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These are songs that seem to speak about Rogue and the situations of her life.

by Heart

A song about longing and loneliness. Angst away.

by Jewel

A prayer that Rogue might say in a time of hopelessness.

"Be a Man"
by Aqua

This might convey Rogue's feelings when she learned that Gambit was married (circa X-Men #8).

"Before I Gaze at You Again"
from "Camelot"
A song that very nicely corresponds to the emotional turmoil Rogue might be feeling toward Gambit and any desire she might have to rekindle their relationship.

"Could I Have this Kiss Forever"
by Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias
This might tie in to the few times that Rogue and Gambit have been able to touch each other.

by The Eagles
This one could possibly describe Rogue post X-Men #45, relating to Gambit's comment about how she can't love anyone until she learns to love herself.

by Hole

Another Rogue/Gambit relationship song.

"Foolish Games"
by Jewel
A Rogue/Gambit song, this one could describe the couple in the very early stages of their relationship, or in the post-Onslaught/pre-Trial days when Rogue was still debating between Gambit and Joseph.

"Home Now"
by No Doubt

This song might convey how Movie!Rogue felt when Logan left.

"In the Eye"
by Suzanne Vega
Perhaps a song told from the point of view of someone Rogue has absorbed permanently?

"Innocent Man"
by Billy Joel
This song could go along with Rogue's emotional state and withdrawal from the rest of the team after returning from Antarctica. This might be from the point of view of someone in the mansion, maybe Bobby or Logan, speaking to Rogue.

by the Goo Goo Dolls
This song reminds me a lot of the final scene from Uncanny X-Men #348, but I can't decide whose point of view it better suits: Gambit or Rogue.

"Killing Me"
by Robbie Williams
Although it's a bit harsh, this song could characterize Gambit's feelings of hurt about his and Rogue's failing relationship.

by Jon Secada
A good post-UXM #350 song, from Gambit's point of view, if he was bitter about Rogue's abandonment of him in Antarctica.

"More than This"
by The Cure
Another Rogue/Remy song, I could see this as being from either's point of view, from the time when they were both tiptoeing around the idea of actually getting serious about each other.

"No Matter What"
by Boyzone

A look at what the Rogue/Gambit relationship could have (should have?) been. More angst.

"No Regrets"
by Robbie Williams
A good Gambit/Rogue counterpoint song, delving into their attitudes toward each other and their relationship post-Antarctica.

"On the Side of Angels"
by LeAnn Rimes
Another song that could deal with the difficulties had by Rogue and Gambit with their past and present difficulties.

by U2
Sure, they played this as Scott and Jean's song at their wedding, but look at the lyrics -- this is really about Rogue and Gambit.

"Only Dreaming"
by K's Choice

Remy/Rogue relationship angst. Probably fits in sometime after X-Men #45.

by Matchbox Twenty
This one might sum up all the contradictions of Rogue's feelings toward Gambit.

"Scar Tissue"
by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song might apply to Movie!Rogue and the early trauma of discovering her powers.

"She's the One"
by Robbie Williams
A Gambit-thinking-about-Rogue song, although this one's a bit happier than most.

"Something I Can Never Have"
by Nine Inch Nails
This song could represent Rogue from the time she was dealing with surfacing memories in UXM 348 up to the resolution of the Dr. Agee storyline.

"A Stroke of Luck"
by Garbage
A moody song that could relate to Rogue's attitudes both toward Gambit and relationships in general.

by Tori Amos

Might convey some of the attraction Rogue's power holds for her, particularly in her "evil" days.

"Surrender to Me"
by Ann Wilson and Robin Zander

This song possibly communicates Rogue and Gambit's tendency to let things come between them, despite their attraction to each other.

"These Dreams"
by Heart

A song about escaping reality and dreaming about what one really wants. Could also apply to Rogue's sharing a body with Carol Danvers, when they would alternate control.

"Three Marlenas"
by The Wallflowers
Possibly an older Rogue looking back at the different stages of her life?

"The Time Machine"
by Collin Raye
My god, this is turning into the Rogue and Remy Angst-o-Rama! This is a good one, about a man trying to drown his sorrows after a failed relationship.

"What About Love"
by Heart

This might describe Rogue or Gambit at alternate times in their relationship, with one ignoring or rebuffing the advances of the other.

"What Can I Do"
by The Corrs
A song about Rogue's relationship with Gambit, as seen through Rogue's eyes.

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
by Roberta Flack
This song could go along with the end of UXM #348.

"Wise Up"
by Aimee Mann

Could be applied to Rogue's frustration with her powers and seeming lack of acceptance of herself, especially dealing with her quest for a "cure" from Dr. Agee.

"With or Without You"
by U2

Another Rogue/Gambit counterpoint song. They could be singing alternate verses of this thing. He hurts her, she hurts him, and it all spirals into this endless cycle that they can't break.

"You're Gone"
by Diamond Rio
Let's all raise our hands and cheer -- It's another Rogue/Gambit song! This one deals with some of the aftermath of the lovebirds' interlude between UXM 348 and 349.

Mary Chapin Carpenter night...
I was listening to my MCC CDs one night and found all these songs that seemed to relate to Rogue. So here they are. :)

"House of Cards"
This one especially reminds me of the X-Men's situation circa XM 70 and just afterward, with everything threatening to destroy them from within.

"Shut Up and Kiss Me"
This song has spunk. Gotta be a Rogue and Magneto song. Definitely.

"Outside Looking In"
Rogue's battle with her powers and her insecurities plays out well here.

"The Last Word"
This could represent both Rogue's haughty attitude just as she was leaving Gambit in Antarctica, or it could be a very bitter Gambit's response to her abandonment of him.

"Ideas Are Like Stars"
Could be a Rogue and Joseph song. I wonder who "loneliness" represents at the end of the song...

"Jubilee" No, not THAT Jubilee
Both Gambit and Rogue might suit this song, about redemption and forgiveness.

"Let Me into Your Heart"
This would fit a Rogue that was more carefree about love, etc. However, it could also be taken from Joseph's point of view, speaking to Rogue.

Sarah McLachlan night...
What I said about the MCC night, except with McLachlan.

Possibly a song that could deal with Rogue's powers and general inner turmoil during the time between her absorption of Ms. Marvel and her joining of the X-Men.

Yet another UXM 348 song. Or it could also relate to Rogue and Gambit's reunion of sorts in XM 81.

"Hold On"
This could describe Rogue between UXM 348 and just before the Trial in UXM 350, with her renewed love for Gambit, her fear and wariness about the memories surfacing in her psyche, and a good dose of foreshadowing of what was to come.

"I Will Remember You"
A song about a couple with a past that has broken up or separated. This could work for either Gambit or Rogue.

This may sum up Rogue and Gambit's relationship up to XM 45 or UXM 350.

This struck me as being another Rogue/Gambit song, although I can't quite explain why.


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