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After Gambit's Return

Stories by Wired

Poem. Gambit finally lets go of Rogue.


Here's a little something that came from no where. This is my second fan poem and it stems from Rogue's telling that it was over between her and Remy. It's written from Remy's view (so was my last one but what can I say, he's been my fav since I first read about him!) so here it is. I need a disclaimer? If so the characters (that really aren't adressed) belong to Marvel but the poem belongs to me....


I don't know how it all came to this
It surely didn't happen with our first date
Or even our first kiss

I don't know where things went wrong
It really didn't happen with me
But it's been happening for so long

I don't know where it's going to end
But I can't play this charade
And I can't just be a friend

I don't even know why love ran out
But you confirmed it was over
With out explaining what it's all about

But don't worry about my broken heart
Because somehow it doesn't hurt so much
Now that we're apart

And don't you turn cold with fear
Because I guess things are better
Now that you're no longer here

Just know that I am not bitter over what occurred
I just know that you'll never again
Hold me in your little world

I loved you once, that much is true
But never again will I love so much
Like I once loved you


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