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Stories by Katt Solano

"The Highwayman"
A Gambit and Rogue story based on the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes.

A series of short stories taking place in the X-Men movieverse
• "The Fatted Calf" (Cyclops)
• "Contemplations on an Empty Closet" (Rogue)
• "Winter Days in Westchester" (Gambit)
• "Lost and Found Department: First Floor" (Cyclops, Gambit)
• "Higher Learning" (Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue)
• "Something about the Rooftops" (Gambit, Rogue)


Web site: K@tt's Aerie


A few months after Erik Lensherr/Magneto was incarcerated, Scott Summers set out to look for his past. What happens when he finds it changes the lives of three people in particular.

"The Fatted Calf"
Scott Summers remembers life before Xavier's while tracking down someone he's been searching for for years.

"Contemplations on an Empty Closet"
Rogue's musings on clothes, piercings, and other such heavy topics.

"Winter Days in Westchester"
A second-person narrative following a day in the life of Remy LeBeau.

"Lost and Found Department: First Floor"
Scott and Remy talk over a cold pizza, beer and a bit of boom-boom.

"Higher Learning"
There is a very special class in Xaviers requiring a very special instructor. Bring your own dishrag.

"Something about the Rooftops"
The roof of Xavier's School can get pretty crowded especially when one wants some time alone.


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