archetype Association"

The Archetype Association

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The Archetype Association

Author's Notes

This story actually started almost a year ago, and has been changing steadily ever since I began it. It's sort of my attempt to see what would happen if I crossed the X-Men with a Vertigo book.

I will freely admit that the timeline on this is not very exact, since my writing style tends to consist of several days of frantic typing followed by several weeks of formulating the next part in my head. But as a general guideline, try this:

This story diverges from regular continuity just before Fatal Attractions, but some parallels remain. While Logan never lost his adamantium, and Magneto was never mind-wiped, Colossus did leave the team and go to Excalibur, and Jubilee is in Generation X. So, for clarity's sake, let's say that the first scene of the first chapter takes place four to five months before the time period covered by X-Men 25.

Purists will note that Gambit does not appear in the story. I honestly haven't decided what role, if any, Gambit will play in The Archetype Association. As will become clear in just a few chapters, I have other plans for Rogue.

Comments and constructive criticisms are appreciated. Please send them to me at


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