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"A Matter of Pryde"

A Matter of Pryde

Author's Notes
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This story is still in progress.

Preliminary comments
for the Matter of Pryde rewrite

Let's get the red tape out of the way, shall we?

SERIES DISCLAIMER: Although the characters themselves are the exclusive property of Marvel Comics and I make no profit off their use, these versions of them are my creation and I'd appreciate both being consulted and credited if you ever did feel like writing a story in this universe. I'm sorry to sound like a heavy, but I have a very specific conception as to where they should go and . . . well, I would like to check that your version gelled with that. Of course, there's about the same chance of you wanting to write in this universe as hell freezing over, so let me segue into the next point. If you wish to archive or just to comment on what you loved, loathed or were indifferent to in this series, send your e-mail to Those who are delicate of disposition should note that there will be mild swearing, some violence and some references to sex. I'm a good Baptist, so they won't be too bad and certainly nothing more than a PG-13 or a Jim Carrey film. Go figure. Otherwise, hope you enjoy the story. :)

NOTE TO THE ARCHIVISTS: As some of you might have guessed, these are rewrites of a story I've almost finished. I was rereading the very early parts to write the epilogue and kept shaking my head at parts or cringing at others. There were loads of continuity gaffs - Sabrina jumped from cadet to lieutenant without my knowledge - and tons of characterisations with which I just wasn't happy - Raven's, for one. This version fixes them, as well as fleshes out the earlier parts which were written when I was about 14 and relied very heavily on dialogue and dialogue alone. In other words, this is a better version and I'd like everyone who has archived this story to replace the one on their archive with this one. You don't need to ask or anything, if you have it already. :D

A demain,
(President of the Gambit-Guild, Council Member on Southern Comfort)

DEFORM: Do you know what happens to a toad when it is struck by lightning?
LOAD: No, but I do know that "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" from Batman I is no longer the stupidest question ever asked in a comic book-based movie!
- $-Men in Mad #375


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