Fandom: X-Men and Star Trek Voyager (not really a crossover...)
Pairing: Bobby (Remy) & Chakotay/Paris
Rating: NC-17
Series: eMails & Slash Lists (story 1)
Category: Sort of a crossover (story within a story)
Notes: As far as I know, Chak_luvs_Tom@smutville.com is not a real mailing list. If it is, I am sorry for using it without permission of the list mommy...
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Summary: Bobby Drake joins a Star Trek Voyager slash mailing list and posts his first gay story...

Bobby Drake joins a Star Trek slash list
by Scorpio

To: Chak_luvs_Tom@smutville.com
From: coolstud@xavier.edu
Subject: Newbie bio and first story posting

Um... Hi. My name is Bobby and I'm a student at Xaviers. I'm going for my degree in accounting. I know, I know... boring, huh! Oh well... I'm kinda good with numbers, so that's okay.

I just joined the list a day or so ago because I figured that it would give me an... outlet, so to speak. See, I'm *way* deep in the closet. No one here knows that I'm gay. Not even my best friend Hank. To be honest, it was never a big problem. Then a new student moved in. His name is... uh, I'll just call him, uh... Cards. Yeah, Cards. See... he *always* carries a deck of poker cards with him no matter where he's going or what he plans to do.

So... Cards moved in and I,... well, I fell for him real bad. He's so gorgeous! I keep on thinking about him and I even *dream* about him. So, I figured that being on this list would give me a way to... uh, *express* some of this without him finding out. Ya know? Sounds silly, right? Yeah, I know, but I'm going to try anyway.

Below, I posted my first ever attempt at fan-fiction and I hope you guys like it. Be kind.

Title: Tom Paris has a Wet Dream
Author: Bobby
eMail: coolstud@xavier.edu
Rating: NC-17


"Computer, lower lights to 10% illumination."

With a sigh, Tom Paris, blonde sexpot and piloting ace climbed naked into his bed between his clean cool sheets. He wriggled around slightly until he had managed to find the most comfortable position. Then, he fell asleep.

Not long after Tom fell asleep, he began to dream. In his dream, the door to his bedroom slid open and a large, muscled dark figure walked in. The big man had short cropped dark hair and deep gentle eyes. An erotic design was tattooed along his left temple and his cooper skin gleamed.

Tom moaned in delight at the beauty before him and threw back the blankets. Without a word, the other man climbed onto the bed and began to tease his skin with the softest touches from his fingers. Tom arched into the mild sensation, desperate for more. But his lover merely drew back, teasing and tormenting him with those light tickling touches.

As those sinfully delightful fingers traveled down his body, Tom opened his thighs wide in an unspoken invitation. The dark man remained silent, but he moved his body so that he was kneeling between those wantonly spread legs.

With amazing grace and no warning, his lover leaned forward and captured Tom's throbbing and neglected cock into his mouth. Heat and pleasure and the feeling of being loved washed over him. Tom arched and rocked into the wet heat of the big man's mouth, thrusting deeper and deeper. Tingles washed over his skin and his heart began to beat rapidly in his chest.

Tom gasped for breath and thrust one last time into that glorious and wonderful mouth. His whole body trembled with passion and he flew head first into an overwhelming orgasm and his cock erupted into that wet heat...

...only to jolt him awake as hot splashes of semen hit his own chest.

Shuddering through the aftershocks, Tom reached out with his arms to clutch at his phantom lover only to grasp the empty air. His blue eyes snapped open in confusion for a moment, and then reality set in once again.

With a soft quiet sigh of regret and loneliness, Tom dragged himself up out of bed and into the bathroom. He needed to clean himself up before he could go back to sleep... and his lover.


Well, that was it. Hoped you liked it. Write me and let me know, okay?

Bobby, the gay accountant wanna-be.

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