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Claremont era
"Fortress Around Your Heart"

Fortress around Your Heart

Author's Notes
Chapter 1: Dramatis Personae
Chapter 2: We All Have Our Separate Battles...
Chapter 3: Tell Me Why
Chapter 4: Setting Parameters
Chapter 5: Approaching Storm
Chapter 6: Basic Training
Chapter 7: A Very Important Date
Chapter 8: Nice from Far, but Far from Nice
Chapter 9: Guest Account
Chapter 10: The Battle for Asteroid M
Chapter 11: With Enemies Like These...
Chapter 12: Denouement

This story is set somewhere vaguely around X-Men 190-199. It's old, so deal with it. It's also an alternate history, so of course there's no point in worrying about any continuity lapses. I know a lot has happened since then, and I incorporated a tiny amount of that. I don't think anyone will have trouble following things.

I haven't followed the comics in a while, but I always liked the X-Men and I had this idea rattling around in my head since high school. I found out about a.c.f-f, and this story came pouring out. It proved to be the easiest writing I've ever done. That may be an indication of its quality; I guess others will have to decide that.

I always wanted Rogue and Fortress to meet up somewhere besides in my own head, and I thought Nimrod could have been put to much better use. I hope you'll agree.

Anyway, legally speaking:

Fortress is my own creation, all other characters are creations of Marvel Comics and are used without permission. No money is being made here and I don't have much anyway, so suing me is useless. Considering that this is an unauthorized work, there's no point in copyrighting it. I release it into the public domain. Do whatever you like with it, but good luck making money off of proprietary Marvel characters. If you choose to archive it, it would be nice if you let me know.

"Dr. Manhattan"


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