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"Foolish Hearts"

Foolish Hearts

The Reunion
Shifting a New Life
The First Mission
Pure Evil

Disclaimer: Characters you recognize = Marvel's, Characters you don't recognize = mine. I got nothing more else to say but just enjoy the fic and tell me what you think! =)

Foolish Hearts

Pure Evil - Part Seven

The atmosphere is restless and in panic, the thieves assigned for Denise's safety had been preparing for their leave.

Rogue comforted Belladonna, Rogue never knew Bel could be this worried to Denise.

Remy exited the mansion as he met the two ladies.

"Remy, be careful" Bel told him as she touched Remy's cheek.

"I will" he looked to both of them then. "I will bring Denise here, unharmed."

Rogue nodded. "Good luck"

Remy gave a smile to calm the two women. He then entered his car, sitting on the passenger's seat.

Bel waved as the car followed the other cars that had moved outside the Creek.

Bel let out a sigh. Rogue placed her hand on Bel's shoulder.

"He will be okay, sugah, trust me" Rogue assured her.

"I wish I can, Rogue"

The bell soon rang; Denise smiled to herself knowing school is over that day. She picked up her books and bag as she headed outside with the other students who scrambled noisily. She couldn't wait to tell Rogue her good grades.

Denise ran outside the building as she playfully hopped to the gate. Their dismissal is 3:00 p.m. but her 'fetcher' comes 10 minutes later than the dismissal, so she'll have to wait.

A shiny black Mercedes Benz pushed to a stop outside the gate. Denise beamed and was glad it came earlier, she left the gates then, waving to her friends. A dark man, wearing a black suit and dark glasses then accompanied Denise.

"You don't seem familiar to me," Denise said suspiciously.

"I am a new one," the stranger said.

"I don't believe you. My teacher told me not to speak to strangers."

"Get in the car" The stranger forced Denise inside the car and went in. As he slammed the car door, Denise started to scream in fright and panic. She hit the man with her books and bag and with her fists but another man had tied her wrists and covered her mouth.

"Let's go!" The stranger told the driver. Denise began to cry with fear, fear of what would happen to her...

"Dat's dem, follow t'car" Remy told Antoine, the driver of his car.

"Oui" Antoine stepped on the gas as the car went zooming across the street.

The stranger that kidnapped Denise looked back and saw three cars following them. He gasped to realize they were being followed.

"Step on it! They're following us!" The man cried.

By order the car moved at its fastest. Dodging cars and breaking the traffic rules. The chase continues on a dark misty street that is not being occupied by people.

"Lose them!" he commanded. He rolled down his window and started shooting to Remy's car, making Denise scream endlessly. Remy's car cleverly dodged the bullets.

Remy rolled down the car's window and revealed three glowing cards, Denise's captor gasped as Remy gritted his teeth with a sly smile and he threw them to the wheels. The car stopped when the wheels flat down.

The thieves car halt to a stop as the thieves went out of the car, pointing their guns to the car that has Denise and the captors.

"Nobody move!" The stranger hopped off his car, raising his gun in the air, grabbing Denise. Remy's eyes enlarged with fear as he gritted his teeth.

"Let her go!" Remy gritted his teeth and prepared some playing cards to charge.

"Put dose down and nobody gets hurt" The man threatened.

All Remy wants is the safety of his daughter, but these are the Assassins. They got other rules.

"Put dem down!" The man loaded the gun.

"No!" Remy cried.

Denise suddenly stepped on the man's right foot hard. The man cried in pain as Denise scrambled out of his loose grip. Remy was surprised but he did his work, he charged his cards up faster than the man can and shoot Denise. Before the man can take actions, Remy threw his glowing cards as it exploded right to the captors' way.

Denise entered Remy's open arm as he squeezed her tight, feeling her short breaths, her cold and pale body. Her heart beat thumping, but she is alive, and she is with him ...

"Go to t'car" Remy instructed Denise as she was guided by a thief to go inside the car and be protected. Remy wiped his sweat on his eyebrow and walked in the stranger's smoky way, three playing cards in hand.

It was silent, Remy can only hear his footsteps and his heart, but he is prepared.

"Die!" Remy shot his eye at the man, now bloody and injured, but a gun in his hand, he pulled the trigger as Remy pulled his Bo staff to shield him, the bullet hit and bounced against his spinning Bo staff as he threw his three newly charged playing cards.

And then he can only hear the man's scream and the loud explosion taking place at his very eyes ...
"Denise!" Rogue exclaimed happily as Denise embraced her tight.

Remy smiled at the sight. Bel was in his arms; much glad everything was okay.

"Aw, sweetie, thank Gawd" Rogue uttered between embraces. "Hey, is that your stomach growlin'?"

" ... Maybe" Denise said as if in a whisper.

"Ah'll take care of Denise y'all" Rogue winked at the others as she led Denise inside the mansion.

Remy made a sigh. "What a day..."

Bel rubbed his back. "Let's just be glad it's over"
"I'm sure Denise is experiencing a trauma right now" Remy frowned.

"Rogue is there, remember that" Bel reminded him.

"Yeah" Remy nodded. "Such an angel y'brought heah, Denise will be in great danger if it weren't for her"

Bel made a forced smile. "Y'need a rest Remy, I'll prepare your supper"

Candra was trimming her nails in her warm and large room. Display of antiques are around, paintings, statuettes, artifacts, every antique lovers would want.

Candra then looked at the fire at the fireplace just one foot away from her sitting position. She took another glass of Whisky in the table on her chair's side and drank, enjoying her peaceful and satisfied moment.

A toast to myself for a new beginning. Candra grinned evilly. When t'child is mine, t' thieves will be trampled, the Assassins will rise with a Vengeance of fear, power and destruction enough to rule the world.

There was a knock on the door. Candra smiled excitedly and thought the little 'pathetic' is here, captured by her servant, Jacques.

"Come in"

A different Assassin came to view; Candra made a face when she saw the usual hooded and armed look. "What do you want?"

"Madame, I was told to report about Jacques condition, he is seriously injured wit' his men" The Assassin announced.

"And no child was found ... "

Candra's eyes widened with hatred. "What!"

"Madame," The Assassin stammered. "We made one of his men talk, and he revealed the thieves guild had rescued t'fille."

An ear-piercing crash startled and gripped the Assassin with fear; Candra's right hand is full of blood and glass pieces, knowing she shattered it with anger.


"An' so, t'little girl didn't follow his momma's words an' she do aw-"

"I don't want any bedtime stories" Denise pouted.

Rogue sighed and put down the book she is reading to the young girl. "Well, y' want to sleep then?"

Denise shook her head in frustration and quick from left to right.

Rogue gave a worried glance and placed a hand around Denise. Damn those pigs, placed a trauma on Denise...

"Okay then, let's just sing t'song yoah teacher -- "

"No! I don't wanna go t'school!" Denise yelled as she jumped on her bed up and down. "I don't want to, I  don't want to!" Denise hid herself in her thick blanket then.

"No, you're not goin' ta school Denise .. " Rogue paused to think of ways to cheer her up. "We'll be playing games tomorrow, Ah'll be bakin' your favorite brownies and we'll just play all day until we drop! he'll be askin' t'others ta play wit' us too "

Denise poked out her head. "Really?"

"Yeah, we'll have fun, more fun than anyone can have!" Rogue beamed at her with her eyes twinkling.

Denise flashed a smile. "That's a promise?"

"Cross mah heart" Rogue made a cross. "Now y'need your sleep" Rogue pulled Denise's blanket as she fixed her pillows and stuffed toys. "Cause Ah won't want ya asleep as we play tomorrow, you won't want that, right?"

Denise made a small smile as Rogue stood up and sat nearer Denise.

"Can y'stay here?" Denise requested.

"Of course honey, Ah'll be guidin' ya all t'night, yoah nightmares would be scared of me" Rogue made funny noises and gestures that made Denise laugh.

"Okay, that's enough, say yoah prayers" Rogue watched as Denise prayed, soon then they exchanged good nights as Denise shut her eyes to sleep to end a miserable day ...

Remy was walking up the stairs, proceeding to his quarters, Belladonna won't be staying for the night again. Remy was worried of her, he then crossed Denise's room. Remy twisted the doorknob to take a peek. He was surprised and rested when he saw Denise sleeping in Rogue's arms, Rogue is asleep too. Remy made a gentle smile and quietly shut the door.

He needed to get all the rest he could get, to be prepared for what the next day would hold...

Belladonna Boudreaux was never this afraid. The car slowly turned left as it added to her uneasiness. To her right is her father, also feeling uncertain.

Marius felt her grip tightened as they were near the dreaded place. Marius sighed and told placed his arm around her shoulder to calm his daughter.

Bel gave a faint smile as her eyes traveled around the car.

"Be calm Bel, soon this will be over" Marius told her.

"You always say that"

Marius made a grim face. "I know, but it will be over"

"I just don't know why we are like this anyway ... " Bel brushed her bangs away from her eyes.

"It is a terrible fate, but soon we will be back to normal, to our normal happy life ... "

"When? Next century?" Bel said coldly.

Marius paused to think and give his daughter some silence. He knows she can't take it anymore, but they have no choice.


"Yes, ma ange?"

Bel touched his hands. "Promise me, keep everything that happened as a secret, do not tell what happened, promise me,"

Marius felt Bel's cold hands squeezing his, he read her fear and worry. Bel wouldn't like harm to Rogue.

"Oui, I promise"

Marius hoped he could keep that word.

"It's just unbelievable Julien, just unbelievable!"

Julien stayed quiet and watched the fire dance at the fireplace, his chin resting on his right hand, his other hand in a tight fist.

Candra continued, "I figured the best plan possible and it will be impossible for those thieves to know it, unless there was a spy, but I am sure I saw nobody"

"Calm yourself, Candra" Julien finally said after a while, "Dere will be a good explanation as to how ... and why"

"Sire," An Assassin interrupted. "They had come"

Julien looked at the Assassin and stood up. "Send dem in"

Candra looked at him. "Ahhh ...."

Julien poured some wine in a glass and handed it to Candra.

"Merci" Candra stared at the door and found two familiar faces entered, a man and a woman.

"You're late" Julien proclaimed. "Me and Candra had been waiting for you"

"I'm sorry Julien, we need to wait for the driver" The man apologized.

Candra sneered then offered. "Red Wine?"

"No thanks Candra"

Candra smiled evilly at Julien as he nodded. "Why won't you take a seat, Marius and Belladonna, we have some situation we need to talk about"

Bel silently sat at the seat she is offered to. And tried to calm herself as she caught her brother's eye.

"Nervous, Bel?" Julien grinned.

"No, I'm jis feeling' a little sick, dat's all" Bel answered softly.

"She had been down by fever, Julien," Marius added.

Julien smiled to himself again. "Excuses, excuses ... "

Candra interrupted. "It has come to our attention about the unsuccessful abduction of Denise LeBeau,"

Candra walked around. "I am sure you two are not involved in this, are you?"

Marius shook his head. Bel stared at Candra accusingly. "You told me nothing!"

Julien laughed. "We are not that stupid, ma souer"

Bel gritted her teeth. "Traitor! How dare you!"

"Ah, mixed feelings ...I know how you dearly love Remy LeBeau" Julien walked near Bel and played with her hair. "But what will he do to you when he knows t'truth?"

Bel pushed his hand away with force, "Don' touch me ... ever!"

Julien slapped Bel as Marius reacted by pulling her next to him. "Dat's enough Julien"

"Yes father, whatever y'wish" Julien gave a mocking smile.

Bel touched her cheek and sobbed quietly as her father comforted her. Remy ... God, I need you ...

"Our question is simple" Candra started again. "How did the thieves know the plan and who told dem?"

Bel closed her eyes and hoped it is just a dream.

"We don't know anything about it" Marius lied.

"You serve as our communication surveillance, it is a good thing I decided to make you live, just to do dis purpose!" Julien shouted.

"An' it is costin' our life! Why won't you just kill us Julien??" Bel cried.

Julien stayed quiet and looked at one of the Assassins guarding his quarters. "You, kindly show my sister out and give her some air"

"No! I will stay wit' my father!"

Marius looked at her with panic.

"Do it!"

The guard approached Bel and pulled her up from Marius.

"No! Let me go! Father!"

Marius stood up. "Don' hurt her!"

"She won't be hurt if you will honestly tell us t'truth" Candra told him as Bel was pulled out.

Marius was in a desperate mood, gripping on his seat's arms. He had to surrender himself to his own son. He could not believe he was being held under his son's power.

Julien was a born an evil boy. People call him demon boy even, he was not given the right attention because Marius knows that something is wrong with his son, psychologically. There was one time when he tried to cut one of his classmate's fingers by a scissor. Julien's mad mind had caused him to be left in a rehabilitation center, suffering and hating one minute in the center.

When it is Marius' father turn to be the leader of the Assassins, he had stopped it. Wanting more peace and a normal livelihood to his family. Therefore Marius adapted that kind of trait from his father. So the Guild had become 'dormant'.

His son then escaped the rehabilitation center he had been to, his thoughts all full of revenge and hatred. Soon then, after having the power, he had revived the Assassins Guild, now threatening the lives of his father and sister after having many accomplices. Marius and Belladonna's life were in danger. So to keep them safe, they had become Julien's 'slaves', being the 'communication network' of the Assassins Guild to the Thieves Guild. If ever they do away from Julien, their days on earth would be over.

"Tell us, mon pere, what really happened?" Julien repeated.

Marius' thoughts were distracted. He perspired then, returning back to his doomed reality, his heart beat faster like in a losing race.

"Ah, so you are being tough" Julien then pulled a knife out and placed it on Marius' chin.

Marius gasped in fear.

"So who did it?"

Marius panted deep and felt the pierce of the knife. "Rogue! Rogue did it!"

Julien snickered and kept his knife. "See, the sly will be tamed then... "

Marius felt tears of fears and defeat.

"I'm sorry Bel ... I'm so sorry ... "

5:00 p.m.

Rogue returned to her and Philippe's cottage that afternoon, tired but wearing a smile. Denise had fun and wanted to play more, but the day is over. And they need some rest.

Rogue slumped at her bed as a small note fell on the bed. Rogue wondered what's in the note, probably Philippe.

Rogue opened the note and read the scripted words written in black ink.


Need you at St. Louis Cathedral, now


"Boy, this sounds serious" Rogue is sure it was Jean-Luc, no one could just drop a note at a highly secured place.


6:00 p.m.

Rogue needed to be directed and pointed for some while to reach the Cathedral, she found out it was the church where she had spied on Candra and the man named Jacques.

Rogue felt the cold breeze blowing, she forgot to bring any extra clothing with her, a jacket maybe. Her hair was taken by the wind as it messes her face. Rogue crossed her arms to warm herself. Rogue can't help feeling scared, the church is closed, by the looks on the locked doors. And it was dark, the lamp in the lamp posts are not working at all.

"Where is he?" Rogue asked to herself.

Three long black cars drove Rogue's way. Rogue felt something tingling, her seventh sense? Is this danger?

Hooded men suddenly emerged out from the car, before Rogue could speak they started beating her up, Rogue can't fight, there were too many bodies around her, and they are armed with dangerous weapons. She is crept with fear and she is getting dizzy and confused of whom to fight, she kept on shielding herself, her mind still blank for what action to take on the surprise attack. She kicked out and managed to knock out two men. When she is ready to fight, her mind suddenly felt dizzy and a indescribable pain pierced her nerves. She can't take the pain that she screamed.

A piercing pain hit her right arm when she took a look at it to see it was a syringe, images around her started to swirl and dim fast.

Until all went black.


To be continued


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