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Stories by RogueStar

"Always Coming Home"
Gambit finds his way back to the Mansion ... and asks for a retrial.
"Mending Fences"
Rogue and Gambit both suffer through reminders that neither of them can escape their pasts. (Unfinished.)

"Blowing in the Wind"
In honor of the Gambit Guild's "Gambit Day," RogueStar writes a story of reconciliation and hope for Rogue and Gambit.

"The Briar Patch"
A dark, thorny look at how Rogue might internally view her powers. Takes place after Rogue's emergence from the Siege Perilous.

"Cantique Noel"
A series of holiday-themed stories about personal despair and choices for the future, featuring Siryn, Rogue, Gambit and Marrow.

Christmas 1998
A series of three stories written as a gift for the mailing lists Southern Comfort and Gambit Guild.
"Frankincense" - featuring Gambit and Bebete (the green mist lady)
"Gold" - featuring Cyclops and Phoenix
"Myrrh" - featuring Rogue, Gambit and Nightcrawler

"Demain des l'aube"
Rogue mourns the death of her mother and plans to pass Raven's teachings on to her own unborn child.

"The Eighth Color of the Rainbow"
After his "death" at the end of the Magneto War, Joseph makes one last trip to Salem Center to say a very special goodbye.

"Fallen Skies"
In a pocket universe where Rogue stayed in the service of her foster mother Mystique, Rogue becomes known as the woman who killed Magneto. (Unfinished.)

"For My Daughter"
A woman in Mississippi writes a long-overdue letter to her daughter.

Rogue and Gambit think back to when they once decided to break up for good -- and laugh at their younger selves' naivete. Written in response to the recent X-book writing/editorial decision to break them up.

"The Happiest Night"
Just before Rogue and Remy are set to leave for their honeymoon, Rogue finally reveals the real reasons she's so uneasy about being with him. A response to Rogue and Gambit's rumored break-up in Gambit #16.

"The Horse of Another Color"
Magnus, the Mage, demands a tithe from a small town every month. This time, he wants the townspeople to deliver Rogue as his tribute, or else find for him the mythical horse of a different color. (Unfinished. In revision.)
"The Sword and the Rose"
Sabrina and Remy LeBeau settle into their new roles as husband and wife as they train and prepare to defend themselves in a world that has become even more uncertain. (Unfinished.)

"I Am"
Rogue asks Gambit to accept the real her. A response to "All's Fair..." by R.V. Bemis.

"Indian Summer"
Rogue and Gambit make their piece and decide to get back together. In response to Gambit #16.

"The Intolerable"
In a different world, Mystique had early ties to the Thieves Guild and sent Rogue to New Orleans to study the arts of thievery.

Gambit offers Jean a small comfort as she grieves over Cyclops' apparent death. Inspired by UXM #386.

"Last Dance"
As Rogue lay dying, probably of the Legacy Virus, Gambit fulfills her final wish: one last dance.

"The Magician and the Butterfly"
Sabine Robbins leaves her settled life with Cody as a farmer's wife and runs away with a circus magician. Told from mulitple perspectives.

"A Matter of Pryde"
When Soldier Alpha escapes the project and joins the rebels, it is up to a Black Striper to bring her to justice. Unfinished.

"Miss American Pie"
Rogue stares at her reflection in the mirror and evaluates what she is -- and isn't. X-Men: Evolution universe.

"The Queen and the Hunter"
Barely more than a child when she married Magnus, Rogue quietly defers to her husband, then feels the urge to rebel. Age of Apocalypse.

"Return to the Rooftop"
As they settle into their new roles as leaders of the X-Men, Rogue and Gambit try to settle into another role as well: platonic friends.

"Sek, Lies and Videotape"
(with Keri Wilson)
After their wedding, Rogue and Gambit record a farewell message of sorts for Sehkmet Conoway. Sillyfic.

Sim Salem Project
An ongoing series of stories in which Rogue and Gambit are living a happy suburban life with their precocious son, Luc.
• "Confiteor"
• "The Cherry Cookie Incident"
• "The Sphinx's Question"
• "Gotta Learn Them All"
• "Happy Anniversary!"
• "Home Nursing"
• "Saturday Morning in Salem Center"
• "The Cabbage Patch"

"Smoke and Mirrors"
Centering on the relationship between Rogue and Remy and on the growing human intolerance of mutants, this story begins (in terms of "normal" continuity) just before Bishop joins the team and ends just after LegionQuest.

(With Alexis)
When Mercy LeBeau comes to deliver some news to Gambit, she falls in lust with Iceman and chaos ensues. (Unfinished.)

After coming back home to the X-Mansion, many of the X-Men, including Rogue and Colossus, try to make peace with the ghosts in their lives. (Unfinished.)

(With Faith Barnett)
Just after the Trial of UXM 350, the various X-Men try to get on with their lives. (Unfinished.)

"A Walk in the Woods"
Banished to the woods after her disastrous encounter with Cody, Rogue is suspicious when she meets a beautiful woman who wants to take care of her.

"A Window to Her Soul"
Colossus awakens and finds inspiration in Rogue's sleeping form.

elsewhere in Alykat's World:

"The Morning Paper"
Hank and Bobby miss seeing their favorite comic strip in the Sunday paper. A tribute to Peanuts creator Charles Schulz.
(at (un)frozen and Stars & Garters)


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DISCLAIMER: This is and isn't a songfic. I had written the first paragraph months ago for an old story, which I'd consigned to the junkheap of my PC. However, it resurfaced in my head after I heard Dido's "Hunter". It's the most absolutely chilling song, and, when she went "the crown you gave me is too heavy now," I knew I had to write something around it. There are just some songs that affect me that way and this was one of them. So, I dug out this paragraph and added the other two into what I hope is a coherent story. Comments to, but I will ignore all flames about how MAGNUS would have NEVER been an abusive husband and HOW DARE I DO THIS? In my opinion, his whole relationship with Rogue in the AoA was inherently abusive. She was a child placed in his care by Mystique. He abused his position as a father-figure for his own desires. Besides, judging by Charles ' age, he would have committed statutory rape. Oh, PG-13 for swearing - two nasty words for what Magnus is - and for non-graphic, domestic violence. I imply it happened, but I don't show it in detail.
Author's Notes

The Queen and the Hunter

With one light on in one room,
I know you're up when I get home
With one small step upon the stair,
I know your look when I get there

If you were a king up there on your throne,
would you be wise enough to let me go
For this queen you think you own
Wants to be a hunter again,
wants to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again, so let me go

The unread book and painful look,
the TV's on, the sound is down
One long pause, then you begin,
oh look what the cat's brought in

If you were a king up there on your throne,
would you be wise enough to let me go
For this queen you think you own
Wants to be a hunter again,
wants to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again,
so let me go, let me leave
For the crown you've placed upon my head feels too heavy now

And I don't know what to say to you but I'll smile anyhow
And all the time I'm thinking, thinking

I want to be a hunter again, want to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again, so let me go.

~ Hunter, sung by Dido, written by D. Armstrong & R. Armstrong

Smiling to herself, Rogue placed a gloved hand over her belly as she stood in front of the mirror. Her pregnancy was not yet showing, she thought, as she turned to regard her flat stomach from every possible angle. All she had to show for the fact that she was carrying Magnus' child was a pink flush to her cheeks, nausea and a few industrial size cartons of Tylenol for the ache in her back. In fact, she mused as she stared at herself, she had never looked better or been happier.

Magnus was right - she had made the correct choice in leaving Remy. In leaving their hopeless relationship for marriage and the chance of a family. Magnus was always right; always knew and wanted what was best for her. That was why he ... she searched for the word ... he corrected her when she was wrong; told her how weak, foolish and pathetic she was, holding perfection in front of her like a prize. The victor's crown of his approval.

Humming snatches of a lullaby, Rogue ran a brush through her thick mane of auburn hair, allowing it to fall through her fingers like heavy silk. She winced slightly where the bristles brushed a tender spot on her scalp. An unhealed bruise, or cut. The physical reminders of his lessons. Magnus was right - his corrections were necessary if she was to be a fit mother for his son: the heir to his crusade.

Replacing the brush on her dressing-table, her hands returned to her stomach, attempting to discern some faint movement beneath her skin that would show that the child was alive. That she had not failed him in this too. Nothing, she thought with a sense of disappointment, it was still too early. What would she tell Magnus when he inquired after his son's health?

Biting her lip nervously, she glanced out of the window to see if he was coming. The evening was beautiful - the setting sun stained the sky in shades of purple and primrose. Framed by buildings, the horizon shone with golden radiance, however, the garden of the ruined mansion was dark. Gnarled, twisted trees pushed through the sodden earth, strangled by vines. A few wild roses, rich with a decadent perfume, still bloomed in the tangle of shrubbery that surrounded the house. Like pale ghosts, marble statues of nymphs and goddesses were faintly visible through the green maze of privet hedges and ivy. Through a mass of greenery, Rogue could make out Magneto sitting on a bench, beside a sculpture of Zeus. He was not alone. Blink sat next to him, leaning her sleek head close to his white one and laughing. It could be innocent, but ... Clenching her eyes shut to stop the tears from forming, Rogue turned from the window and repeated her mantra. Magnus was always right.

Magneto's footsteps had disappeared down the hall a long time ago, but she could not move. She did not dare to move. She lay there, knees drawn up to her chin, arms wrapped around her head, curled up on herself. It felt as if she were disconnected from her body. Her ribs did not explode with agony every time she breathed. Sticky, warm blood was not slowly drying and coagulating on her face. Her legs did not ache from a dozen bruises that were already beginning to go mulberry. No, the real her was floating above her body and watching in mute fury, like an avenging angel.

Down the hall, Charles began to scream. Magneto had evidently disturbed him when he went to kiss him goodnight. His high, thin cry grated across her raw nerves. Her perfect son. The flesh of her flesh and the bone of her bone. Her golden-haired, blue-eyed boy. How she hated him! She could not work up any guilt over that thought. She was tired of feeling and acting the way she was supposed to do so. She was sick to her core of being the perfect wife and mother, of acting in the manner her husband liked his women to act, of listening to his instructions.

The memory of his voice pounded through her head, like his fists on her bare skin.

"Smile, Rogue."

"Laugh, Rogue."

"Be supportive, Rogue."

"Don't question me, Rogue."

"Be a good girl, Rogue."

"You must spend more time with our son, Rogue."

With every remembered instruction, something pulsed within her, like the beat of blood. It was something primal, that wanted to rip and tear, that screamed its pain, that lived for the hunt and the kill, that ran with the hounds and flew with the hawks, that had caused the first men to scrape weapons out of stones, that knew nothing of wedding rings and gratitude and crowns. Her fists smashed against the floor.

"It's over, you old bastard, it's all over."

"Goodbye, you son of a bitch," Rogue yelled as she threw her wedding-ring into the overgrown garden. She knew it was foolish of her - even the slightest amount of gold fetched a fortune on the black market now that the currency had collapsed - but she didn't give a damn. She wanted the satisfaction of seeing it sparkle against the night sky before falling into darkness and disappearing from sight forever. She needed to know that those chains would never be put on her again. She laughed bitterly. Why had she ever thought of her marriage to Magnus as a crown? Why had she ever gloried in being queen of his little, mutant kingdom?

"D'ya mind if I ask ya a personal question, chere?" Remy asked from his seat on his Harley. Rogue turned to face him, feeling her old love for him surge up hotly within her. He was so beautiful, both on the inside and on the outside.

"Shoot, darlin'."

"Why did ya decide to leave him after all dese years?"

"Simple," her answering smile was quick and fierce, as she swung her legs over the back of the bike and slid her arms around his waist, "Ah've decided Ah want t'be a hunter again."



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