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"Darkness Surrounding"

Darkness Rising

Author's Notes
Chapter 1
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This story is still in progress.

Darkness Surrounding

Author's Notes

Well, I really wasn't thinking about sinding this in right now, but since Shera told me that it's "the best work you've done to date!" I couldn't not send it, so here is is, my newest story, and it's gonna be a long one!

First off, I'm not going to lie to you. I got the idea for this story from Dean Koontz's "Dark Rivers of the Heart." But this stories is nothing like that story, so don't think it is. And it was just an idea I got, I'm not copying the book, besides like it says in "Attributed to Voltaire," "Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. The most original writers borrowed one from another. The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbor's, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all."

This is set in an Alternate Universe where the X-Men never were. While Logan, Scott, Bobby and all the others are alive, most of them just never met, and never became the X-Men. I want to give a little back ground info, so if you don't want to know a little about their lives, then don't read this, and just go on to the story, but this might help, a lot.

The BMR, Brotherhood of Mutant Rights, is led by Rogue, although her name is Knave (pronounced nave long A). She has so so control of her powers. She was once a bad guy, taking all her hostility out on other people, then she met Ms. Marvel, and absorbed just enough of her powers to give her flight, and super strength, but she didn't take her essence. Ms. Marvel took Knave under her wing, and taught her to be a better person, they remain friends to this day. She is also the First Lady.

The HRA, Human Rights Activists, are led by Charles Xavier, who never became a professor, and tries desperately to hide to the world -- and to himself -- that he is a mutant. There is no FOH, and more people believe in the BMR then they do the HRA.

Warren Worthington is married to Jeannie Gray -- same person, different version of her name -- and they live in a privet school, the LeStar Academy just outside of Richmond, VA, where Warren is dean, and Jeannie is a teacher. They have a ten month old daughter, Michelle, and lost a son, Michael, at three months do to brain damage that occurred while in the womb when Jeannie was almost raped and killed by a pare of muggers. Warren's wings were never taken from him, therefore, he was never a Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Logan, taking on the last name of Garington, is captain of the Homicide division in Charlottesville, VA. He, of course, has a sorted past, working with the Government in his youth and, he was in the Army Rangers, where he learned his fighting skills.

Remy LeBeau, was kicked out of the Thieves' Guild because of his refusal to marry Belle, but, instead of staying a thief, he became a law officer, and is now a Homicide Detective under Logan. He's also married to Ororo Monroe, who is Knave's right (and left) hand. They have an ten-year-old daughter, Kyla, who is a student of the LeStar Academy, and there is another child on the way, Ororo is three months pregnant.

Bobby Drake is Rem's partner, new to the Homicide division, a rookie sent in straight from Vice, who can't keep his stomach under control most of the time.

Victor Creed is, of all things, the district prosecuting attorney, who's only family is a mutt of a dog who found him one day on his door step, that he named Poochie. She's very faithful to him, sleeping at the door of the Court house when he's working on a case, and fallowing him everywhere he goes. His wife, Rita, died in child birth, something he feels was his fault for not getting her to the hospital in time. Their twin daughters, Sybil and Simone, are healthy, although Simone is bound to a wheel chair, paralyzed from the knees down.

(of all the people I had to chose...) Eric Lensherr -- who everyone in America calls Mags -- is president of America, and is married to Knave.

Bishop -- no known last name -- is the head of his Secret Service, and his best friend, he's never more then two feet away from him.

Sinister is, of all things, a doctor, he and Henry McCoy are partners, although Hank -- still blue furred, and cuddly -- is also the coroner for the police (see how it all plays out?)

They all live in either Virginia or North Carolina.

Scott Summers? Summers, Summers ... nope, no Summers here ... at least, I don't think so, same goes for Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and anyone else I haven't added here, although I might add more people latter.

And who is the villain? Well, you'll have to read it to find out...

I also want to point out that this is my first attempt at trying to be deathly series about a story. It's also the first mystery/thriller I've ever written, so please bare with me if I get a little off track.

Raven Adams


On to the story...


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