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After Gambit's Return

Stories by Nicole Kes

"Please Come Home for Christmas"
Rogue tries to make the most of her Christmas despite her disappointment over Gambit's moodiness and avoiding of her.


Web site: Steel Magnolia

Thanks to Southern Nightingale for helping me in the accents and for the same time beta-reading it, luv ya Southern!
All characters depicted here are Marvel's so no no suing ;) BTW Rogue is the one telling the story.
Finally enjoy and Merry Christmas!

23rd of December, Xavier Mansion 10:00 P.M

Tis' two days befoah Christmas, t' holiday spirit can be seen all ovah t'streets, wit t' usual Christmas rush, an' children wit' happiness an' excitement read in their eyes.

Mutants like me, even recognized as outcasts enjoyed t' same feeling. Even if we hav' ta be kept hidden from t' eyes of humankind. We live Christmas quite normal. Especially in Prof Xavier's place - our place - where others of mah kind live t' season in a simple way, with the works of  Christmas trees, gift-givin', decorations and lights all ovah the huge  estate an' love.

Ah was in mah room, frantically waitin' for mah man, well at least foh me, Ah wanted ta give him somethin' special, Ah was so excited. He promised ta be here about six, but now, he's not yet heah. Ah decided ta sneak in outside an' listen ta t' others conversation, to entertain mahself a bit, Ah jis, don' hav' t' mood ta join in. So Ah snuck outside.

"I have never hoped for a better Christmas than this" T' same frank tone of t' Prof declared. "Finally, we are together again my students, although I wished even all of the other ex X-Men would be here" he continued.

All of mah teammates are wit' him, namely Shadowcat, t'youngest, Storm, mah best friend, Colossus, anotheah of mah trusted friends, Nightcrawler, mah good kindly foster brother, Wolverine, the ageless old friend of mine and Marrow, t' girl Ah wouldn't hope ta know, at least for now, thangs can change raht?.

Prof' sighed. "I had wanted for a good ending, I wish still that all of us Mutants are feeling the same happy feeling"

"Well not all," Wolverine, or Logan, replied huskily. "Not for some mutant upstairs"

That jerk, he's talkin' about me again, he always did, if somethin' happens ta me, he'll be the first one ta bring it up! That's what friends are anyways.

"Rogue, what could she be doing alone up there?" Storm asked worriedly.

"Mein sister is waiting for her man, Gott That Gambit hasn't been home all day." Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner answered in an uneasy voice.

Ah turn on a disappointed look. He's raht, Gambit didn't even care ta spend time home, everyday since this week, he's out, he'll come home early in the morning, late midnight, times Ah cain't see him. Ah was so damn worried Ah'm pulling mah neck off. Ah jis hope he's Ok foh t' mean time, or maybe he doesn't like me anymoah, Ah hate sayin' that.

Ah decided Ah need some cooling wit' mah friends, ta keep me better. Ah'm beginnin' ta despair again, Gawd, it just won't stop!

So Ah went down, sad-looking.

Ah paused in a stairstep an' frowned. "He's not heah yet, raht?"

"No Rogue, why won't ya join us for a moment" Colossus urged.

Ah took a sigh an' nodded, that's all Ah need maybe, Ah went down an' walked in t' huge a' enlightened room. Ah took a look of t' tall Christmas we hav' decorated wit' ribbons an' a star which befoah Ah had often referred to as 'hope-giver' But then now Ah saw it nothin' but some stupid yellow plastic carved material.

"Remy promised me he'll be home at six" Ah sat on the numb sofa beside Storm grumblin'. "Why is he not coming back yet!"

"Rogue," Ororo comforted as she placed a hand on mah left shoulder. "Maybe he has some private affairs that he needs to --"

"Private affairs?! Ah'm so tired of 'em! Ah'd wish --"

Then Ah heard A slam of a door that brought back silence in t' room. A tall dark figure crossed the room.

It was Remy alraht.

Ah felt a least secured but more angrier ta him fer not keepin' his promise.

Remy had that playful look again, "Ooooh, what a kodak moment huh?" Remy chuckled smilin'. "Envies me de most"

"Where hav' ya been Remy?" Ah asked impatiently.

Remy gave me an innocent smile. "Oh, hang-out wit' some guys in downtown, I was goin' to shop but--"

"Ah don't want any of yer excuses!" Ah thundered. "Ya promised y'all be home at six, Ah waited
for you!"

Remy faced down.

"Don't look away from me LeBeau, Ah'm still talkin' to you!"

Remy gave a faint look at me that brought me down. "Chere, I wish I could tell you..."

Mah mouth hung open after his words. Remy gave a small smile an' proceeded upstairs ta his room.

"What's that Cajun's problem?" Logan muttered.

Colossus shook his head slowly. "M'be it's because of some ghost lady he said before"

Then mah eyes widened. "Ghost lady?" Ah suddenly remembered, like a flashback o' a lady Ah saw in Remy's mind. Remy promised me he'll tell me about it, but in t' mean time he hadn't.

Ah hav' ta know t' truth! Ah quickly followed Remy up the stairs t' have a confrontation, another confrontation.

Ah searched foh his room, when Ah did, Ah immediately knocked on the door.

"Remy ..."

Silence answered me.

Ah pleaded. "Remy ... please, open the door"

"Cain't talk now chere ..." Remy answered quite pitifully.

Damn, he's so stubborn! Here am Ah again, facing the bigggest problem o' mah life! Ah thought "Please Remy, There's so much time ya already hav' alone, Ah wanna help"

"You cain't help me ... "

Now Ah realized somethin' was definitely wrong, Ah became worried ta Remy again, Ah thought it was that Sinister again barging in his life! Or m'be, Erik the Red? Someone .. more dangerous?

But Ah stayed firm, this time, Ah promised mahself, Ah would not do anythin' stupid again, like leavin' him in Antarctica, Ah'm gonna face it right now!

"Yes Ah can Remy, ya've said always that we'll take our problems together, ya promised ta tell me about it!"

"I cain't Rogue! I just cain't sil vous plait Rogue, leave me alone!"

His words cut off mah heart bare. Ah felt tears comin' down, Ah cain't believe he said that. Ah wish Ah was just dreamin' that somebody ... somebody could wake me up ...

Storm came in mah aid wit' Colossus, they started comfortin' me, but Ah didn't felt any better, Ah fell on t' floor cryin'.

Wolverine snarled. "Why that son of a --"

"No! Logan please don't!" Ah cried out. "Leave him alone ..."

24th of December 7:00 A.M.

'Twas mornin' Ah woke up t' earliest, Ah decided ta hav' milk an' watch some television.

Ususally befoah, Ah was excited foh Christmas dinner, t' team's traditions. Then we hav' exchange gifts then it was magic. Ah love those days when it's more than a party ... a get-together, it's love Ah felt ... But Ah was sad in spendin' it now, Ah'm not feelin' enlightened at all, not like befoah Ah used ta buy outfits for t' event. Get excited wit' others' gifts ... today was just ... normal...

In t' kitchen, Ah heard sounds, just as Ah thought, it was Remy pickin' somethin' in t' kitchen. Ah approached t' kitchen wit' light steps, but Ah was too noisy for his instincts.

"Who --" Remy glared at me from the refrigerator door, Ah turned on a smile.

"Hi" Ah greeted faintly.

"Hi yaself" He smiled grimly an' was returnin' t' milk in a carton.

"Ah'll need that ... "

"Sure" He smiled at me, handing me t'carton.

Ah accepted it, takin' it by holdin' his hands. Touchin' it.

"Thanks" He let go immediately like Ah was some parasite.

Ah frowned, he looked away. "Remy ..." Ah started. "Why ignorin' me all t' sudden?"

"I hav' to go Rogue" He made his way from me.

"No!" Ah pulled his arms. "Tell me raht now, even if it hurts me, Ah jis cain't take all of this pretendin'! Ah'll take it whatever it is, jis tell me what's goin on!"

"No .. not ... yet t' time" He answered me helplessly. "Is it her Remy, t' one Ah saw in your mind?"

"No" Remy answered. "I admit she isn't bargin' me anymore ..."

Ah was bewildered. "Then what?"

"Chere" He looked me deep in mah eye. "As much as I wanted to ... no ... maybe ... we should be separated for a moment"

"What? ...." That was torture foh me Gawd how he could do this, Ah wouldn't take that answer.

"Why Remy?" Ah asked. "A moment ... would take years ta me!"

"Jis listen ta me girl, I know what I'm doin' ... just leave me understand?" He left me wit'out mah answer...

Feeling sad again, Ah wept. As Ah always did. How he could do this ta me? Ah thought. Isn't his love strong enough ta fight foh me? Doesn't he love me that much?

Maybe he doesnt, he doesn't feel anythin' foh me anymoah. 'Cause Ah left him in Antarctica, God it's all mah fault...

24th of December 6:00 P.M.

Just hours away till Christmas, didn't notice it. Raht now Ah saw visitors coming, Sam Guthrie, Bobby, Scott and Jean, Betsy an' Warren, t' whole Gen X and t' X-Force. We had other friends dropped by, Cecilia there as Beast is. Maggott is heah too. Ah heard their laughs, their exclaim o' joy, Ah ssaw their undisputed smiles an' unendin' happiness.

It was snowin' also, despite int'weather changed whatever it snowed. So it was a White Christmas, for them ... for me it was a blue one.

Everone is dressed up, everythin' is decorated an' prepared well. Some dishes are not yet comin'. Ah was supposed ta bake Christmas cookies -- Ah do it everytime. Now, Ah don't.

It supposed ta be one o' t' most touchin' an' magical moments of mah life. But raht now ... Ah felt cryin', Ah thought mahself stupid. But Ah've said ta mahself then that as long as Gambit's heah, Ah'll be happy, but even raht now, he's not yet heah.

Ah was fully dressed up wit' a velvet long-sleeved off shouldered silk dress that reached till mah knees. Mah hair wit' a bun once again an' some simple cosmetics, Ah hav' purty earrings to, courtesy o' Jean. And glittering necklaces, that's courtesy o' Betsy, Ah hav' stockin's an' a high heeled purple shoes ta match mah outfit . People theah say Ah'm definitely gorgeous an' 'dressed ta kill'. But it meant nothin' ta me. Nothin'.

Ah hid away from people avoidin' conversation. But Bobby caught me.

"Rogue, hi, you're not going to greet your ... old friend!" Bobby placed his hand on mah shoulders.

"Well ... hi" Ah smiled meekly. "Listen Bobby .. Ah'm not in a mood foh a co--"

"Rogue in case you didn't know, it's CHRISTMAS, FOR PETE'S SAKE!" Bobby exclaimed loudly.

"Ah know that bull! Just please don' disturb me" Ah headed for mah room but Bobby won't take his grip off mah wrist.

"Bobby," Ah repeated. "D'ya mind?"

"Yes I do" Bobby gave me a serious look. "It's that Cajun again huh?"

"Don't tell me about him!" Ah let go from his grip. Ah started foh t' stairs. "Ah'm sorry Bobby as much As AH want ta enjoy Christmas, it just cain't be" Ah ran up angrily cryin' again. Mah eyes are so tired doin' that.

Ah barged in mah room and locked it. And cried mahself on mah bed, Ah decided ta open t' radio.

It hit directly t'mah favorite station, it has always been me an' Remy's favorite station. Ah guess he might be listenin' heah, whatevah.

"Merry Christmas New York!" The happy DJ greeted. "Just Five hours an' it's Christmas time! Good Evenin' it's John Steel here waitin' for your Christmas requests!"

Ah felt like possessed, Ah was tremblin' grabbin' t' receiver from mah phone an' dialed t'station's number.

"Yes, we have a caller! Your name please ..."

Mah eyes felt sore. " .... Rogue ..."

"Pardon me"

"It's Rogue"

"Well yes, Rogue" Ah noticed the DJ's voice sounded strange. "What is your request?"

"'Please come home foh Christmas' by Bon Jovi" Ah answered, controlling mahself from cryin'.

"Yup, anyone y'want to dedicate this?"

"Yes... Ah dedicate it to Remy."

"Got it," Ah heard a click. " That's all?"


"Ok, Merry Christmas to you"

"Same ta you too" Ah put down t'phone.

"And this is Please come home for Christmas by BonJovi, requested by Rogue to Remy, hope you enjoy this, it's 7:15, good evenin'."

The song started, addin' pain ta me. Feelin' sad an' alone.

Bells will be ringing the glad, glad news
Oh what a Christmas to have the blues
My baby's gone (my baby's gone) I have no friends
To wish me greetings once again

Choirs will be singing Silent Night
Those Christmas carols by candlelight
Please come home for Christmas (please come home)
Please come home for Christmas (please come home)
If not for Christmas by New Year's night

Friends and relations send salutations
Just as sure as the stars shine above (yes they do)
This is Christmas, Christmas my dear
The time of year to be with the one that you love

Then won't you tell me, you'll never more roam
Christmas and New Year (Christmas and New Year's)
Will find you at home
There'll be no more sorrow, no grief or pain
I'll be happy (happy) that it's Christmas once again.

T song ended then, Ah rubbed mah tears away, Ah turned t' radio off ... an' felt sleepy...

24th of December, 11:45 P.M.

Ah groaned as Ah woke up on mah bed. Ah looked at t'clock an' saw it was jis fifteen minutes till Christmas, Ah looked at t' mirror an' fixed mahself up as Ah headed out ta see everyone.

Ah took mah dark green sweater ta cool mahself, it's not snowin' much.

Everyone was still there, havin' fun. Many greeted me, tryin' ta cheer me up, some gave me gifts. Ah went outside then, feeling shaky an' lonely, an decided ta flew up on t' mansion's tower, which has a balcony.

Ah stood theah, leanin' on t' balcony, prayin', sighing, taking deep breaths ... dreamin' ... Ah was drift away by mah dreams, starin' at t' stars an' wishin'.

Ah blew a wisp of air, an' clasped mah hands together.

Then Ah realized, fifteen minutes is over, Ah heard them cryin' Merry Christmas, an' singin'. They celebrate; me, Ah despair.

"Rogue ... "

Ah was startled ta hear somebody. Ah turned around slowly .. an saw Remy, standin' across me. His hair carried by t' air. He had blue denim jacket ta match his handsome face.

"R-Remy ... " Ah gasped in happiness, but didn't get near.

He walked slowly ta me. "Hi ... listen" He looked down. "What ... I said dis mornin' ... I'm sorry."

Ah poked mahself ta see if Ah'm dreamin'. "You are?"


Ah covered mah face ta cry. He walked closer.

"Didn't mean ta hurt you ... I wouldn't do dat, never, I could never hate you, didn't I told you dat?"

"I .. was ignorin' you ... since I was savin' your life"

Ah faced him mah make-up streaked.

"I am protectin' you chere ... now I felt like a coward ... I've heard t' radio, y' remember every Christmas we spend it together ... we we're so happy"

Ah gave a little smile. Ah didn't realized then he was just near me an' he held mah hand.

"I'm so sorry chere, Believe me, if I become a traitor t'you again, remember." He pulled out a box from his jacket pocket. He opened the box and Ah gasped as I saw a gold ring seated on the box.

Ah realized it was real. He pulled it out an' Ah saw somethin' engraved in it, there were our initials, with a heart in the middle. He placed it in mah right forefinger.

"I love you Rogue, more dan anythin' in d'world, nothin' can destroy my love for you, even if we are apart." He squeezed mah shoulders.

Ah let t'tears fall. Ah slid mah arms ta his waist. He embraced me, an' it felt wonderful, Ah embraced him back, feelin' his love an' care. Ah smiled ta mahself , real foh this time.

"Ah love you Remy, Gawd Ah love you" Ah pressed mah face ta his chest. He brushed mah hair an' whispered through mah ear.

"Merry Christmas Rogue"

"Merry Christmas Remy ..."




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