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"Through a Mirror Clear"

Through a Mirror Clear

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Future Chapters
These chapters fall much later in the continuity of this story and don't entirely connect to what's going on "now."
However, serious spoilers will be dropped in regards to "current" Mirror continuity, so consider yourself warned.


Rogue Rogue. The young mutant known only as Rogue has long been unable to control her mutant power to absorb, sometimes permenantly, the powers and memories of others upon flesh-to-flesh contact. Rogue was a villain until she permanently absorbed the memories and powers of Carol Danvers, the superheroine Ms. Marvel (Avengers Annual #10). The transfer gave Rogue considerable power, but also resulted in Rogue having a dual personality. Unable to cope, Rogue came to the X-Men for help (Uncanny X-Men #171). Her membership in the X-Men was hotly contested, but she soon proved herself to be among the most dedicated of their roster. In recent times, Rogue, faced with the likelihood that they were all going to die, kissed her lover Remy LeBeau in desperation (X-Men #41). However, the world did not end, and Gambit was comatose for nearly three weeks. During that time, Rogue, pulled by some memory she had absorbed from Remy during the kiss, took off on a cross-country road trip. Gambit raced to Seattle to catch up with her, and she left him -- and the X-Men -- when he would not tell her the truth behind the dark secret that had brought her to that city (X-Men #45) She left the X-Men for a time and returned with Joseph, seemingly a de-aged, amnesiac version of Magneto, another former love interest (Avengers #401). Recently, she shared an all-too-brief interlude with Gambit (Uncanny X-Men #348). Soon afterward, Gambit's secret was exposed in a mockery of a "Trial," and Rogue left him to die in Antarctica (Uncanny X-Men #350). There is some debate as to whether Rogue's abandonment of Gambit was influenced by his own feelings of self-loathing, or whether she was wholly responsible for what happened after the "Trial."
Gambit Gambit. Remy LeBeau, the mysterious Cajun thief known as Gambit, was recently revealed as the man who gathered the Marauder team that killed hundreds of Morlocks and seriously injured a number of X-Men in the "Mutant Massacre" (Uncanny X-Men circa #213-221). His secret came out at a "Trial" held under rather questionable conditions, during which Rogue was forced to use her powers to absorb his memories of the event. Shortly afterward, she left him, shirtless, in Antarctica (Uncanny X-Men #350). All that is known about his current activities is that he was discovered by a man on a dogsled and presumably brought to safety (X-Men Unlimited #18).
Storm Storm. Once revered as a goddess because of her ability to manipulate the elements, Ororo Munroe is one of the leaders of the X-Men. Years ago, through a trial by combat, she won leadership of the Morlocks, a band of disfigured mutants living in the sewers beneath New York City. Many of these Morlocks were killed soon afterwards in the Mutant Massacre, and Storm has always felt responsible for their deaths. Later, regressed to childhood with only vague memories of who she was, Storm took up life as a thief in Cairo, Illinois, where she was pursued by the Shadow King and his Hounds and was rescued by Gambit (Uncanny X-Men #266). The two became fast friends, and they began a "Robin Hood" thieving operation in New Orleans. When Storm regained her true memories, she brought Remy with her to the X-Men (Uncanny X-Men Annual #14). She was not present at Gambit's "Trial."
Wolverine Wolverine. The man known only as Logan has seen and done it all. With a ferocious temper and a difficulty respecting authority, Logan was once the "wild boy" of the X-Men. He still is, to some degree, although he has tempered in recent years. Over time, he has built a tremendous respect for the X-Men, especially for founder Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, and Storm. Carol Danvers, whose memories and powers Rogue permantly absorbed just before joining the X-Men, was once a close friend of Logan's, and it took Rogue a long time to gain his trust. He does not recall knowing Gambit before Remy's joining the X-Men, but the two ran in many of the same circles, including frequenting Madripoor's notorious Princess Bar. Often a loner, rarely a socialite, Logan has always struggled with balancing the animal and the man within, and sometimes, especially in battle, the beast gets the upper hand. He was not present at Gambit's "Trial."
Iceman Iceman. Robert "Bobby" Drake is the "class clown" of the X-Men. But behind the practical jokes lies a man who is only beginning to accept himself, working out of insecurities held in place (and self-reinforced) since childhood. Recently, in a freak accident, the White Queen briefly possessed his body and used his powers in ways he had never dreamed (Uncanny X-Men #314), forcing Bobby, one of the original X-Men, to realize that he needs to take his powers -- and himself -- much more seriously. Soon afterward, he accompanied Rogue on her panicked "road trip" across the country as she tried to escape the aftermath of her kiss with Gambit in Israel (X-Men #41). Bobby is one of the few people to openly express concern about Rogue's relationship with Gambit (Uncanny X-Men #319). He was not present at Gambit's "Trial."
Beast Beast. A noted biochemist and scientific lecturer, Dr. Henry P. "Hank" McCoy was not always big, blue and furry. Although his mutation allows him a degree of superstrength, as well as a beefier body, his blue, furry visage was a result of an experiment gone awry. One of the original X-Men, and also once an Avenger, Hank now devotes his time to seeking out a cure for the deadly "Legacy Virus." Hank was present at Gambit's "Trial." However, given that everyone was separated once the "Trial" was over and the buildig began to collapse, and that he was presumably pulled to safety by Psylocke, Hank likely did not know about Rogue's abandonment of Gambit until later.
Cecilia Reyes Dr. Reyes. Cecilia Reyes never wanted to be an X-Man, or a mutant, for that matter. A talented doctor who grew up in the Bronx, Cecilia was serving out her residency at a New York City hospital when she was ambushed in the emergency room, targeted by mutant-hunting Sentinels in Operation: Zero Tolerance (X-Men #65-69). Saved and brought to the X-Men by Iceman, Cecilia tried to return to her former life as soon as possible, but found it next to impossible to find acceptance from her peers now that she had been "outed" as a mutant (Uncanny X-Men #351). Now, she stays with the X-Men, unsure of what her future moves will be, but still determined to become a surgeon.


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