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After Gambit's Return

Stories by Keri Wilson

"Another Time, Another Place"
The X-Men as they may have been during the Regency period, circa 1800 in the United Kingdom region. (Unfinished.)

"Sek, Lies and Videotape"
(with RogueStar)
After their wedding, Rogue and Gambit record a farewell message of sorts for Sehkmet Conoway. Sillyfic.

"An X-Mas Story"
Rogue and Gambit spend the holidays together and try to make amends for past wrongs.


Web site: Gambit and Rogue no miko

Misc: Keri also is a contributor to the online magazine Sequential Tart, writing mostly about anime and manga.

Here's a little seasonal story from me. Fairly light, only one suggestive remark in it. Happy Holidays!
Characters are Marvels, no profit was made from this.

"A very Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year,
Let's hope it a good one,
Without any fears" (1)

The skaters glided or stumbled around Rockefeller Center's ice rink to the music. Others watched from the sides. Two of those observers were the X-men Gambit and Rogue.

"Whew Remy, yah gonna buy out all o' Macy's next?" Rogue nodded her head toward the substantial pile of purchases beside him.

"Oui, and I'll give it all to you." Remy grinned flirtatously.

"Yah never change." She smirked.

"An dat why you love me, neh?"

Rogue playfully stuck out her tongue at him.

"Could t'ink of a few t'ings I like dat tongue t' be doing..."

"Shame on yah Remy, there are children nearby..." Rogue mock scolded him, but blushed as well.

"I'm sorry chere, Remy just a bad boy." The tone was light, but Rogue saw a touch of sadness in his eyes.

"Remy...ah'm not judging yah. Yoah the most kindhearted, generous-"

"No I'm not."

"Yes, yah are Remy LeBeau! Yah just too hardheaded tah see it! Yah have the lowest self-esteem- oh god Remy, ah'm sorry. Ah'll go get us some coffee tah warm us up."

Rogue got up fast and almost ran away. When she got far enough away that Remy couldn't see her she slapped herself on the forehead. Girl, yah an expert at openin' yoah mouth and insertin' yoah foot!
First yah insult him foh somethin' that's not his fault, then yah have tah say somethin' about warmin' up from the cold, remindin' him of Antartica! Sometimes yah'd be better off keeping yoah mouth shut.

Rogue continued to berate herself while she waited in line for the coffee. She blamed herself in part, because she hadn't been able to overcome Remy's momentary sucidial urge when she absorbed his thoughts. She had later and searched for him numerous times, but by that time that horrid green mist woman had sunk her claws into poor Remy. Remy had ridden himself of the parasitic creature only recently. She knew he still had nightmares about Antartica and  that monster. She and Hank had helped Remy fight the "bebette"(2) out of him and into a containment system. She had a few nightmares about that experience. First watching Remy scream with pain as he tried to push it out of himself, then feeling that stabbing ice cold pain as she used her power to force it to come out of Remy. Then as it became tangible Hank slammed a containment field around it. If they hadn't suceeded....that was what happened in her nightmares. Rogue shuddered.

Stop thinkin' about that girl, it's over and we did suceed. Think about Christmas....wonder what  surprise dish Remy will make this year? If it was like last year... Rogue grinned, remembering how the members who hadn't sampled Remy's Cajun food had got a surprise as all the spices hit their tongues. Experienced members had wisely taken small bites of the great, but highly spiced food.

As she weaved her way back through the crowds she caught glimpses of Remy just staring at the ice skaters, not looking at anything else. As she got closer she realized he wasn't really looking at the skaters. His eyes had a far away look to them and he was singing something very softly. He was singing the song playing for the skaters. And she swore she saw some tears there in his eyes.

"Little baby
Pa rum pum pum pum,
I am a poor boy too"
Pa rum pum pum pum.
I have no gift to bring,
Pa rum pum pum pum,
That's fit to give our king-"(3)

Remy abruptly cut off his singing when he saw Rogue and quickly blinked his eyes and grinned.

"Merci, chere. Both de lady an de coffee are welcome sights to dis Cajun."

Rogue snuggled up to Remy, and said, "Ah heard yah singing. Yah have a nice singin' voice."

"So do you, chere. A pretty alto."

"Yah have any music trainin' when yah were a kid?"

"A little. Was a choir boy for a year, before my voice changed."

"Cain't-" Rogue stopped herself, she wouldn't say it, wouldn't insult him.

"See me as a choirboy." Remy completed the sentence and smirked at her. "Sound like something more like Cyc do, neh?"

Rogue laughed, "But have yah heard him sing?"

Remy winced, "Poor Jean, neh?"

"Well yah cain't be great at everything."

"Dat's true..."

Remy was about to drift back into self hate mode, Rogue recognized the tone of voice.

"Remy, ah'm gonna convince yah that yah are a good person, even if it takes me fifty years!"

Silence from Remy. Then, "You t'ink so chere, you t'ink dis Cajun boy isn't so bad?"

"Ah know so!"

"I...merci, chere."

Rogue looked Remy in the eyes, did she see a little spark of hope there? Maybe there was something else she could say to make sure that spark was there and stayed alive.

"Ah love yah Remy. Ah know what and who yah are and ah love yah."

"An I do you, mon amour, jus' as you you are."

They gazed into each others eyes, knowing at this moment they had both overcome one their inner obsticles. The road ahead wouldn't be easy for them, but maybe now it wouldn't be quite so difficult.

Snow began to fall.

"Bleech. Snow, let's go home Remy."

"Whatever ma cherie wishes is dis Cajun command."

Rogue giggled, "Don't yah ever stop doing that." She said mock sternly.

"Okay, chere." He said as he winked at her.

The gifts had all been given and the Christmas dinner eaten. The X-men were drifting off with whoever they wished to spend the rest of the evening with.

"Chere, got somet'ing I wanted to give to now." Out of his suit jacket he pulled out a small box and handed it Rogue.

Rogue gasped as she opened the box, it was a heart shaped ruby with small diamonds around it on a delicate gold necklace. A card was attached. "Ma coeur `a vous" (4) it said.

She put the necklace on and hugged him tight. Then she said, "Ah got somethin' special for you too. She gently broke out of their embrace and quickly flew up to Ororo's room.

"Hi, `Ro -- came for Remy's gift." Ororo noticed the necklace and smiled. " A beautiful gift."

"Oh it is! Ah hope this is just as special tah him as his gift is tah me."

"I am sure it will be child."

Rogue picked up the big vase of multicolored roses she had hidden in Ororo's room. Ororo had obligingly made sure the scent of the roses stayed out of the rest of the house.

Remy's eyes widened in surprise when Rogue handed him the vase.

"Yah aways givin' me roses so ah thought ah give yah some. An' ah want yah tah know what all these colors mean. The white is foh the sweet little boy who wanted someone to love him and be a family tah him. The yellow is for the joy yah gave me when yah came intah my life. The blue is foh yah loyality and respect foh me, even when ah didn't deserve it. The pink is for your courtin' being so sweet, and the the red is foh yah beautiful eyes and your passion that stirs mah heart. and all together it says ah believe in yah, Remy LeBeau."(5)

This time it was Remy's turn to hug Rogue tight.

(1) "Happy X-mas/War Is Over"- John Lennon and Yoko Ono
(2) Bebette- what Remy called the green mist woman, it means parasite in French.
(3) "Little Drummer Boy" -Harry Simeone and Harry Onorati
(4) French - my heart, yours
(5) This was a response to the stupidly written reaction Rogue had to Remy giving her the one white rose. Rogue should know the meaning of flowers, and I rightly wrote her this way here.


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