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Claremont's Return

Stories by babeeblue_angel

"Nothing's Changed"
It hurts Wolverine to see Rogue in pain after her breakup with Gambit, but when he decides to intervene, he realizes that Rogue isn't the only one who's hurting.


Nothing's Changed

It was sunset.  The pink and purple sky hovered serenely over the extensive mansion grounds, while the clouds all seemed to float to give way to the night sky.  Logan was admiring the view from the mansion's rooftop.  It was one of those few precious moments in life that you remember forever.  Logan was deep in thought.  A lot of changes had occurred in the X-men's life recently.  Some members weren't there.  New members were coming in.  New leaders had been assigned.  But the change that stood out to him was the change in Rogue.  She had been ... different lately.  She was usually upbeat and smiling, even when times got rough.  But lately she had been quiet and kept to herself.  Sure she was loud and barked out orders like a drill sergeant when she was being the leader of the X-men. But when she was just being herself, it wasn't the same.  It was all that danged Cajun's fault...

"Oh.  Sorry.  Didn't know the roof was already taken."  Rogue said as she floated in the air.  "Ah'll just go and..."

"No.  Stay.  I was just thinkin' ‘bout you, actually."  He patted the spot next to him.

"Really?  What's there to think about, sugah?"  She said as she sat down next to him.

"You just haven't been yourself lately."

"You know, just because ah haven't been all smiles doesn't mean that ah haven't been mahself.  Ah've just been mah quiet self.  Is that wrong?"

"No.  Just not used to your quiet self.  Didn't even know you had one of those."

"Ha. Funny."

"Well, funny enough to make you smile, darlin'.  I miss seein' one of those on your face."

"Ah guess ah haven't been very fun to be around lately.  Sorry."

"No need for you to apologize.  It's that Cajun's fault."

"Umm ... well ... yeah."  Rogue didn't want to admit that Remy could have this effect on her.  She certainly deserved an award for the act she put on in front of him.

"I warned him.  He breaks your heart, I break his leg."  He was already planning his attack.  First harsh actions then harsh words.

"Don't.  He'll think I ran to you and asked you to beat him up for me.  Then ah'll seem even more pathetic than ah do now."  She sighed.  "He sees through it.  The front ah put up when he's around.  He probably even feels sorry for me!  Ugh!"

"He was never worth your time.  Not even a second of it."


"...Yeah ... he was."  She said in almost a whisper.  "No one ever made me feel the way he did when ah was with him.  It was like nothing else mattered but me and him.  Nothing else existed.  He took all mah fears away and made me forget mah worries.  He made me feel special ... he told me ah was beautiful."  The tears were falling now. 

Logan didn't know what to say.  So he just held her in his arms and let her cry.  When she calmed down they watched the rest of the sunset together.

"Hey.  I smell dinner.  Were havin' your favorite.  Angel hair pasta with buttered toast on the side.  I asked Jeanie to make it specially for you."

Rogue managed a smile.  "Thanks, sugah."

Rogue was her chatty self during dinner.  Logan knew it was fake, but it was better than her quiet self.  While everyone else was talking and laughing, he was busy deciding what forms of torture he was going to put the Cajun through.

After dinner, he finally decided that a straight blow to the head would be sufficient, followed by a good old fashioned "If you go near her ever again!"  speech ... when he came to.

He spotted his target in the shadows of the living room doorway.  Remy just stood there.  Watching.  Logan would have seized that perfect opportunity to put his plan into action but something stopped him in his tracks.

The look on Remy's face.  It was ... familiar.  It was the same look that was on Rogue's face when she was talking about him earlier.  The look of pain and desperation accompanied by such hopelessness that it pained even the people who saw it on those who bore it.

After a while, Remy turned and headed for his room.  Logan was very curious as to what had caused the Cajun to experience the same pain he was putting another through.  So he looked.  And what he saw told him all he needed to know. 

In the living room was Rogue, cuddled against Peter on the couch.  They were watching Iron Chef.  That was Rogue and Remy's show.  They would always watch it together when it came on and laugh at the outfits Chairman Kaga wore.  He knew that Peter was only the rebound guy.  He suspected Peter knew it himself.  But Rogue acted like she thought Peter was the best thing that ever happened since sliced bread.

And so it was finally all clear to him.  Nothing's changed.

Remy still loved Rogue as much as she still loved him.  But they were both too stubborn or too clueless to say anything.  Maybe it was the best thing for now.  He knew that they would always love each other.  Maybe now's the time that they were supposed to confront and deal with their pasts so they could move forward when they got back together in the future.  They need time to be able to accept themselves, and eventually come to love themselves for you can't love another without loving yourself.  Who knows?  Maybe time will even heal old wounds and make their love stronger. 

Logan smiled.  He turned around to climb up the stairs and went to bed.




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