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"Confusing the Issue"

Confusing the Issue

Warning: Adult material, explicit sexual content.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Confusing The Issue

Part Three

Twenty minutes later, naked, and arching from her touch, he felt as though he would die at any moment. Rogue had touched him everywhere, as if memorializing his body, leaving no patch of skin neglected. The silk gloves made her hands even softer than they were naturally, a sensation that only added to his torment. He had hardened only a short time after she had begun touching him -- only a subconscious response that this was Rogue and that he should not react to her had held him at bay, and once he was able to struggle past that, all of the old desire he had felt for Rogue from the first came surging back.

If she had done this earlier, if he had not already achieved orgasm earlier with Remy, he would have already ejaculated, unable to take the sensual teasing on top of the toll his weeks of forced restraint had imposed upon him.

But he had already had one orgasm, and his body seemed capable of stretching this out an infinite amount of time, as long as he remained deprived of direct contact with the part of him that wanted it the most.

The scarf floated down over his face, and he focused on Rogue's lips and hair as she bent down to kiss him through the thin, sheer silk. He wanted to take her head in his hands and hold her, but did not dare. He could hardly concentrate on his own thoughts for more than a moment at a time, much less the magnetic shield that he would need to protect himself against Rogue's powers.

"So," a drawling voice asked from the other end of the bed, "do you b'lieve now dat de man wants you?"

Rogue pulled away from Joseph, and he moaned a little at being deprived of contact with her.

"Ah think so."

Remy's laugh was as rich and rippling as it had been the night before, and Joseph felt as much caressed by it as he did by Rogue's hands. "C'mere, chere, and look at dis."

Unlike Rogue, Gambit had no restraints on how he could touch Joseph. Now, he leaned his hip and part of his torso against Joseph's thigh, winking at the other man before returning to grinning at Rogue. Joseph drew in his breath sharply at that warm contact.

Gambit's body was touching his, and even through the other man's robe, he could feel heat spreading from the Cajun to him. A heat that was missing from Rogue's teasing touch. She was cautious about how she touched him, even with the sheet between their bodies -- and that was the best thing for all of them -- but it left him exposed and without much in the way of physical reassurance. The kind of physical reassurance that Gambit was now giving him unthinkingly, casually.

I must have some twistedness buried in my psyche that the first woman I fall in love with is someone whom I can't fully touch. When I can touch her, I have to be emotionally closed off to do it. When she touches me, we're separated by a different kind of barrier. Of space as much as silk. What does this say about me, or about the man I really am, but can't remember?

Silk trailed over his erection, a whisper soft caress that could only have come from the scrap of silk. Joseph raised his head to see Gambit demonstrating on him to what effect that item could be used.

Rogue giggled, and took the scarf, imitating Gambit's actions and giggling more when Joseph's penis bobbed in response to that tantalizing touch.

She hardly seemed to realize that he was there at all. Joseph wondered how much more he could take of being a sexual experiment.

Then the silk wrapped around his erection, and his head fell back onto the bed, as he forgot about thought and concentrated on sensation, thrusting into that elusive caress.

His hands clutched at the bed, and one of them was taken in a strong grip and held. Flesh against flesh. Gambit.

His need for physical contact met, Joseph relaxed into the tension then, letting it build as it would. The silk slipped against his skin, tantalizing him without giving him enough contact to give him any hope of actually finding any release this way.

Conversation went on around him, and he took no notice of it.

"Now what do Ah do, Remy?"

"'Pends on what you want t'do, chere. T'ink dat Joseph appreciate just about whatever you want t'do."

"Like what?"

A laugh. "Like dis." A hand stroked his penis, touching him lightly, yet more firmly than the scrap of silk fabric ever could, sliding along his hot, stretched skin.

A silk-clad hand joined it, and his hips rocked with the motion of the two hands touching him. They explored him, tested his textures and his reactions, seeing what kind of groans they could draw from him.

But there was no rhythm. No steady pressure, and he found himself opening his mouth to beg, "Please... finish it. Please..."

He didn't hear the reply, if there were a reply. All Joseph knew was that the touch stopped entirely, and he cried out, in frustration and pain. "No! -- Please... you have to... let me..."

"Now do you b'lieve dat he wants you?" Gambit's dark voice asked.

"Ah think Ah do," came Rogue's wondering voice.

"D' you want t'give de man what he wants, chere? 'Cause he does want it, b'lieve me, he does."

"Ah don't think Ah could," she said, glancing doubtfully at Joseph's erection. "Ah mean, Ah thought I could when we started this. But Ah've never... well..."

"Know what you mean -- but you sure? Gambit t'ink dat the man appreciate your attention."

"Please, Remy--" she said, anxiety in her voice. "This is just all too much for me. Ah--" she blushed, "--just barely lost my virginity and this is..."

Joseph registered the anguish in Rogue's voice, in the voice of the woman who had just brought him to this state of need. Desire to finish this encounter in any way possible warred with the need to comfort her. "Rogue! It's all... right," he interrupted, panting. He sat up, trying to reach out to her. "I... I'll be fine. You don't have to do anything. I don't mind."

Rogue's expression became more pained as she recoiled from him.

Gambit intervened. "Non, Joseph. You don't have t'do dat. Gambit take care of you. An'--" he addressed himself to Rogue, "de man so desperate dat he offering to forget dat you got him all riled up. Take dat as a compliment, chere, 'cause it is."

Joseph looked between them both, mind still too overwhelmed by his body's needs to be able to follow Gambit's thought-process.  His expression was full of fear and attenuated desire. "Please... I'll be okay--"

"Yes, you will," Gambit said, gently pushing him back down onto the bed. "You be just fine. Let Gambit help you out."

And then that marvelous mouth was once again on his penis, and Joseph forgot about Rogue. Forgot about his offer to stop wanting.  Forgot about everything but the fulfillment that was rushing through him.

He cradled Gambit's head in his hands, hardly aware of doing so, fingers combing through the mop of red-brown hair. He did not grab or demand -- this was a gift, and he knew it, if he could know anything at all at that moment.

There was no build-up in tension, no warning. One moment, the unbearable agony of wanting held him -- the next, his world was a sharp vastness of release, the sensation like pain, but the kind of pain that he needed now. Joseph held his breath as the feeling lasted longer than he thought it could possibly last, then exhaled in panting gasps as it passed through him. He shivered, trembling with his reaction to that climax as Gambit continued his attentions until Joseph had become nothing more than a boneless, unresisting puddle of flesh on the bed.

Remy moved up, grinning. "Trust me, chere, he wanted dat bad." He made as if to lie down on Rogue's other side so that the woman would be between the two men, but Joseph roused himself enough to protest, grabbing Remy's arm to tug him down.

Gambit raised his eyebrows. "What you want, cher?"

Joseph couldn't speak yet, couldn't articulate his thoughts.  But he knew what he needed. He tugged again, and Gambit acquiesced, coming to lie between a sheet-clad Rogue and Joseph. Joseph found the strength to curl up against Gambit, then collapsed, tugging at the robe Gambit had donned earlier until he felt the reassuring warmth of bare skin against his, and knowing that this was where he wanted to be.

Not with Rogue.

The thought should have bothered him, but at the moment, nothing could bother him.

"Thank you," Joseph said, slipping into sleep.

Gambit regarded him with a tender smile. "You're welcome, mon ami."

Rogue was wide-eyed. "Wow. Ah didn't know that was possible." She blushed. "Ah mean, Ah know it's possible, but Ah didn't know Ah could do that to someone."

Remy's smile turned to Rogue, becoming broader, a caricature of a leer. "You can do lots of things, p'tite. Remind me to show you all of dem."

"Today?" she squeaked.

He grinned. "Gambit hadn't planned on dat, but seein' as how he's in bed wit' an apparent nymphomaniac, guess he doesn't have a lot of choice."

"Why, Ah ought to..."

His grin grew wider. "No need t'use force on me, chere. Unless you like dat kind of t'ing."

She glared at him and nestled under his arm, protected from contact with his skin both by the sheet and his robe. "Just shut your mouth, Cajun. Before Ah forget that Ah like you."

Gambit was about to drift off as well when Rogue asked sleepily, "So why is Joseph sleeping next to you and not me?"

Discretion was the better part of valor, wasn't it? Remy pretended to be asleep, and in a few short breaths, the pretense was the truth as he, too, fell into an exhausted, sated slumber.


-the end-


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